June - 

So June is over and another month in lockdown comes to an end. That didnt stop us getting lots of stuff done this month. The main topic this month was animation which was a lot of fun and you will soon be able to read about that under topics.


For Bear and Buttercup this month, on top of animation they looked a the letter Aa. They had a letter tray and had their first attempts at handwriting sheets. At their age this was mainly drawing wavy lines and zig zags. 


Button learned about chain reactions in this month's Letterbox lab making fake snow and jelly worms. Bear has been really starting to show an interest in this monthly subscription. He wasn't able to engage as much as with the bubbles last month, but he tried and he sat really well and watched and listened. This continues to be a great value, exciting subscription that always grabs Button's attention. 

Button's reading has also really improved lately. We have been using her Usbornes classics collection which contains two reding levels. The higher level set, Daddy has been using for English with Button reading White Fang in May and Alice through the looking glass in June. Even better though, Button has been reading the lower level books herself. She has been reading one book a week in June, reading Alice in Wonderland, wind in the willows and her favourite so far, the secret garden. We are so proud of her. 


Button has such a generous, charitable nature. So when she heard some of our Instagram friends (@crazyvicarage and @scarlettsenses) were organising wear yellow 2020, she was keen to help out. The girls were organising a games night at the end of June over at @wearyellow2020 to raise money for and awareness of, Cystic Fibrosis. Button contributed by recording one minute snippets of about ten songs that were either meaningful to some of the families affected by Cystic Fibrosis, connected to yellow or just one of Button's favourites. The girls used a few of them on the night in a name the song and the artist competition. If you want to contribute to this often overlooked charity, then all contributions will be gratefully received at


As a family, we also entered some of their other competitions. For Bake yellow, we made some biscuits spelling wear yellow. However, more impressively we made a fairy garden for Grow yellow, with over sized daffodils and sunflowers made from cardboard and old hosepipe. Mummy designed it, the kids all painted the individual parts and then Mummy and Daddy put the whole thing together. The kids were then able to dress as fairies for a photoshoot and then to play in their garden. We actually won with our entry for this category. Daddy was less successful with his tea themed entry for create yellow. 


Continuing with the garden theme, our peas have been growing well and the kids have loved harvesting their first peas from the garden. Very few, however, made it to our dinner plates as the kids scoffed most of them. We certainly were not going to tell them off for eating vegetables. 


We have had a lot of fun this month just playing, especially since finishing the animation project. This included lots of play time with their pebbles, ball run and wooden animals. As well as building castles and towers and making race tracks and roads.


One day, Mummy and all three kids worked together to build a giant zoo from all their wooden toys. It was fascinating to see their different approaches and their individual imaginations then combined to create one giant play scene. 


We also had Father's Day this month. With lockdown still in full force, it was a smaller and more intimate affair than normal. Daddy was happy because the football was back (though he didn't get the result he wanted). He was happier with the lovely gifts he received from the kids. He always loves his scrapbook updates, where Mummy asks the kids the same questions each year (apparently Daddy's name is Carrot according to Bear who found himself hilarious). Daddy also loved the wonderful football canvas the kids painted him from @paintmynameoncanvas and a gorgeous embroidered hoop from @rolihoops with "I love you" in sign language. 


Its been a tough month wordwide for everyone with lockdown and an emotional and eye opening month with the #blacklivesmatter movement. We have certainly took this opportunity to look at our own unintentional and subliminal prejudices and to try and educate ourselves. As part of this, our next topic is going to a nice small one on culture and diversity. Each month we are going to take a whistlestop tour of a different continent- looking at local and international history, traditional dress, stories, art, flags, cuisine, currency and trade. Obviously at the ages of 7, 3 and 3 and with the number of countries on each continent, we won't go massively in depth. However, this is still going to be big. Big in the amount we are attempting to cover but bigger in term of bringing our children up with their eyes and hearts open: aware, inclusive and interested in the lives and culture of every single human being. We are starting with Africa because to truly understand the black lives matter movement we, like the whole of mankind evolutionarily, need to go to the start in Africa. However, in the aftermath of Covid-19, international racial tensions are likely to rise generally, especially while former Simpson's characters are allowes to run powerful and vocal countries. So we want to educate our children about diversity world wide and about why walls need to broken down, not built.

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