The letter S


Stickers are an easy and fun way to craft. I drew a big S onto a sheet of paper and encouraged the Twins to stick the stickers along the line to create a big colourful S. It would be great to use stickers that begin with S like Stars or Squares. Unfortunately I didn't have any at the time so just grabbed their flowers, bugs and faces. However, the Twins did realise and tell me that we had Sad faces, Silly faces and Smiles. We sat and talked about what words begin with S. It's such a simple activity with a lot of possibilities to learn. 


So easy and fun to make and today we added sparkles and strawberry buttons to continue the S theme. We got to talk about slime being slippery, squishy, squashy and that we could squeeze it, stamp it and stretch it. Button then realised she could blow bubbles with the slime and this soon became a game to play. All the children managed to blow huge bubbles and we had a good half an hour of blowing bubbles. 


You will need:
A paper plate;
Paint, pots and brushes;
Red paper;
A black pen. 

Paint the paper plate, this will be the snake's body, so you can either go realistic or however your children want to paint them. The Twins picked green, yellow, brown and then added some blue. Once the paint has dried cut the plate into a spiral. Draw two eyes and glue a red tongue on to one end and you have a paper snake. 
   The children loved painting their snakes and as they did, Bear told me a story about when he visited a zoo and the snake didn't have a cage and was following him all around the zoo. I love their imagination and creativity. 


Before bed I decided to do some water play. I collected loads of bits begining with the letter 'S' to make a soup. As soon as Bear saw it all he thought we were playing sink or float, so we did. I got them to tell me what each thing was and guess if it would sink or float. We then placed one of each item into the water to see what happened. Once we checked which sunk and which floated it was a free for all and they all dived in adding the rest of the "ingredients" to create their soup. I was so glad we did this before bed as they got completely soaked and could get straight I to their pyjamas after, but was such a lot of fun. 

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