Pink week

I wanted to start focusing on different things each week for the twins. I decided to start easy and focus on a different colour for now. 

  We started with pink. During the week we did a treasure basket idea, stamp painting, building blocks, baked cotton wool and pink ice cubes. It was a lot of fun and not only encouraged them to learn a colour but it also encouraged speech, language, building, hand eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, sharing, problem solving and social skills. The twins really enjoyed this week, it meant we had more time together and Button got involved too. 

Treasure area

You will need:
Anything pink. 

Some examples are:
Pom poms,
Pipe cleaners,
Bowls or baskets to display them in.

I set up a big piece of paper on the wall behind our display and it simply said PINK. I had a bag of crayons and pencils for them to explore and draw. I laid the scarfs and materials down for the display to go on, I then placed each item in bowls and boxes ready for them to explore. 
  I love wooden and promote it as much as possible but let's be realistic, it can be expensive and I'm sure your children would rather you use an old tub or just a pile on the floor and explore it with them than you not bothering because you don't have the wooden bowls you see in all the lovely pictures you see on Instagram. I've had to remind myself that over the last few weeks. The Twins really enjoyed their time with me and Button just simply exploring. 
    Buttercup loved the paper and pencils and loved emptying all the bowls and boxes. Bear really enjoyed counting the pom poms in and out of a box.(I say count, he did every other number up to ten lol which is an amazing start). Buttercup really tried hard copying the words we were using and has come such a long way in just a few months. Bear also learnt new words like feather. It was just a joy to be doing stuff I used to do with Button and this time have her helping me. 

Stamp painting

You will need:

Lovely easy one this but can get messy. I chose two shades of pink and I went with Dinosaur stamps (mainy because they were one of the few I had that were big and chunky for them to hold.) 
  They both loved this activity and stamped a lot. You couldn't really tell it was a Dinosaur stamp after they finished but it was a lot of fun. I got them to do one lot in their journal and then I let them loose on paper. 

For those of you who don't know what I mean by their Journal, it's basically a book I keep for each of them to do our craft activities in, I then have evidence if ever I need it but mostly I have a keepsake of all their lovely work ?. I write the date, age and what we did on the page so when I look back I can remember what we were doing. I still have Button's and now she has one to fill in at the end of each month with what she learnt from each subject we did. 

Pink blocks 

A quick simple set up on those days your pushed for time. I had two baskets one with mega blocks and one with wooden, but both pink and let them explore again. I sat with Buttercup as she built a tower for her princess from the mega blocks. Button sat with Bear and helped him feed the wooden blocks through a toilet tube. Such a simple way to get them thinking and problem solving. Some blocks were too big for the hole, some got stuck half way through, some shoot through really quick. It helped him remember which did what and recognise the size difference. 

Baked cotton wool balls

This took a little more prep that the other ideas. 

You will need:

1 cup of flour,
1 cup water,
Tin foil,
Cotton wool,
Toy hammer,
Nutcracker (optional).

Mix the ingredients together and dip the cotton wool into the mixture. Lay out on a tray covered in tin foil. 
Cook. Now this is where it gets tricky lol. I couldn't find a link that gave me a clear time or temperature. My first batch I burnt but my second batch I did on a low 100 degrees and for a good 40 mins but I checked them constantly. You are looking for a hard consistency. 
Leave them to cool. 

Once cooled lay them out for your children to play with. We started with just them and some bowls, we watched them fill and empty the bowls. As they did this we talked about how hard they felt, the colour of them and we showed them the different shades of pink I had made. Then we brought the hammers out. The twins are only 19 months and to be honest struggled with this bit a little. They kept hitting the tuff tray no matter how much Button helped lol. Daddy came up with the idea to use the nutcracker and sat with each one of them while they had a turn. They all loved it, especially Button who then cracked lots of them and Buttercup and myself pulled all the soft cotton wool out of them. Bear enjoyed flicking and rolling them like little balls. I have wanted to do this sensory play for a long time and I wasn't disappointed. 

Pink ice cubes

This one needs prepping the day before. I got Button to help with this. She stirred the pink food colouring into the water and then poured into the moulds. I then got her to add cake sprinkles and edible pink sugar that left the ice glittery. 
  Once they were frozen we set them out in tubs and bowls with spoons and brushes. The twins found these cold and hard to hold but enjoyed it none the less. Buttercup wanted to keep eating but but would soon sign cold and drop them back in the tubs. Bear liked to use the brush to brush them and wanted to share them with us by handing them to us. Button wanted to watch them melt and kept taking a few in the sun in the garden. This activity was great for language and speech. We used words like cold, hard, ice, frozen, pink, wet, slippery, water, puddle, brush, bowl, tub, spoon and melt. I enjoyed watching them play with this one as it was cold, you saw a different reaction to the sensory experience. 

Red week

This week was full of cold and sleepless nights so Mummy tried to keep the activities quite straight forward and easy to set up and tidy up. With a few exceptions.

Red display

This was out all week so I needed stuff I could leave safely in the twins' reach, for them to explore and discover when I was busy with Button or dinner. 

We had three baskets one with balls, one with mega bricks and one with wooden (this will be standard if I have them in the colour we are learning about).
Then in addition we had:
One bowl of foam red letters,
Red juggling scarfs,
A red hat,
Red cars and tractors, 
Two red stacking cups,
A red mirror,
A red book,
A red lady bird,
A red rattle. 
This got added to during the week, if we found something red to join the display. 

The Twins loved it, they used it daily, especially the balls and bricks. I would find everything everywhere all the time so I know it was all well used. The times I got to sit with them we worked on building towers and knocking them down again and rolling the balls. By the end of the week Bear had rolling down perfectly. Buttercup has hit a mischief stage and just wanted to keep running off with whatever Bear was playing with, so a lot of distraction with other things was needed.

Red rice sensory

This was the main messy play, Buttercup made sure of that! The Twins themselves didn't get messy just the floor. Let's say I'm still finding rice a week later. 

You will need :

A zip lock bag,
A tray,
Red paint or food colouring,
Scoops, cups anything you want them to explore with 

Add the rice to the zip lock bag, add the paint or food colour. Seal and move about to cover the rice red. Once it's all covered lay flat to dry on the tray. 

I had some red and white rice already from  the cat in the hat day we did. I laid it out on the tuff tray with the spoons, bowls, cups etc and left them to it to explore. Bear enjoyed pouring it and filling the toilet tubes that I held down for him against the tuff tray, he had discovered himself that if he held the toilet tube up the rice just falls straight through. Buttercup liked the spoons but was rather put out when it was on her feet. Or so we thought. At one stage we helped her dust it off only for her to sprinkle it back on and moan again! They also really enjoyed messing up anything I drew in the rice, I was trying to draw a heart and Bear enjoyed dive bombing and swimming into it so it would disappear. The mess soon came when Buttercup thought it fun to take handfuls and sprinkle them all over the room. She thought this really funny and to be honest it wasn't a huge deal to me as I knew it would all sweep and hoover up ok. If you don't like to much mess you could do a smaller amount in a big tub at the table and just take it away when they start to sprinkle on the floor. But bare in mind they might be finding out the noise it makes as it hits the floor and table, how it falls, how it all spreads out as it bounces across the floor. 

Red science experiment

This could have been messy, and as I set it up I started to panic but actually it was all contained and easy to tidy up. 

You will need:
A large silver foil tray (throw it away after),
Bicarbonate of soda,
Red paint,
A little water,
Plastic cup.

Mix the water, paint and vinegar together in the cup. Add the Bicarbonate of soda to the tray. Set them up with painting coats at the table. Squeeze the pipette in the paint mixture and then encourage the children to squeeze it into the tray to see the chemical reaction. 
  This is great for fine motor skills and their pincher grip, plus hand eye coordination. Bear got it straight away and really enjoyed squeezing the liquid and watching what he called bubbles form. Buttercup took a little longer to get the squeezing technique but mostly because she enjoyed stabbing the Bicarbonate with the pipette. They loved it and it's also still a great one for the older children. I set it up for Button as well so she wasn't left out and she went on for ages making coral like patterns in hers. They were rather beautiful and if we wasn't studying red I would have used more colours. We might re-visit this when looking at under water life. 

Red painting
This was a really simple set up due to feeling really poorly this day. I basically just printed some pictures of things that are normally red, a fire engine, a strawberry, a ladybird etc and gave them red paint, pens, crayons and pencils and let them express themselves. Bear enjoyed the paints and really tried to just paint the picture. Buttercup preferred the pens and pencils and is already starting to hold them correctly. She has been trying to copy her big sister and I actually watched her move the pen in place using her other hand as she could see how Button was holding hers. 

Red finger play

This was a simple set up which helped their fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and problem solving skills.

You will need:

Plastic bottle,
Pipe cleaners,
Little cardboard box with holes cut from the top,
Pom poms.

Lay all the items in front of your children and let them figure out feeding the pipe cleaners into the bottle and the Pom poms into the box.

Bear loved this activity and filled the bottles. He then emptied the bottle and started again. He became frustrated when Buttercup kept running off with the pipe cleaners. He loved the Pom poms as well. Buttercup basically showed me she could do it then she got more enjoyment out of running away with all the bits. 

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