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A few years ago we took the decision to Home Educate our daughter. Since then a lot has changed in our lives and in our approach to HE. Most important was the arrival of our twins, Bear and Buttercup, who will be joining us on this crazy HE journey.


We will now be using this website in two ways. We will continue to use it as a resource for others as we do sensory play and then Pre-school with Bear and Buttercup. Secondly, we will use more as a blog to record Button's journey. We will have lots of pictures and an overview of her month's work, but will not go into too much detail in terms of the Blossom and Root curriculum we are currently basing her learning on. Any activities we create we will give details and guidance as ever, but generally speaking it will be more a description of Button's journey with recommendations (or criticisms if warranted) of this curriculum and the subscriptions we use. 


We will publish our blog monthly on this front page, with back issues moving to our blog page. Sensory and any other topics we happen to write up will be added under their normal pages. You can follow Mummy and Daddy on Instagram for more frequent updates by following teachingmumanddad (Mummy) and teaching_mum_and_dad (Daddy). We are also on facebook which you can find by searching teachingmumanddad.


We are more than happy for people to email us with questions about anything we have posted or with any ideas for future learning opportunities.




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April 2020

The first week of April felt like a month on its own, Two weeks in to the lockdown and all the children were pulling their hair out. However, in our house it wasn't because we were in lockdown it was because we decided to move the rooms around to give them a dedicated learning space. This meant the house was upside down and everything was everywhere. By the weekend though we were done and it looked great. All the children had desk space, play space and display space. It means that while we work with Button the Twins can explore and play in the same space. Most importantly it means we can start all learning together. They can take part in some of the activities or have activities that fit the theme Button is learning about for their age. Its working well so far. 

Button is still really enjoying Romans, this month we learnt about their army and what they wore. We made shields and learnt about how they used them to make a shell around them, which they called a tortoise. We then reenacted this formation in the garden on Daddy's day off and Daddy taught Button how to step, stab, step, stab like the Romans would have done in battle. Showing her how working together protects them and keeps them alive. Meanwhile, Bear ran around like a tornado more in the style of a skilled but individualistic Celt. We also found an old pc game about building a Roman empire. Button loved playing it with Daddy and got to level 3 on her first go.

At this stage mid month Button came into Mummy and Daddy's room when she woke up, to make an announcement. She wanted to put a jar at the end of our drive with a sign so that passersby could donate money for us to then give to the NHS workers on the frontline against Covid-19.  She was so genuine in her desire to help and she really touched our hearts. We of course had to explain that the jar idea would not really work as there are not many passersby in the current situation and because the jar would probably empty quicker than it could fill. However, we said we would all have a think and discuss some ideas. In the end we had the idea between us that maybe she could do a little concert live on Instagram. We thought that people could donate a £1 to suggest a song and that she could do ten songs. We then hoped people might make a few donations on the night. We set up an account on gofundme and set what we thought was an ambitious but hopefully achievable target of £50. The fundraiser then took on a life of its own! People were so generous that we smashed through the target, Button was featured in a local Leeds newspaper 'The Evening Post' and we soon realised we would need to be broadcasting on Facebook as well as Instagram. 
We paused the majority of Button's schoolwork, just finishing up her Romans topic, to focus on rehearsing for the two and a half weeks til the concert. After a bit of experimenting we eventually settled on her singing nine songs and signing the tenth song.

We had real ups and downs and I think Button ended up hating most of the songs at some points. However, I think we managed her and the rehearsals pretty well and she worked so super hard. She unsurprisingly struggled with the older songs the most and then with segments  of some of the others. We began by stripping the song right down and going line by line. We looked at how each line should be sung and how the beat tied all the lines together. We looked at when she needed to come in and how high or low and at what volume. Button naturally tries to sing songs quite high and then struggles to control the song. Stripping the songs back like this made them quite stoic but helped her to sing them properly. We emphasised how important the right words in the correct order with the right timing then made subsequent lines easier. We also stopped her dancing and tried to get her used to a microphone to help the sound quality of the broadcast. We explained that moving around would affect the pick up of the microphone. Button improved massively and quickly but still had sticky points on a few songs. So we began focusing on these trouble areas during the day and putting her better songs on the back burner. We then ran through the whole set list every couple of nights to maintain her standard throughout and get her used to the order and singing that many songs. 
The second half of the final week we started getting her to add a bit of personality and passion into the songs. She likes to experiment with how they sound so we still had to rein her in a bit due to the time constraints. However, she was really listening to advice and as we compromised, all the songs improved. We had already encouraged her to put some attitude into "I just can't wait to be King" and this had worked well. We now needed more passion in "build me up Buttercup" and " My lighthouse" , more personality in "Gold" and "dance monkey" and just more confidence and consistency overall.
In true theatrical style, the last proper rehearsal we had was probably her worst, but it seemed from tiredness more than anything. I was confident that she had put enough work in that any mistakes could be glossed over and she was in a position to go out and enjoy it. I'm not right often (I have a wife for that) but in this case I was bang on. She stepped out on that 'stage' and in front of the (three) camera(s) and came alive. She absolutely nailed her first song and justgrew from there. She spoke beautifully and genuinely between songs. She used the microphone well but managed to dance too. She sang most of the songs the best she has ever sang them and she had fun. Yes there were mistakes- she is seven years old and had learnt to sing nine songs and sign one in less than three weeks. Three of which she hadn't really even heard before. Yet she glossed over them and didn't let them affect her. Most people probably didn't even notice them. Plus some of the bits she had been struggling with she finally got spot on. 
Button had about 70 views live on Facebook (raising to more than 200 views over the following days) and 80 odd views live on Instagram. In the end she smashed the £50 target we had set, raising an enormous £700. Mummy and Daddy were so proud and emotional. 


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