We started this week by reading the book 'Tiddler' by Julia Donaldson. The Twins loved it. I tried to illustrate how he followed his story home by doing a simple Chinese whisper game. I told Buttercup something who told it to Bear. Then I moved to the other side of Bear who told me the story and so I asked him where he heard it. He pointed to Buttercup so I went to her. It would of been great with more people but I think they understood the idea. 

Play dough 
I found some playdough mats from Twinkl which gave them things to make from the book. This helped them use their imagination to create some new stuff with their playdough. Buttercup had to make mermaid and Bear had to make fish for the classroom and a turtle. It was nice seeing them explore the playdough to create something new. They are so into mark making it's hard to get them to do anything else at the moment. So it was nice to get their buy in. 
   We then created a whole playdough scene as a family. This was actually scarlett.senses rep competition. She asked us all to create a picture with playdough and I knew it would fit in really well with this topic. The children picked the picture in the book they liked the most and then we all worked together to copy it. It was great seeing everyone work together and help each other to create it. Even Daddy got involved with was brilliant as he's not to keen on the texture of playdough, but it was great the children could share this experience with us both. 

Another day we made some fish cupcakes inspired by the book 'Tiddler'. The children love baking so I didn't need to twist their arms. They all worked together to make the batter, then while they were cooking we did some painting. 
Once the cupcakes had cooked and cooled we decorated them using skittles and shoe laces. I love how they have turned out. The children loved making them. 

In the afternoon we sat and read 'Tiddler' again,  this time paying special attention to the tall tales that Tiddler told. We made up some of our own and practiced saying them in different tones and expressions. The children then picked their favourite tall tale and drew a picture to go with it

Some other printouts we did relating to 'Tiddler' were size ordering and pencil control. Both of these were from Twinkl and the Twins really enjoyed them. Their pencil control is coming along so well, they went slow and steady and managed to stay in the lines. The size ordering was great fun as well, they love gluing, so I cut out all the different size fish and gave them the glue to stick them in size order. Bear struggled a little with this one but I think it was more rushing to stick than actually not knowing. Another printout we did was patterns. Bear got this one very quickly and could tell me the next part of the pattern without any issues. It took Buttercup a lot longer to understand what I wanted her to do but once she got understood she sped through them. 

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