A cat's tail 

Book - A cat's tail
Craft - hand print dragon- paint and sticking 
Sensory -  rice, coins, animal cards 


Role play - Mummies and Daddies
Play scene - Mickey Racers


Number game - How many coins in the envelopes. Count them then add them to the number card. 


Extra -Animal cards matching the wooden animals 

First impressions

Both Bear and Buttercup told me that the kitchen area had changed and that Mickey racers were out. I explained the kitchen was set up for Mummies and Daddies.

Surprisingly, they both first went to Mickey Racers first. Buttercup selected and drove the pink car so Bear went for blue. They then started to play with the accessories such as the Mickey arch. Bear then started to explore the Mummies and Dad "house" while Buttercup built towers with the Mickey blocks. Bear went mainly to the food and started to cut it and cook it. He did food for Button and for Daddy. Buttercup then joined in with him and soon Button was playing too.

The cats tale 

This book is actually a beginner reader's book, a short story to encourage reading, but when we decided focus on Chinese New year I knew this was the book to do. It's about a cat who doesn't like swimming so the rat tells him they will cheat and use the ox to carry them across to win the race. However, as they get close to the finishing line the rat pushes the cat in the water and jumps ashore to come first and win the race. The poor cat who can't swim comes in 13th and so does not have a year named after him. The Twins were glued to this story and loved re-enacting it with our wooden animals. Button helped with this and we made two masking tape lines on the floor as a start and finish line. 
   They also loved stacking the animals to see who could build the tallest tower but the main enjoyment came from knocking them down again. 
   For Chinese New year we also did a sensory play with red and white rice, Chinese gold coins and red envelopes. All three children loved this and sat and played for over an hour. It was a great sensory play to encourage so many skills. They got to work on their pouring, scooping, hand eye coordination, fine motor, gross motor, pincer grip, counting, communication, threading and I'm sure loads more. They loved threading the coins on the chop sticks and  using the chop sticks to draw in the rice. They also loved counting the gold coins as they hid them from view, pretending to make me dinner and scooping, pouring and stirring the rice. It was a brilliant sensory play. 
   We also used the gold coins for their number recognition game this week. I put an amount of coins in the red envelopes, they opened the envelope, counted how many there were and then placed them on the correct number flash card. They loved the game but needed a lot of help. They could easily identify number one and three, but struggled with number two which I thought they knew. It's fine though, we will just continue to make up games to encourage them. There's no rush with it. 
  We also played a matching game, I laid all the cards out and got them to match the pairs and then match the wooden animal to the pair. They really enjoyed this game, they understood what to do quickly and wasted no time collecting all the pairs up.
   Their craft this week was hand painted dragons which once dried they decorated with gems and shiny stickers. I drew a smile on their dragons and asked them to pick a colour dot for their eyes then add some black for pupils. This made the dragon come alive for the children so, I think, easier to decorate. Buttercup did amazing with peeling the backs of the stickers while Bear needed a little more help. I loved their dragons when they had finished. 
   One final set up was our Chinese New year playdough from Scarlett's senses. She put together a great kit of red and yellow playdough and loose bits of different red, yellow and orange so they could make dragons. I added some of the gold coins and their chop sticks, bowls and spoons to create an 'invitation to create' table. All three loved this. They all made a dragon and then Button and Buttercup made me soups with surprises in them, while Bear sat threading the coins and beads on the chop sticks. 

Role play - Mummies and Daddies

  The Twins love playing this game and Daddy set up an amazing play 'house' for this week. They played every day in their 'home' corner. Buttercup loved having a baby and would sit and feed him, she even grabbed a tub as a bath one day and plunged the dolly head first into it by his feet, which made us all laugh. Bear loved the hoover and even made the noise as if he was really hoovering. He would then go off to work and come home to a cup of tea. This isnt something Mummy does for Daddy so it was sweet that they had made it up. I love watching their role play together- for such young children they already really get so much in to character its beautiful to watch. Sometimes even giving each other different names or having Bear be the pet dog or baby. It's brilliant and it's down to Button who encourages this sort of play all the time. 
  Their play scene this week was their Mickey racer set. Bear loves it when this is out. He loves anything cars or train related and loves Micky mouse. He played with it most days alone or with Buttercup. Buttercup loved that I had added the Mickey mouse blocks to this set up as seats and walls. She would take them and build towers. 
I normally tie some opened ended play into their play scene but this week I decided to just get the rainbow pebbles out for them to explore. The Twins love their pebbles but this was the first time I actually watched them trying to match the shapes on the cards. I then took the cards away and let them just play. Buttercup loved to make little patterns or scenes from them and added in some of our Elle.and.bee bugs or our family peg dolls from littlewoodenones. Bear was pretending to be a digger and scoop them all up in one go. I then set them out like a beach and the Twins understood what I was doing and splashed the peg dolls in the water. 
   To put them away when we had finished I encouraged the Twins to both be big diggers and scoop the pebbles up and dump them back in the box.  

We had such an amazing week learning about Chinese New year and it was great to tie the Twins play and learning in with Button's work.

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