Button's 3rd birthday 

We decided the theme for Ayla's party should be a teddy bears picnic as she loves picnincs, each child had to being a bear. We wanted to do a lot of it ourselves to make it personal. We planned some games and got to work making them. 


Bee hive pinata

I made the normal paper mache balloon, I cut a whole in the top and filled it with toys and then covered it in strips of yellow tissue paper. I then added a few little bees to show it was a bee hive. I then made a kitchen roll tube resmebles a stick with some paint and a little more paper mache. The children loved it but it was a tad hard to break, so less layers next time. 


The pollen game. 

This game was invented but dad. He built a man made bee hive from boxes and then we made daffodils from egg cartoons. each child wore bee wings (which we made from cardborad but you could buy them) then they had to get the pollen (popcorn) from the daffodils to the hive. at the end of the game we opended the back of the hive to find the bees had made honey (toffee popcorn). the children loved it so much we had to keep filling the dafodils with popcorn. 


teddy operation 

I drew a teddy and cut our a whole in the leg, chest and mouth then we put tubs of sweets underneath each hole for the children to scoop out themslves. This was then part of their goody bag.


Pin the bow tie on teddy and tickle the fish. 

Tickle the fish was a bucket of water with jelly fish in the bottom. We Made the jelly with one jelatine and less water to make the fish firmer. The children loved this game as children and water go hand in hand lol. 


The treasure hunt


Nanny wanted to do something for the party so we let her do the treasure hunt. They had a picture of where the next clue was and then were the prize was. The prize was stickers so they could all share. 


The goodie baskets

They each had a basket for their lunch they had a sandwich, a mini quiche, a fruit shoot, pom bear crisps and then we had pots that looked like tea cups filled with fruit and jelly. Once they had finished thier lunch we emptied the baskets and filled them with goodies. 

They had the sweets they won from the operation game and the popcorn from the pollen game, they had the toys from the pinata and then I made thank you cards with little teapots on them and sunflower seeds in a tea bag with a thank you note on the back. They also each had a tiny teddy and a bee with a lolly pop attached. 


We also set up a colouring table with teddy pictures in case there were games a child didnt want to play. They also had a bear mask and a bow tie to decorate. the bow tie was then used in the pin the bow tie game. 


The birthday cake was a teddy bear which mummy made, 


We made everything ourselves and we had a lot of fun doing it. All the children had so much fun and that made it worth it. 

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