Judith Kerr

Craft -  sticking shapes (mog)
Sensory - mirror images (the other goose) 
Number game - put the right animals in the right cages (one night at the zoo)
Baking - birthday cake (the crocodile under the bed) 

Role play - book shop
Play scene - Pirates


Write a letter to a friend 
Draw a picture of what u like to do on holiday (maybe a postcard style)
If u could have any animals as a pet which would u have? 
Design your own zoo 

First impressions

Bear decided to lie in today so bless Buttercup she had to wait patiently and excitedly. Once he was awake they rushed straight for the bookshop. Initially they were most interested in the till and to a lesser extent the keyboard. Eventually Buttercup did take over from Button as a customer and selected some books and paid her money. Bear was a bit possessive of the till but did eventually share. 
They played with the bookshop for ages but in the end Buttercup went over to the pirate ship and started playing. It was so cute watching her walk her pirates to the crows nest while putting on a little pirate voice. 

As this Thursday is World Book Day, we decided to theme the whole week around one of our favourite authors, Judith Kerr. Well known and definitely well loved in this house we took a few of her books to create different activities, then the rest of our collection was showcased in their book shop. 
   So our first activity this week was based around Mog, as we couldn't celebrate the work of Judith Kerr and not include Mog. I pre-cut the shapes we needed to make a cat and showed them how to stick each shape together to make the cat. Bear was so excited by the glue, he started sticking his shapes on his page straight away. I was so pleased to see him really getting into it and expressing himself to show how he wanted his cat to look. Buttercup really concentrated on what I had done and took her time placing her shapes just right. I love how they both work so differently. 
   Our second activity was our sensory play. We read "the other goose" which is a great little story about a goose who thought her reflection in a car was another goose. So we decided to buy the children some mirrors, then using our Grapat pieces and some magnetic chips we had, we created patterns in front of the mirrors. They loved this activity: Buttercup really got into making patterns with the help of Gran; Button joined in and made flowers and smiley faces; while Bear just kept swiping all the chips away. He's been a little boisterous lately and we are trying to rein it in a little. Once I got the magnets out though, he sat happily for ages making the chips stick to them. Gran laid them all out and he collected them- he was amazed by the "magic" of the magnets and I loved watching him so engrossed in something that didn't upset his sister. 
    Our third activity was our number game. I read them "one night at the zoo" which is a number book about what the animals get up to at night. On the last page are all the animals and numbers for them to count so I photocopied this page for our game. I then drew ten cages/enclosures and laminated them and all the animals so they could be used throughout the week without being ripped. The Twins loved this game because they love animals and got excited about each set of animals and putting them in their enclosure. They are really starting to recognise their numbers more and more They both can recognise 1, 2, 3 and 8 with no hesitation, then Buttercup knows a few more than Bear but he's not far behind. These games are really helping build their confidence and makes the learning process fun.
   Our fourth and final activity is our 'baking the book' and this week we decided to go with a birthday cake for the Queen. We took this from "the crocodile under the bed" a great story about a little boy who is too sick to go the Queen's birthday party, but his mum and dad say they will bring him back a slice of cake. So we made a normal Victoria sponge and then covered it in chocolate frosting. The Twins are really loving the baking time getting right into it and helping pour and mix. The best bit is obviously the part where they get to lick the spoons. The cake was yummy and they decorated it in gold for the Queen. 
   This was another week where either our play scene or role play fits nicely with our book theme and this week, as we have mentioned, it was our role play. We created them a book shop, filled with Judith Kerr books. The children loved it. Every day one of them was the shop-keeper and the other two customers. Sometimes one being a mum bringing her child in, another time being two separate customers. Bear was very funny as the shop-keeper because anytime you asked him how much a book was he just replied with "too much" which kept making me giggle. He loved the till and keyboard pad and would tap away as if he has very important work to do. Buttercup loved buying loads of books and then bringing them to me to read. It was a really good week for role play. 

Our play scene wasn't as popular with the book shop out, I caught them playing a few times and I set up a bigger play scene with some open ended toys. However, this only got played with in half hour bursts. This is quite long for their age but in comparison to other play scenes it was shorter than their "normal". Buttercup seemed to enjoy the men more than Bear, she put on voices and played with the pirates on and off the ship Whereas Bear enjoyed the ship, pushing it around the floor and opening it up to hide his cars in. 
   When I set up the bigger play scene I set up an island and some sea. Buttercup made one of the pirates catch a shark and then put it on the fire to cook which made me giggle. Then Bear loaded everything back on to the boat and started pushing it away while Buttercup (still holding the pirate snacking on a shark) shouted wait for me and got the pirate to chase after the boat. 

Overall it's been a wonderful week full of stories and fun.

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