Button enjoyed the stuff we built this month such as the Mosque and the Great Wall of China and especially liked playing in the Great Wall. 


She loved learning about all the different religions in the regions and found the similarities and differences really interesting. She especially mentioned finding Islam really interesting and in particular how Muslims always face Mecca to pray.


The famous people Button learnt about from this continent were really varied from the father of Animé (Osamu Tezuka) to the extremely brave schoolgirl, Malala Yousafz and the wise Confucius.


Button also loved both the books we studied, 'Shooting the moon' and 'the boy at the back of the class'. Both were really emotional and really interesting looks at an individual girl's response to global issues and Button embraced viewing the Vietnam War and refugees through the female protagonists' eyes.


We probably didn't balance this continent as well as we did with Africa and the result was some very dry worksheet based work at times. Button did great at persevering and covered a lot of information from food to history, to elephants and tigers. I think we will look to inject a bit more lightness and fun into proceedings when we come to our next continent though, as I think Button will retain more that way.


I encourage you to read through everything we studied under the Asia tab, as it has been incredibly interesting. 


This next month though will be on space as the Twins are currently obsessed with the planets. 

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