March 2021

I cant believe we are into April already, but we did cram a lot into March.

For a start we finished reading The Crowns of Croswald. We received this ebook to read and review via Netgalley shelf and read it with Button.

I loved the imagination behind this book and I think it would make a great film. There were a lot of similarities with the Harry Potter franchise, sometimes too close, but generally this will appeal to Potter fans.
It was full of emotions which were handled well and would be brilliant for teens, though my 8 year old enjoyed me reading it to her. The characters were well rounded, believable and you cared about them as the story progressed. We were hooked to the last few chapters and are eager to continue reading the series. 
I would recommend this thoroughly to fans of fantasy, young and old.

(I just reviewed The Crowns of Croswald by D.E. Night. #thecrownsofcroswald #NetGalley
[NetGalley URL])

We also celebrated Mother's day. I wad pretty rubbish at planning this but Button was driving a few bits and the rest I decided to keep simple, honest and family based.
We started by all bringing breakfast and a bunch of daffodils to Mummy in bed, which we followed by watching a film in bed as a family.

Button had decided to hide Mummy's gifts (apart from the one thing Mummy asked for that hadn't arrived yet ?‍♂️) so that they weren't rushed. @teachingmumanddad was excited though so we gave her her cards. Bear had chosen a Bielsa card, Buttercup was happy with my suggestion for a Bridgerton card and Button of course wanted to get her a Harry Potter card. I assume that the leeds card was her favourite.
We then made finger sandwiches and put some cakes out for an afternoon tea style lunch, before Nanny arrived with the clotted cream for proper afternoon tea on the drive.

Schoolwork wise, we continued with our Europe topic, looking at Scandanavia, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands and France. You will be able to read all about this under Europe in our topics section once we finish the topic.

We all did lots of gardening this month. We planted out some strawberry plants, some mint seeds and some flowers in the front garden (sweet pea and sunflowers).

 We also fitted in lots of games such as 'what a performance from @orchardtoys. I'm loving the Twins being able to engage more in games so that we can play as a family.

The biggest thing this month though was Button's 8th birthday. We had one very excited 7 year old ready to turn 8!! She thought all we were doing was decorating the front garden for when the family visit with gifts but actually we set up a Harry Potter themed puzzle room for her and the twins. They had a letter from Luna to welcome them to the Ravenclaw common room and asking for them to help her find her glasses. 
 They had to find five letters to spell 'curse',  which was in a title of one of the book covers we had made. That particular one was a fake 'safe' book and in that book was Luna's glasses. We set up 5 small challenges themed on the first book: we had Fluffy guarding a trap door (they had to play Hedwig's theme on the piano to get him to sleep and the first letter was under the trap door); then we had the devils snare set up (they had to use Button's special wand black light to find the letter on one of the leaves); we had the chess board set up like the scene from the book (they had to work out where Harry needs to move to check mate the Queen to dicover their letter), we had the flying keys (the one with a broken wing had a letter on it); and the last challenge was a potions table (they needed to drink the right potion to find the letter hiding on the back of the label) . 
We spent a few months planning this and I know it was over quickly but I really think they loved it and enjoyed their time working together, though the Twins did not quite get it as they are too young for Harry Potter and we're more excited by things like balloons. 

Button only really asked for one gift, a skateboard. Then we got her lots of Harry Potter bits - lego, Bath bombs from @talesoftoriasoaps, tea, t-shirts, luna make up etc. Mummy also made her an awesome Harry Potter cake. 

After  her birthday and then a day of mummy and Button trying out her new games and Daddy playing with the Twins we ended the weekend with Button's birthday meal, she picked the dishes from her Harry Potter cook book:

Trevor's road in the hole 

Wizards cheese and onion baked potato with
Bones and bones bbq beans

Fred and George's wiz bang sundae 

Luna lemonade

We all loved the meal and we had decorated the table so it was the perfect end to her birthday weekend and she loved it. 

Another day we let the children have the potions we had made for the escape room. I added some cornflour, baking soda, chia seeds, vinegar and lemon juice and basically left them to it. They loved all the different colour waters and herbs, they used all the names from the labels and loved being witches and wizards. It was brilliant watching them explore and play and make a mess. Then they had a bath with their  new bath bombs they got for Buttons birthday, from @talesoftoriasoaps. Today was Buttercup's "snow queen" they loved it and the colour and scent was amazing, they cant wait for the next one. 

Happy birthday sweetheart, how have we been your parents for 8years! We still remember the moment you came into the world and made our lives complete. You have continued to shine and make us so proud, always making us laugh and filling our home with love. You're the best big sister we could have ever asked for for the Twinnies and we are all so lucky to have you in our lives. Love you forever baby girl. 

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