People who help

This really helped illustrate 'people who help' and the different situations they help in. The focus was the Police, Fire Service, Hospitals and Lifeguards. However, we also featured a road sweeper and recycle truck to show some of the other people who help us in less dramatic ways. 

Mum started by drawing some roads on the tuff tray with chalk. Meanwhile, Dad started the tricky task of constructing a Police Station, Fire Station and Hospital out of duplo. Mum added a park, some houses and a shop also out of duplo along with a water area and we soon had a small town. The addition of some vtech emergency vehicles, poundshop die cast vehicles and fire crew, some duplo people and a lifeguard figure and boat we purchased at the RNLI shop on holiday brought the town to life. Finally, the panache was added by the peg dolls mum had decorated as police, fire and medical persons.

Button was immediately drawn in and captivated by the colours and the roles of the characters. Bee further enticed her by making a baby fall in the water area and the mummy call for help. Button successfully used the life guard to rescue the baby and, with a bit of encouragement from Dad and Bee, took her to hospital in an ambulance. 

Unfortunately, from then on Button just wanted to play with the water and putting all the characters and vehicles in it. Normally we would encourage this sort of exploration, but in this case we were a tad concerned about the effect of the water on the peg dolls and battery powered vtech vehicles. Button also quickly became cold, whilst the tuff tray was a bit small for this particular Small World. 

We will definitely recreate this Small World again this week or next week. However, this time we will do it without the water and tuff tray, using masking tape on the floor instead of chalk for roads.

Small World 2

So I made the mistake of going to play football and leaving Mum and Bee alone together. On getting home at gone 11p.m. I came in to find masking tape all all over the parquet floor in our living room. 

On closer inspection, it was not a masking tape explosion, but road markings. Accompanying these roads were cereal box buildings, a Duplo Palace and a Duplo park on astro turf patches. Various vehicles (of the toy variety) were also dotted around along with carefully placed peg doll characters and other characters. There was even a farm complete with animals.

 I was actually unsurprised that Mum and Bee had decided to set up a new and improved "People that help" Small World. I had expected that they may have spent their evening setting something like this up. However, the detail they put in to give Button a Hospital, a Fire Station and a Police Station (as well as a town and scenarios with which to need these services) was very impressive! There was even a road sweeper and recycling truck to show other people who are essential for our everyday living.

Button came down in the morning and was gobsmacked. She dived straight in and started playing. Possibly not with the scenarios that Mum and Bee had imagined, but in her own way exploring the town, the characters' lives and the Emergency services. She had so much more space to get into the world and fully explore it than in our previous Small World. 

This was a great success and definitely something we could repeat in the future when we come back to this topic.

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