Quick ideas

This space is for any ideas that do not need a lot of detail but we think might he helpful to someone, somewhere. 

We bought this water dispenser from the pound shop. We thought this would help Button become more independent and teach her life skills. She loves it and has actually started drinking more as a consequence. 

Notice board

We have decided to use our fireplace as Button's Learning Noticeboard. This will serve a dual purpose as a visual learning aide to help information sink in; but also, due to its location , it allows Button to show off her work. Whether to visitors, family or friends it can can help build pride in her work and knowledge and help perpetuate her interest and excitement. As the board grows over the course of a week or fortnight, the volume and quality of the work will instill a sense of achievement that will help massively in making our Home School journey a su ccess. 

Down the two columns, we have placed sight words to help build familiarity. Meanwhile, we have the words for numbers along the top (currently 0-10, but will become 11-20 and then 10, 20, 30 etc..)so that she can learn the word for numbers she already knows.

Finally, down the side of the columns we have space for Button's certificates as she passes levels on Mathseeds (left hand side) and Reading eggs (right hand side).

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