Word hunt

Word hunt

You will need:
Post it notes,

This is a simple quick game that will grab your child's sense of adventure. Write the words they know and are working on, on the post it notes. One word per note. Then stick them around the room, close the curtains and turn off the lights so its dark(best played in the autumn and winter months). Then give your child a torch to hunt for the words. When your child finds a word they need to shout it out. If they get it right they can take it down and give it to you. If they get it wrong then tell them the word and hide it in a new place. 

Button loves this game, we thought of it together after our light party. During our light party i hid sweets in the dark for her and my nephew to find. They love playing with torches. Button and myself adapted the game and I now hide her words. She loves this game and gets excited whenever we mention playing it. We have even swapped it around so she hides the words for me to find. I will test her by saying some wrong. We have played it so often that the sticky has worn off the post it notes and we use blue tac to keep the words up lol!

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