Plant a kiss 

Book - plant a kiss 
Craft - love heart tree
Sensory -  edible planting sensory

Role play - Puppets and Fancy dress
Play scene - farm

Number game - arrow throwing at numbers 

Extra - fairy cakes with choc centres

First impressions

Buttercup went straight for the dressing up and encouraged Bear to join her. Bear put on his wings but refused all her other suggestions.
Instead, Bear went to the farm and started playing with the tractor. Meanwhile, Buttercup found some shoes to wear (or Princess slippers as she called them) and explored the rest of the fancy dress. Bear re-joined her for a bit, handing her one of her shoes and looking for blue shoes for himself. He compromised with his bear slippers and then found a blue shawl which he treated like spaghetti, grabbing toy cutlery  and sitting to 'eat' it. Rori then wore it like a scarf.
They briefly looked at the puppets and then Bear went back to the farm. Bear explored it for a bit before finding the pig sty and naming the pigs Mummy, Daddy and sisters. Buttercup came over to play at that point and they both played with the farm for a while.

The next bit was super cute. They both grabbed hand puppets, Bear ran round the room shouting "Ladies and Gentlemen" and then they both did a little puppet show together.
Button came down at that point and wanted to join in with the dressing up, putting on a wig and vampire cloak. Bear decided to put on a monkey mask at that point and Buttercup didn't realise, screaming when she turned round and saw him. Bless Bear, he pulled the mask straight off. Bear decided to sit and relax after that but Buttercup carried on dressing up til breakfast.


This week's book, 'Plant a kiss' is a beautiful book about a little girl who plants a kiss then shares it with everyone. The Twins really loved this book, I'm not sure if it was the rhyming or the pictures but I had to read it a lot over the week and even noticed them sitting and looking at it alone on occasions. So as usual we themed our week around the book: our sensory was edible this week, using biscuit crumbs as mud and jelly lips as kisses to plant; our craft was cotton bud blossom trees; our number game was Arrows and love hearts; and our baking was melt in the middle cupcakes. The children loved everything we set up. 
   So our first activity was our sensory play. I crushed one and a half packets of biscuits to use as soil, I had some tiny cups which were great for little flower pots, I got some tiny gardening tools from Amazon and some gummy lips to act as kisses. The Twins sat for a good 45 minutes just eating this sensory. They dug and planted a little but most of it went in their mouth. It was funny to watch them scoop the biscuits into the cups then drink them. There wasn't much to tidy up either as they ate most of it. 
    The second activity was the trees. I picked these as we were reading about planting. I started by drawing around their hand then giving it a trunk so it looked like a tree. This was then glued into their art book. I picked three shades of pink and red and gave them a cotton bud per colour. I showed them what to do then left them to it. They actually did really well and got some great blossoms around the tree before swiping the bud across the tree. They enjoyed this activity but it was rather quick and they soon wanted plain paper to paint whatever they wanted. 
    Their baking this week were valentine cupcakes with a chocolate centre to represent the planting of a kiss, then they decorated them with jelly lips to represent the kiss. They all did really well with this activity. Button did most of the baking but the Twins helped along the way and decorated their own cakes. Unfortunately, I misread the chocolate centre instructions and we added it before the bake instead of after. However, they still tasted really good and the children loved licking the spoons clean.
    Their number game was a reinvention of an old game I had made to help Button recognise her sight words. I made love heart numbers to place on the floor and arrows to throw at them. When the arrow landed on or near a number the Twins had to shout the number out. They loved this, Buttercup didn't want to join in at first but as soon as she saw Bear throw an arrow she grabbed one and joined in. They didn't know all the numbers but I would tell them the ones they didn't know and they would shout them after me, so still learning as we were playing. I think I'll do more with arrows as Bear loved it.


Our role play this week didn't go as well as other weeks have, but that's fine. It's good that we give them the choice by rotating the toys and if they are not into something then we can try it a different week. This week was the puppet show. They showed an interest when it was first out but as the week went by they didn't really use it. The fancy dress, however, was a huge hit. With Buttercup in a different dress and shoes every day all day and even Bear tried a few dresses and capes. They loved their dragon and butterfly wings and raced around the living room together chasing each other. 


Their play scene was the farm, which they love having out. We used our enfys play cloth and even used some loose bits as a vegetable field. They loved it, feeding the animals, taking the farmer for a horse ride, pushing the tractor along and ploughing the field. It was great fun. We had a barn owl and a mouse living with the horses and a woodland area with rabbits and hedgehog. It was great to sit and watch them play with Button as well. They learn so much from her and copy lots of it. She taught them to hold the farmer on the horse's back to ride it, which was great to see. 

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