Hi I'm Button and as I'm the one being home educated, I'm taking over this blog. You can check out the vlog version on my YouTube channel The Button Show. I will do a new blog and vlog at the end of each topic. 


Today I am writing about my most recent topic on Africa. For a whole month, my Mum and Dad taught me so much about the Continent of Africa. We travelled all around Africa from the comfort of our learning room. The learning room is where we do most of my learning as I have been Home Educated all my life. 


The first thing I learnt about was colonisation of Africa. It started when Portugal needed to find a new way to maintain the Spice trade. They colonised ports in West Africa and South East Africa. Soon Spain and England followed. These countries and others slowly, began to move inland looking for land to grow crops for back home. However, they soon found natural resources such as gold, iron, diamonds and many others. Soon the whole of Africa was colonised apart from Ethiopia. 


Now we move on to the slave trade. The slave trade was when Africans were taken from their homes, moved across dangerous seas and sold for supplies like cloth and guns. I also created my own advert to sell the Twins as slaves! 


I'm glad they stopped slavery. Just imagine being taken from your family and home. Being given a new name and having no control over your life. I was sad when I learnt about slavery. 


Next we learnt about Kenya and how a child's day in Kenya is different to the days of children in the UK. Did you know that where we have a bath indoors, some children use buckets to wash themselves outside in Kenya. 


Did you know that the Maasai tribe drink the blood of their animals? It sounds pretty disgusting doesn't it but it is just because they do not waste any part of the animal! This tribe was so cool to learn about. The women make their mud huts and the men do a special jumping dance to impress the women. I then made a design of my own National Park to learn how to do 'keys' and use a compass. 

Kenya is also home to the "Big 5", which I studied without help from my mum and dad. The "Big 5" are the African Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Lion, Rhinoceros and Leopard. I also wrote a short story about going on a safari. 


We also learnt about the oldest skeleton ever found who was nicknamed Lucy, after the Beatles' song 'Lucy in the sky with diamonds.' Did you know that the people who found Lucy knew she was a girl from her size? 


We learnt about a different person each week from different parts of Africa. We learnt about Cleopatra, Wangari Maathai--the 'mother of trees' and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first Libyan female Prime Minister. Daddy also taught me all about Lucas Radebe, a famous Leeds player. 


Halfway through the month, we ordered an African takeaway. I loved the oxtail and the meat patties but it was all really spicy. The best part of the month was ending the topic with an African feast cooked by myself, Mum, Dad and Nanny. We cooked so much food, we were eating for days. My favourite part of the meal to cook was the chapatis, but to eat my favourites were the peanut chicken stew and the beef curry. 


These were my favourite parts of learning about Africa. You can read in more detail under Countries. I am sad to finish but I can't wait to do Asia next! First off, we have a more relaxed few weeks of Textiles, maths and music.

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