Poppy and Sam's Easter egg hunt

Book - Poppy and Sam Easter egg hunt 
Craft - sticky wall Easter meadow
Sensory - magnetic egg hunt 
Number game - hidden numbers in eggs
Bake - chocolate nests cakes 

Poppy and Sam's Easter egg hunt is a beautiful little story from Usborne. It has finger trails to follow and cut outs to feel. The Twins loved the bright colours and as their first introduction to Easter eggs it was ideal. It also served as a starting point for our week of Easter activities.
   There are so many Easter activities out there to be found on Pinterest and Instagram, but these are what we decided to do this year:
For art we decided to go with sticky wall pictures, which could then be left up as decorations for the remainder of Easter. Taking some sticky back plastic (the stuff you can get to cover school books), I taped it to the wall. I then provided some Easter animal shapes left from last year and some different shades of green tissue paper to be a meadow. I left them to design their own pictures by putting the shapes onto the sticky wall. The Twins loved this activity as did Button and they look brillant left up for Easter too. This was so easy to do and such a fun activity, because all children like a sticky wall. 
    As well as this, I had some Easter stickers so while Button was getting on with her work on the Romans they could use the stickers to make pretty pictures. They did a great job and these were also hung up for Easter. 

Their sensory this week was a lot of fun. I filled their tray with lentils, some Easter nests and chicks and then some plastic eggs. Some eggs were empty but others had magnetic chips inside so the egg then became magnetic. They loved this activity, especially as we did it in the garden so I could leave it out longer and they could come and go to it. They really enjoyed finding the magnetic eggs, then emptying them to refill them with lentils or magnetic chips or both. Another great idea I found them doing was hiding the chips in the lentils and then using the magnetic wands to find them. I loved watching them with this one and will definitely do more magnetic play with them. 
Math game
 Their number game was a nice simple idea. Using the plastic eggs, I hid a number in each one. The Twins took it in turns to open an egg and tell me the number, if they could tell me the number then they could keep the egg. At the end of the game they both had three each. They are really starting to recognise their numbers as well as count to ten. 
  Our last activity was making Easter nest cakes. We used the easy 4,4,4 recipe:

4oz of butter,
4 mars bars,
4 cups of rice crispies,
And some chocolate eggs to decorate.

I got the Twins to pour the rice crispies into the bowl and stir the melted chocolate into the rice crispies. They then scooped the mixture into the cupcake cases. The best bit was eating any left over mixture. They love baking and this is a lovely easy recipe for small hands.

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