The tiger that came to tea


The tiger came to tea. 

Button loves this book, so the moment I heard it was on at our local theatre I had to get us tickets and use it in our schooling. I also used it as an excuse to spend some time just me and her as Daddy had the twins. We read the book a lot this week which was a nice change from her Mog collection but I explained it was the same author. She also read it to us but from memory as she's too young to really read at the moment. 
  As it was also a birthday treat for me, we made brownies and jelly the day before, so after the show we could come home and have our own tea party. Button also insisted we have sausage and chips and ice cream for dinner, just like in the book.


Tea and coffee sensory play

You will need small bowls of:
Coffee beans
Loose tea
sugar cubes
Spoons and equipment 
Toy tea set that can get wet

One simple step...
...Lay it all out and let your little one explore. 

Button loved this activity. She played for a good few hours making potions and then tea for everyone. She found the sugar cubes very interesting. She tried breaking them with her toy hammer and then experimenting with the sugar and water. She figured out that the water made the sugar soft and could be broken easier. She also spent some time smelling each item, i used earl grey and berry loose tea so we could see how different they smelt. She tried cracking a coffee bean in a garlic press and by the end had poured everything into her tub of water. It was a lot of fun to watch her play and explore.

Foam painting
This is a lot of fun and can be messy. The end results are amazing. 

You need:
Shaving foam
A disposable foil tray 
A long stick 
A piece of card or something stronger to scrape. We used an old lid from a tub

Fill the tray with foam and then squirt paint on to the foam. Let your little one move the paint around with the stick. For the tiger we wanted stripes but we have used this for planets as well and done swirls. Once you are happy with your pattern press the card gently onto the foam, remove the card and scrape off the excess and leave to dry. Then you can cut out any shapes. We did tiger shapes. 

Button loved this but more as a sensory play than an art activity. She did the prints and we had some great pieces but as soon as she did three pieces she asked if she could just play with it! She then spent half an hour with her hands in the foam.

Tea bag painting

As the story is about a tiger that comes to tea, I used tea in a lot of our play this week. Our first activity was tea bag painting. I bought some berry tea for this as it would make a lovely red colour but we also tried green tea and a spice tea Daddy had. This meant we could experiment with colours and smells. 

You will need
Tea bags 
Waterproof table cloth

Place the tea bag in the water, squeeze and then dab onto the paper. 

Button wasnt great at the squeezing part so the table got soaked. 

This was great fun, we started by smelling each tea bag and talking about what we could smell and what colour we thought it might make from the name of the tea bag. The spiced tea bag smelt the strongest and reminded us of Christmas, the green tea didnt smell of much but did make a green colour and the berry tea bag was rather mild in smell but strong in colour. 
  Button loved doing this activity because she loves water and so everything was soaked by the end of it. We worked out that if you soaked up the water, squeezed then left it to dry slightly it was easier to paint with but Button didnt like the waiting part! There was so much water on her paper that we started placing another sheet of paper on top to get a print of the coloured water. 
  We also observed that when painting, the tea bags painted one colour initially but when it dried the colour changed. For example, the berry tea bag was red or pink to start with and when dry had gone blue/purple.

Playdough cupcakes 

In the book they have tea which includes cake. So we got some playdough and some coloured stones and made some cupcakes.
  Button loves playdough so I knew this one would be a big hit. I had found some clear glass pebbles and some orange grit from the pound shop. These were perfect to act like decorations. She spent over an hour playing and creating cupcakes.

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