Moon walkies 

Book - Moon walkies
Craft - puff paint moon 
Sensory -  lentil moon 

Role play - Café and Ice cream
Play scene - Space station

Number game - robot dogs. Press a number and they have to run to it. 

Baking - moon rice crisps cakes



First impressions

"My space rocket" shouted Bear as he came into the lounge. Buttercup and he then saw the café and ice-cream cart. They proceeded to play with the café making drinks and ice creams such as "I've got blueberry...with chocolate on!"

They then got the book basket down, telling me it was about a dog in space, and Buttercup asked me to read them the book. As I read "Space walkies'" to them, once they had 'finished' their ice-creams, they got down and started to play with the space scene. They wanted to work out which rocket Bailey would have used. Buttercup then examined the flying saucer, planets and the space station itself while Bear flew the rockets and drove the space buggies. 

Next, they both had a look at their book rotation, picking out a couple. Bear spent a good five to ten minutes playing with their Leap Frog learning French book.


So back to this week's book, Space walkies is a great short story about a cheeky dog who finds himself walking on the moon. We decided to theme the week around space. Our first activity was our moon sensory play. I filled their display tray with brown lentils, a few tin foil meteors, some pipe cleaner stars and our Elle and bee moon and star discs. I put our Elle and bee bowls with it as well as some scoops. I also added a wooden dog and two of our Neds to act as robots but these were ignored during the play. Bear preferred the bowls and scoops while Buttercup liked to get me to hide the star disc in the lentils and then she find it. A few times she then hid it for me to find. They both loved hiding their feet in the lentils as well. The texture was a pleasure to play with. They played for ages. 
   Our second space activity was our puff painted moons. These didn't work as well as I had hoped. The children loved the paint and the texture of it but we couldn't get the craters to work. We were meant to drop heavy marbles to make the paint move and create a crater. But I couldn't find heavy enough marbles. I think we will definitely do puff painting again thou. It's so, so simple and creates a great picture, if you want to give it a go you will need:
   1 part pvc glue,
   2 parts shaving foam,
   A tiny amount of water based paint.
Don't over mix as you will knock all the air out of it and it won't puff up. A sponge is a great tool to paint with. 

Our number game this week was dog bones laid out around the room and a controller for a robot dog. The Twins had to pretend to be the robot dog. When we pushed a number they had to run to the bone with the matching number and shout it out, or another time I lined the bones up and got them to jump on them and shout out the number, counting backwards then blasting off like a rocket. They are great with the counting but they got so over-excited, the games didn't really work for them in terms of identifying numbers. 
   In the end for number recognition I went back to basics and set up a number tray all about the number 2. I stole this idea from a friend on Instagram, dirtyhandsmudpaws. I've alway done number trays with different types of numbers but not to this degree. The Twins loved it. Bear loved drawing and Buttercup loved rolling the playdough (a new motor skill she's learnt). While they explored the items and looked at the numbers I kept asking what the number was and they were soon shouting it out each time I asked.  

We are attempting to add a new weekly activity to our to our Toddler Play. Weekly baking, which will also include Button and so be some great family time, will generally be linked to our book of the week . This week it was our last activity to go with 'Space walkies' - moon rock cakes. These were a simple rice crispy cake with silver glitter spray to make them look like shiny rocks. 

The old Wallace family recipe is:

3oz of butter,
3/4 cups of rice crispies,
4 regular Mars bars,
Silver spray.

Melt the butter and mars bars together. Once they have melted add the rice crispies and mix together, then spoon them into the cases. They cool quickly so do those last two steps fast. Once they are in the cases spray silver. Then leave to cool for around 2 hours- though the leftovers can be enjoyed immediately!

The children really enjoyed making these simple cakes. Not overly messy and yummy to eat, they listened well and have really got me excited to make this weekly. I love baking and Button loves baking so I really want the Twins to have the same joy from it. 


We had a lot of fun with this book and our play scene also fitted in nicely with the theme as it was our space set up. We set out their Mars play set on their Enfys play muslin. We then added our Elle and bee space discs and rocket to the scene. The children loved this, it was played with every day. The odd times I got to sit with them we practiced counting backwards as we flew the rockets around the room. Bear loved doing this and would run around the room super fast. Buttercup loved the little astronauts and used the small ring of their Elle and bee rocket as a donut to feed them. They loved the Elle and bee discs, they would line them up or try balancing them either on top of each other or on the tower. They really enjoyed their space set up.
    I didn't really include any open ended play with this but later in the week we got the blocks out. Buttercup loves building towers and this time she asked for a castle. Once I built a castle she then added walk ways and towers around it. I loved having some one on one time with her and seeing where her imagination takes us. She also asked for her peg dolls and they went on an adventure around the castle. 

Their role play was to work in a café and ice cream shop. Buttercup loved selling the ice creams and Bear liked to pretend to eat them so it worked well. Myself and Bear would walk around the living room then say we fancied an ice cream and go order one. She also made up tea and when Button joined there was soup on the menu. It's lovely when we all get to play together. It was a brilliant week for playing and having time together.

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