Buried treasure

Buried treasure

You will need:
Yellow paper,
A pen,
A treasure box or chest,
A tuff tray/sand pit/big tray or mat

1. Cut circles out of the yellow card, these will be your gold coins.
2. Write sight words on the coins. I made it a matching game so wrote the same word on two coins. I wrote some she definately knew and some she is learning at the time and some new ones. Adding each time we change our words. 
3. Pour out the sand on the tray/mat or whatever u are using. 
4. Hide the gold coins in the sand and place the treasure chest next to the sand.
5. Now play. When we play she has to find the two matching words, if she can tell me what they say, she can put them in her chest. If she can't, then I tell her what they are and she puts them back in the sand to try again later on. 

Button loves textures so the sand is great for this. It keeps her interested for a longer period of time than just making the words with our letters. She loves this game and tends to get right in the sand and dig for the gold. A great way to learn her sight words.

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