Small world

 For this we made a volcano with Button before hand. 

For the volcano  You will need:
Flour and water glue
A bottle
A paper plate

To make the volcano
1. Rip the news paper in to strips
2. Mix together the flour and water
3. Cut a circle out of the center of the paper plate and a slit to the edge so u can make a cone like shape. Feed the bottle through the hole and wrap the plate around the bottle. Then shape it and staple. 
4. Cover the whole volcano in paper mache. Button also balled some paper up and stuck them down like rocks. This was her idea. 
5. Once dry, paint it. 

Note: we used an old red paint bottle which i didn't bother cleaning out, so the lava came out red and i didnt need to add any food colouring. 

Playing with the volcano

You will need:
A tub or big box (to fit everything into)
A small tub (to be a lake or pond)
Bicarbonate (a lot, we got throu 3x 500g boxes plus extra) 
Peppermint flavouring (optional)
Washing up liquid

We took an old box and placed the volcano in the corner ( I had added water and a few drops of washing up liquid to the bottle so it was about 3 quarters full). We then got a small tub for the another corner (this was filled with vinegar, blue food dye and some peppermint flavouring, to mask the smell of vineger) and then filled around them both with bicarbonate. We added some toy dinosaurs and then showed Button. 
  On the side we had more bicarbonate and vinegar for her to add to the volcano. She was so excited and couldnt wait to get stuck in. 

We told her what to do and left her playing with little guidance. She add the bicarbonate to the bottle and then the vinegar and waited for the eruption, she was not disappointed. We then bathed the dinos in the lake and when they went back on the "land" their little footprints fizzed up. She loved it, plus any bicarbonate stuck on their feet that then went in the lake, making the lake fizz. She continued to add bicarbonate and vinegar to the volcano and it continued to erupt, covering the land and so we talked about how all those years ago any dinos near the volcano would have died if they got hit by the lava and so make room for new dinosaurs and a new dinosaur era. It was a lot of fun and we played together for a good hour or so.

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