Sight words 


Our noticeboard is based around gumballs and colour. I wanted it to be eye catching for Ayla, full of hidden pockets and moveable words. She also has a gumball machine to fill and a counting peg to move as she learns more words. So on one side I filled 4 envelopes with lots of sight words. In the centre is the three words she's working on and some new sentences with her four words incorporated. (The fourth word she is learning we will talk about in  a moment). On the right side is the words she has learnt, her gumball machine and her progress chart. 
  So each word is written on a star, each time she can confidently show me the word in a book on the tele, in the street etc with no help, she gets a tick. Once she has three ticks it's classed as mastered and moves to the mastered envelopes. She then receives a small round sticker which acts as a gum ball. We regularly count the gumballs and each time she has learnt a new 5 she can move her peg up. So it also helps teach her to count in 5s. 
  Throughout the weeks we focus on her 4 words by playing games, using our letters to build the word, daddy and I will sound them out as we read to her etc. Its all about repeating the words over and over again until it clicks for her. So this section is all the ideas that daddy myself and even Button has come up with to help her learn her sight words and I hope you guys can all find at least one way to try or adapt yourselves.


Button has a laminated sheet on the wall of the living room by the door leading from upstairs. It has four squares of velco on it. One in the centre and three at the bottom. On the three pieces at the bottom are three words written on coloured stars, one of which is her password. Each morning when she comes down she has to move her password to the velco square in the middle, in order to enter the room. This word doesnt change until she masters it and like her other three words she must be able to read it three times without help before it is classed as mastered. 
  Button loves this and actually learns these words the fastest. We move the three words around each night to keep her on her toes and have also tried using all the same coloured stars and or the same first letter. We dont want to make it too difficult as shes meant to a. Find it fun and b. Actually learn and remember the word. So far its proving the easiest, most used and fastest way to learn a word in our house.

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