Sleeping beauty

Book - sleeping beauty
Craft - silhouette painting 
Sensory -  green spaghetti

Role play - castle tent
Play scene - castles

Number game - toilet tube castle game with flags 

Baking - pink and blue cupcakes

First impressions

"Wow, wow, wow! Did you make that for me?" was Buttercup's reaction when she came downstairs. She was very good though and waited for Bear to wake up.
They both went straight to the Castle tent and Buttercup pulled out the Princess dresses. While she was putting a dress on, Bear grabbed the knight outfit and wanted to wear it too. They played for a bit with the tent, going in and wanting the door shut. At one point Buttercup knocked on the castle roof and got told by Bear "that's not the door!" So she knocked on the door and was then allowed in.
Bear loved the shields and the sword and I told him he had to protect the Princess. Meanwhile, Buttercup was playing with her wand trying to turn me and Bear into frogs! 
After a while playing with the tent, Bear spotted the play castle and carriage. I was really impressed to see that he has developed (presumably picked up from Button) and he now moves the horse to pull the carriage. At this stage he asked me to take his knight outfit off and when Buttercup saw she shouted "you're a frog" which made me laugh. She had now found the Castella set and was saying "wow, I love this!" Buttercup loves to build towers and patterns with it but Bear often ruins it with his boyish, bull in a China shop approach. However, today I was amazed to watch them play. Buttercup was building one tower and Bear accidentally knocked it over but then they started building towers together, Bear copying Buttercup's approach. 
Buttercup then started to put the pieces on her fingers and started singing 'Daddy finger'. Again Bear copied her and sang along. It was super cute.

Buttercup then went back to playing Princesses. It was pretty funny when she was in the Castle tent and called out "Bear! Come in my house." To which Bear replied "In a minute". Was just so lovely to see them playing together and individually with all their rotated toys.


Their role play has been so much fun this week. We put up the castle tent and inside had different dressing up items for them to explore and make up stories, and wow did they! Every day they were dressed up and playing together in the tent. One day Buttercup put herself in the castle and Bear pretended to slay the dragon (our black lab) before rescuing her. She then kissed him awkwardly and they ran off to the kitchen. It made me chuckle to watch. Another time Button was playing as well and pretended to be the evil fairy and chased them to the castle while Bear tried to stop her. One day it became a house and they played Mummies and Daddies (but of course Buttercup was in a princess dress). 


This week's book is the pop up book from Usborne- "Sleeping beauty". It's beautifully illustrated and includes enough from the traditional story to keep their attention before they want to pull at the pop up pictures. The Twins loved it- Buttercup bought it to me a lot through the week, asking me to read it to her and Bear was more than happy to join us and listen. 
   It's so easy to find princess crafts for children to do on the internet, but a little harder to find toddler based ones that they will enjoy and be able to do. Even the craft we went with hasn't turned out how we had hoped but then that's a learning curve for us and at the end of the day they enjoyed what they did so it wasn't the end of the world. I printed and cut out a silhouette of Princess Aurora and stuck it down using masking tape folded back on itself (it needed to be easily removed after). I then set out the colour paints they picked. I asked them to paint around the outside of the princess and they got to work. Unfortunately they got bored before all the outside was filled so I couldn't remove the princess off the paper to reveal her shape as they haven't painted around it enough. Even so,  their pictures look good. 
    Their number game this week was a pretty straight forward matching game. Myself and Button decorated ten toilet tubes to look like castle towers, each with a number on them. I then made ten flags with numbers. The Twins had to match the pairs of numbers and if possible tell me the number. Buttercup is really starting to recognise her numbers now. She could tell me nearly all of them. Bear it's taking a little longer, he rushes a lot and doesn't focus on the numbers. However, he is slowly getting there and can recognise 1,2,3,8 and 10. 
   Their sensory this week was green 'brambles' spaghetti. We were trying to think of something that could look like the brambles in the storyand this popped into our minds straight away. I cooked it in water and green food colouring and a bit of vinegar but you can also add them cooked to a bag with vineger and green dye and then leave them to dry. I then bought lots of different charms to hide in the "brambles." They loved it- Buttercup was all over the charms, she collected them and sorted them into the egg cartons I gave them. Bear on the other hand loved the spaghetti, he kept trying to fit it in to the cups, or pulling it apart. Daddy was off for this activity so he sat with us and he read the book while they played. Bear hid a castle charm as Daddy read the bit about the brambles hiding the castle, which we both thought was really clever. They sat for a good 45 minutes with this activity and it was easy to clean up which is great for Mummy.
  We added something extra this week by just getting out our Scarlett's senses playdough. I put the charms I bought for the sensory play with the playdough. I then watched them create patterns,make marks and prints, and make wonderful imaginary worlds with the charms. It's was brilliant and they love playdough so were happy to sit here for ages creating. 
    Our last planned activity for our Sleeping beauty theme was Aurora cupcakes. We used a simple cupcake recipe but the mixture was divided in to half with one half then dyed pink and the other half dyed blue to represent the scene in the Disney film where her cake and dress turn pink and blue. The Twins loved making these and it was so easy. It was a BBC cupcake recipe then I just added the dyes and Twins mixed the two colours in the cupcake holders before cooking them. I then made a simple glaze icing and gave them some sprinkles to add to the top. I don't see the point in making it too fancy or hard for the Twins to do as they are only 2. They love being able to bake anything and will eat anything so there was no need to make a buttercream icing as I wanted something easy for them to use. They both gave the cakes a thumbs up when they tried them.
 Our play scene was our castle set which was out all week. They used it to build towers, play kings and queens or just race the horses. One day I set it out using our enfys play mat and some loose parts, I created a fairytale land with brambles, fairies, a sleeping Princess in a tower, a dragon and a unicorn and the Twins loved it. Bear soon used the horse and knight to knock down all the brambles I built while Buttercup was bringing the fairies to the castle to look after the Princess. She then got the princes from Bear and kissed the Princess with him. Bear then moved on to the dragons home and rearranged it all. I love to just watch and see what they create. Buttercup then started showing me all the fairies and make them fly around while Bear finished with the unicorn, riding it around the living room. I love capturing and being part of these moments.


Some weeks work better than others for a variety of reasons, but Bear and Buttercup clearly loved this week with Castles and fairytales running through the whole week and all the different activities and play. We do a lot of modern books but we do love it when we focus on a Classic and when the Twins learn to love them too. Now we start to look forward to next week and a great modern book and a chance to play with  dinosaurs which Bear and Buttercup are both really into at the moment.

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