Harry and a bucketful of Dinosaurs

Book - Harry and he bucket full of Dino's 
Craft - Dino rubbings 
Sensory -  cleaning Dino's 

Role play - salon
Play scene - Dinosaurs

Number game - match the Dino with the bone

Extra - Dino biscuits

First impressions


At first Bear and Buttercup sat on the sofa talking about what they could see: Pictures, Ayla's dolly, the bookcase moved and the hoover in the kitchen.
Bear was interested in the little basket of facial bits and looked at the mirror we had made. However, he was more concerned at why the towel was in the kitchen when it belongs in the bathroom. Buttercup was looking at the salon but not getting really involved. Neither wanted to put the Cape on and be a customer.
I was worried the whole morning was going to fall flat and that the salon was too old for them, when they saw the dinosaurs. They started picking up the dinosaurs and Buttercup said she would take some for a haircut while Bear was asking their names.
Suddenly, they became more interested in the salon. They wanted to move the dolly away from the wall mirror over to the hair dressing station. They dried her hair with the towel; Bear did some styling with the tongs then Buttercup cut her hair and put some scrunchies in. Bear cleaned her face and did her make up and after some more hair combing, Buttercup showed the customer the results with the hand mirror. Out of nowhere they were loving it.


This week's book we picked up from the Works. There is a collection of them so we went for the first one to see if the children enjoyed it. Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs is the story of Harry, who finds a dusty box of old Dinosaurs which he cleans up and puts in a bucket. They soon become his favourite toy and go everywhere with him.   
   So for this week's activities we focused on the dinosaurs. For sensory we decided to wash the dinosaurs like Harry does and the children loved this activity. My children, like most, are water mad and were happy to sit there for ages washing, drying and re-washing each Dinosaur. When the water spilt over on the tray they used this opportunity to jump in the puddle it made. This was a bit slippery so I didn't let them do it for long though. They loved the old sieve I gave them to make a shower. It was a nice easy sensory to put together and clean up- I just needed dry clothes for each child to change into. 
    Their craft this week was rubbings. We had some Dinosaur rubbing plates in the back of the cupboard that used to be Daddy's and we thought it would be a great activity to try. I thought the Twins might struggle a bit to understand what they had to do but actually they worked it out really quickly and if I held the paper still for them they produced some great rubbings and pictures. These were left out all week for Button's invitation to play as well, so the Twins did it a few times throughout the week. 
    Their number game was quite straight forward too this week. The bones I made for "space walkies" week were re-used this week along with some Dinosaur number cards. For this game I gave one Twin the bones and the other Twin the dinosaurs numbers. I then got them to take turns picking a number and the other Twin had to match it from their pack. They did really well and their listening skills really came to the fore this week. Any numbers they were stuck on I could help them with while we played. 
    Our last activity to link with our book was Dinosaur biscuits. We used a simple biscuit recipe I've always used: 


100g of sugar 
100g of butter 
1 egg
1tsp of vanilla
275g of plain flour 


Cream the sugar and butter then add the egg and vanilla. Add the flour then bring together using your hands. Roll out and cut into shapes. Place in the over at 170 fan for 8-10 mins. Once cool you can ice. We use just glaze icing but you can decorate how ever you like. 

The children loved making these and they tasted great. It was interesting to see how each child decorated their biscuits. Buttercup took it really slow and precise, she covered the whole biscuit before adding the sprinkles. Bear on the hand liked to drizzle from a hight and quickly so he could add his sprinkles and lick the plate. 
  Our play scene fitted this week really nicely as it was a dinosaur play scene. I used our enfys play mat to creat a small scene for all week. Then a few times I sat with them to play and got the large enfys play mat out. Using our Elle and bee trees and some grapat loose pieces, myself and Button created an amazing Dino land. Buttercup loved it, she's really into Dinosaurs and spent the time feeding the dinosaurs and walking them through the trees to the water for a drink. Button loved to show them the volcano she made them and make them fight each other. Unfortunately, Bear didn't want to play on the main day we did this activity and just watched from the sofa. 


As we have said, our roleplay set up this week was our salon, which was a huge hit with the children. It was brilliant that they all got excited and played together on this one. They even used their toy phone to call each other to book appointments. Buttercup loved doing Button's hair and Button loved doing Bear's make up. They even did Gran's hair and my hair on several occasions. They loved the selection of hairstyle pictures we printed and would pick which style they wanted. They used the toy sink on their kitchen to wash each others hair and generally really got into it with their imaginations. It was brilliant to see them really buying into this role play set up and they didn't even seem to miss the kitchen and dolly toys, so has worked well as a rotation too. This is handy as we have another big roleplay set up next week too. So keep your eyes peeled on Instagram (@teachingmumanddad for Mummy's pictures and @teaching_mum_and_dad for Daddy's pictures) and come back here next week for the weekly blog.

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