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A few years ago we took the decision to Home Educate our daughter. Since then a lot has changed in our lives and in our approach to HE. Most important was the arrival of our twins, Bear and Buttercup, who will be joining us on this crazy HE journey.


We will now be using this website in two ways. We will continue to use it as a resource for others as we do sensory play and then Pre-school with Bear and Buttercup. Secondly, we will use more as a blog to record Button's journey. We will have lots of pictures and an overview of her month's work, but will not go into too much detail in terms of the Blossom and Root curriculum we are currently basing her learning on. Any activities we create we will give details and guidance as ever, but generally speaking it will be more a description of Button's journey with recommendations (or criticisms if warranted) of this curriculum and the subscriptions we use. 


We will publish our blog monthly on this front page, with back issues moving to our blog page. Sensory and any other topics we happen to write up will be added under their normal pages. You can follow Mummy and Daddy on Instagram for more frequent updates by following teachingmumanddad (Mummy) and teaching_mum_and_dad (Daddy). We are also on facebook which you can find by searching teachingmumanddad.


We are more than happy for people to email us with questions about anything we have posted or with any ideas for future learning opportunities.




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Feb 2020

Firstly, let me apologise. As I write this, I am dying from man flu. As such, my concentration and memory are compromised. We didn't study a
Salvador Dali this month, so if I suddenly start talking about pink elephants then you know I have lost the thread.

So this month, Spanish Grandad was over. Abuelo is Mummy's Dad, English but living in a beautiful mountain village in Spain. He was over to meet and spend time with baby Cuthbert but also spent a couple of days with Button, Buttercup and Bear. Buttercup was her usual reticent self around anyone she doesn't see on a daily basis, but Button loves seeing Abuelo and Bear enjoyed showing off all his trains. 

We also had Valentine's Day which Mummy and Daddy don't really overly celebrate with each other as we like to show our love all year round. However, we do like to include the children. So we each gave a little gift and the kids all did cards for us. Previously Daddy has had a romantic meal with Button but the Twins are old enough now to be included. 

In the end though, we decided that this year we would all go for a weekend break at Nanny and Grad's flat in Suffolk. Unfortunately, as you will remember, Valentine's weekend coincided with the second storm of the month- storm Dennis. As a result, the weekend was a bit of a wash out and not as relaxing as we had hoped. Not that Nanny and Grad were about to let a storm interfere with things with their usual great hospitality and taking the kids for walks in spite of the weather. Best of all for Mummy and Daddy, the Twins slept almost through at night and Nanny and Grad let us lie in! The best moment was a treasure hunt that Button did all on her own. She planned ahead, at home, where she would put the clues at the flat. She then drew all the picture clues so that the Twins could find each clue which she then took with is to the flat. So for example, if the next clue was in the bath she drew a bath. Once at the flat she put all the clues in the right places and Nanny provided a prize each. The Twins loved racing around from one clue to another, in and out of all the rooms.

Button has spent most of her spare time this month doing Lego and has now finished all the sets she got for Christmas, including a luxury holiday spa and a Lego friends house.


We did do some school work as well this month as we all get more used to our new structure. In English we continued "Secret Seven Adventure" and it is great to see Button really getting into it. Her last narration was her best yet! We have also been looking at writing short stories and tied in her Beatrix Potter 'Post from the past'. Her reading and spellings continue to really improve as well which is great to see. This has led Button to move on to the next stage of Reading Eggs- Reading Eggspress. It seems to have really captured Button's imagination with games that are more age appropriate fun wise and pushing her whilst building her confidence. There seem to be elements that give her pride and satisfaction and it is great to see her really enjoying it. It is also introducing typing which is another key skill to learn. Button is really happy with how much her reading has improved lately and she says she is enjoying it more now.

Button also continued and pretty much wrapped up her work on the Vikings, Frida Kahlo, Beethoven and the body. Button said the Vikings were quite interesting but less interesting than other history topics. We expected Button to love doing Frida as she has always been one of her favourites, but Button found the pieces we studied all a bit similar- dark and gloomy. When I asked about Beethoven, Button said a lot of composer's compose their pieces based on what they can see and feel, much like artists such as Frida. However, Button feels Beethoven just goes with the flow and finds his music really smooth with little, interesting crescendos. Button also enjoyed learning about the body and found it interesting that it isn't just poo that gets rid of the bad stuff, kidneys and then wee do too. She also found nerves really interesting and how the impulses connect them throughout the body and to the spinal cord. Button also found out that hair, nails and teeth have roots which surprised her- she even made a little video about it on her tablet  using her Scarlett's Senses playdough.

So another month gone and we really look forward to moving on to a couple of great Italians, Leonardo da Vinci and Antonio Vivaldi as well as start studying the Romans. We are also going to spend a week celebrating World Book Day and learn about mould. We are also looking at further tweaking our dailies to give Button more opportunity to lead and go on tangents. So follow our journey on Instagram (@teachingmumanddad for Mummy's view and @teaching_mum_and_dad for Daddy's pictures) and then come back here next month for our blog.


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