What do dragons like to eat

Book - What do dragons like to eat
Craft - Finger print and fold paper dragons
Sensory - food tasting 

Role play - Doctors
Play scene - Ned

Number game - Feeding the dragon 


First impressions

Buttercup spotted the Doctor's bag straight away and brought it to the sofa where her and Bear checked the contents. Buttercup wanted some bandages on and Bear wanted the blood pressure machine on. Buttercup then gave Bear a quick examination. Buttercup then wanted the Doctor's coat and mask on. Next they both checked out their book rotation, picking a book each and "reading" them out loud.
Button then came down and they played Doctors. Button took over as Doctor with Bear as a patient and Buttercup the nurse. Buttercup then came for a cuddle with Daddy and Bear turned his attention to the Ned Nook. Button wanted to keep playing Doctors  but the Twins had moved on so she played Neds with Bear and Buttercup soon joined them.


What do dragons like to eat? 

This book we grabbed from the works, I can't remember why, but it's a lovely rhyming book, focusing on foods and feelings. The Twins enjoyed this funny story and asked for it a lot this week. 
   Craft wise I thought as it's Chinese New year next week we would make Chinese dragons. Using their fingers and hands I gave them green, red and yellow paint. I folded the paper in half and left them to explore the paint and create whatever they wanted. Once they said they were finished I then folded the paper back on its self to mirror the image they painted and this either produced a dragons face or a whole dragon.
    When I told them they were going to be using their hands instead of brushes Bear became rather unsettled, he didnt like the idea, but once the paint was in front of him he just threw his hands in it and away he went. Buttercup was more than happy to explore the paint with her hands. They ended up making rather a few dragons, Buttercup's whole dragon and Bear's dragon face were my two favourites. 
    For their number game, I took a shoe box and turned it in to a dragon's head. I then made up ten number cards with different foods on them. I used mostly our elle.and.bee loose parts to make up foods. They then picked a card and had to feed the dragon the food on the card. So for example 1 lollypop or 10 mushrooms. They loved this game especially when Button was the dragon and snapped the mouth open and shut on them. They are really starting to recognise some numbers which is great. They count clearly to 15 already which is wonderful. The more games we play the sooner they will recognise 1 to 10. 
    Their sensory this week was a little different. We decided to do a taste test to tie into what the dragons ate in the book. So we set out mustard, ham and cheese sandwiches, peanut butter and jam sandwiches, lemon wedges for the pie, BBQ crisps, chicken wings and chocolate milkshake. The Twins put their dragon wings on that they got for Christmas and pretended to be dragons as they sat round to try some new bits and some firm favourites. They loved this experiment/ sensory game. They weren't keen on the mustard, it was a tad spicy and Buttercup got rather upset but other than that they loved it all. I really enjoyed doing this as it was a bit different.
Role play was doctors and nurses this week. It's one of the favourites in this house. Button has always loved playing doctors and I think she's passed it on to the Twins. They have played with the set up every day- one being the Doctor and one being either the nurse and the dolly being the patient or them being the patient. They played lovely together- making a bed on the floor then checking each others temperatures, applying cream or giving medicine. They even have some old bandages that get well used. 

Our play scene was themed on our Neds and their Ned nook. We had it set out all week but a few times I laid on a little more. My favourite one was using our enfys tie dye play mat and making up a garden for the Neds. Button helped and set up a forest while Bear made the lake. We used our elle.and.bee loose parts and our Grapat pieces to create this. Then the children sat and played for ages. Bear loved the garden and went digging for vegetables to feed the beds, he also loved the bucket and used a Grapat water piece as water to pull up. 
   Buttercup liked playing "home" with the Neds and pushed them on the swing and put them to bed. It was so lovely to watch their imaginations run wild. 

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