We did textiles last month which was really fun because I got to make lots of stuff. I liked using the sewing machine and I would love to continue sewing in the future. Unfortunately, the cushion I made fell apart because being a kids' sewing machine, the thread was not strong enough. I also made a handsewn bag but it was too simple really for my age.


I was given a hoop by one of Mummy's friends in Instagram and I really enjoyed drawing the design and then embroidering it. The only downside is that I am finding it takes a lot of time so I still haven't finished it. However, I hope to get it finished soon. I also used these embroidery skills to Sew a design on an engagement card for my Uncle and Aunt. 


With my brother and sister we made some Christmas cards by putting different colour wool over a design and then stuck on a glittery background. They looked really nice. 


 I was not looking forward to a week of maths but it actually wasn't the worst. 


We did lots of fun activities such as 'higher or lower', sequences and dominoes. I enjoyed the day we did coding. For one activity, Mummy and Daddy set up certain blocks against different numbers. When Mummy said a number, Bear, Buttercup and I had to grab the right block and put it into our own sequence. Then Daddy gave me some sheets for coding. One was getting the bucket, spade and sandcastle while avoiding the crabs and waves; another was about pasta and sauce getting to the plate avoiding cutlery; and the last one making a strawberry desert. 

One ridiculous thing was where Mummy was a robot with no brain and I had to give the steps to make a jam sandwich. At first I did a few steps but Mummy did not compute so in the end I had to write about 40 steps. 


Music was something I was looking forward to but it felt a bit short at times. Firstly, we listened to some classical music records and I learnt how to use the record player. 


I spent time this week on my keyboard and I learnt how to play 'incy wincy spider'. 


With the Twins we tried to do some songs showing the rhythm and the beat. We then had a big list of types of songs like opera, rock n roll, def metal (including a rubbish version of 'let it go') and jazz. For each type we listened to a couple of songs and rated them for how much we liked listening to them and another rating for how they were to dance to. Some were better to listen to and others better to dance to. I also did a worksheet where I had to write the names of the instruments. We also looked at a time line of the history of music. 


For an English part I had to study three songs and all them had meanings. One of them was 'Barbie girl' which was weird to do, but once you looked I to it you could see why they wrote it- to say you shouldn't try to look like a Barbie doll, though I think they took it too far. The Bob Dylan song 'the times they are a changin' wasn't my favourite as I am not keen on Country. There was a good metaphor at the start but I did not overly connect with this song. I liked 'Imagine' by John Lennon as I liked most of the messages in it- especially the anti war stuff. The only bit I didn't like was the "Imagine no religion" line as God is important to me. 


I really enjoyed these three relaxed weeks as a bit of a break after Africa, especially as it was followed by our week away.

We went on holiday to Salisbury with Nanny and Grad. We got to the house and it was really pretty. I had to sleep on a fold up bed which was pretty uncomfortable but then Daddy swapped the mattress which was better. The house had a breakfast bar which was cool. I loved sitting there to eat when I was allowed. I loved having a quick spin on the stool. The first day was exploring the house and garden and getting some shopping. 

The next day we went to Stonehenge. When we parked you couldn't even see Stonehenge, you had to walk or get the shuttlebus. We had the Twins with us so took the bus. I was a bit underwhelmed as you couldn't really get close to the stones, you just walk round the henge, which was quite a long walk. We did take some funny photos though. We went back to the visitors centre and went into the exhibition which was cool. You got to see the sunrise and sunset through the stones. We then went into the gift shop which had loads of cool stuff. I got a top trumps set of historical people and Mummy and Daddy bought we a Stonehenge building game. 

Monday we went to longleat which is very big. We went through the safari and we watched the monkeys taking other people's car ariels off but didn't realise they had also taken ours. I learnt that the elephant they have used to be in a circus. As we passed her I said "I hope you stay well" as she had suffered in the circus. After the safari I wanted to go to Koala creek. You could see them well but they were all sleeping so was mainly their bums you could see. My favourite bit of the Koalas were their ears. We were disappointed to discover that the penguins aren't there anymore. We went on the train and to the farm bit and then met Mummy and Daddy's friend Ellie and her family. We then rushed to get the boat ride and had one of the best boat rides of the day as we got really good views of the hippos. The seals scared me a little bit though as they were jumping so much. 

Tuesday we went to Salisbury Cathedral. Gran had taught me that for a city to be called a city it has to have a Cathedral. I lit a couple of candles, learning to light them from other candles, and said a couple of prayers. I liked the Cathedral but it was so big my legs started to hurt. I liked doing the treasure hunt sheet they provided though and seeing the pulpit and where the choir sit. We then found a cool sweet shop and also had an ice cream. 

Wednesday we went to beach and had loads of fun playing in the sea. I even went underwater in the sea though I didn't mean too. Bear liked the sea but Buttercup didn't, preferring the sand. We also had fish and chips on the beach which was my first time having it actually on the beach. It was yummy. 

Thursday we went to a farm with another of Daddy and Mummy's friends, Claire and her son. It had a fun park and a driving bit where I got my licence. I went on go karts and there was a cool music area. In the evening, Grad did a barbecue which was really yummy--I had hot dogs. 

For our last day we went to Salisbury museum. It was really good. We saw the giant of Salisbury, a tomb and lots of archaeological finds. There was also a harpsichord which I danced to. It looks like a piano but the keys are black with white instead of white with black. When you press the key it plucks the string like a harp. There were loads of strings! The man who was playing it was really nice and told me all about it. It also had a picture on it of the view outside. After the museum, Nanny got us lunch and took the twins home. I spent some time with Mummy and Daddy, shopping. I got three bird whistles as I have recently broken mine. I also got "Just So" stories by Rudyard Kipling as we will be learning about Asia next. We got an ice cream and sat and relaxed in the park. The next day, unfortunately, we had to go home.

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