Toddler play 2020

We feel that the Twins are developing really well in terms of milestones in gross motor skills and fine motor skills and in terms of life skills. They are now refining and improving them naturally as they do everyday activities, so setting weekly activities and trying to blog about them was becoming redundant. We also found that we were making open ended play too prescriptive and closed with our previous curriculum.


Our Toddler curriculum definitely served a purpose but we want to make family time more of a focal point and to get back more to our beliefs in the value of learning through play. So our new 'Toddler Play' approach is a lot more fun. We still rotate play scenes and roleplays to keep their toys fresh and fun, but their open ended toys are all available all the time to use however they want. We still do a sensory activity but sometimes it will be more of a small world. This will continue to be linked to a book of the week as will their craft. However, we will now also have baking and a number game (instead of focusing on individual numbers) tied into the book. 


There will be more time for them to play with Button and opportunities to do art with her and learning activities or games with her. They will get time with Mummy, with Daddy and with Gran. Read on to follow the journey...

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