Twins 1st bday

Cat in the hat building boxes

You will need:
Lots of boxes (different shapes and sizes),
Red, blue and spotty wrapping paper,
Pictures from the story,
Sticker printer paper.

Wrap all your empty boxes in the wrapping paper. 
Choose your pictures, print them on the sticker paper then stick to your boxes. Do different size pictures. 

The babies loved this sensory play, we piled the boxes and then let the children knock them down, they were allowed to rip them and destroy them but our babies seemed to just like knocking them down so they are now in the twins bedroom as storage boxes for books and also to play with. 

Green eggs and ham

You will need:
Plastic eggs,
Green tissue paper,
Green, white, red and yellow felt,
Needle and thread,
Iron on backing,
A big tub,
You could add spoons or toy frying pans if you like.

Cut the tissue paper into long strips. I used different shades of green but whatever you can get hold of is fine.
 To make the eggs, cut out the egg shape in white and green, then cut out small yolks (yellow for the green eggs, green for the white eggs). Next sew the yolk to the green or white egg. Iron on the backing to stop the babies being able to pick the thread or eat any pieces. 
  Place everything in the big tub. 
The babies loved this activity and were digging through it all finding the plastic eggs. 

Fox in socks 

This is a nice easy one. You will need:
Socks (lots of them-preferably clean),
Fox teethas,
An empty ball pool.

Place all the socks and teethas in the ball pool and let the kids play. We found socks everywhere after the party and each baby took home a teetha, they all seemed to have one at some point during the party which made me very happy. Such a simple activity to set up and the babies loved it, the different textures were great. 

Sensory bottles 

You will need:
Water bottles,
Red food dye and a food bag,
Glycerine or baby oil ( after a few days the baby oil went cloudy),
Items for each story- 
      Cat in the hat - red/white pom poms
      10 red apples - red apples
      Red fish blue fish -fish
      Abc - letter beads
      Grinch - green glitter, red heart.

For the 'cat in the hat'
     Take half the rice and place it in the food bag with the red food dye. Shake it up and squash it around until you are happy it's all red. Then lay it on a tray to dry. 
Once dry, mix with the other half of white rice in the bottle and add the pom poms. 

For 'ABC' 
   Fill with rice and the letter beads, this is a cool shaker and eye spy bottle.

For the 'red fish blue fish', '10 red apples' and 'the grinch'
    Fill the bottle half way with water add the items and 2 tablespoons of glycine. Then fill just below the top with more water and give it a shake. If the items are moving too fast add more glycerine until you are happy with the movement before topping up with water and sealing. 

We had these dotted around with emergency blankets from the pound shop and some juggling scarves. This was the babies favourite section by far, they spent a lot of time exploring the different textures, sounds and shapes. It was so lovely to see them playing and exploring.

Lunch boxes, decorations, favours and cake

For this we bought plain red lunch boxes from ebay and made round stickers saying 'Thing' and their name-  so 'Thing Bear' and 'Thing Buttercup'. Each baby had their own lunch box and it stopped too much waste on the day. Each baby had a roast beast sandwich from 'the grinch' (ham sandwiches); truffula seeds (blueberries); hop on popcorn (baby popcorn) and red fish (blue jelly with watermelon fish). I made the blue jelly by buying lemon and lime flavour and adding a tiny amount of blue food dye. 
  Each item had a sticker from the book that inspired it, all simple foods that babies love. 
  The cakes were amazingly made by our friend Victoria, who made their baby shower cakes and Buttons 5th birthday cake. She is so amazing and looked into every detail to ensure we had the best cake for the occasion. The main cakes were going to be used for the cake smash and this would be the twins first taste of sugar so she looked into less sugar substitute so that it wasn't too much for them. For everyone else we had pop cakes so again no extra cake to get through as we were going to Cardiff within days of their birthday.
  Favours were just bubble wands but to give them a Dr suess twist, Mummy made bookmarks with a dr suess quote on them. All babies love bubbles and it was cheap and easy.
  The decorations were simple but effective, I got their uncle to draw a background for the cake table, this was lots of different characters from dr suess having a party. We edited and printed a banner saying 'happy birthday' and two saying 'I am one' 'one am I' for their highchairs, we also printed out a few arrows saying party this way and party that way to make it fun. We got these editable bits from What do you think? 

We had balloons on the floor (which proved to be Bears favourite bit) and that was it, really simple but effective.  
   We also got Button to dress as the cat in the hat, this helped her feel important and that she was an active part of their party as being 5 we didn't want her taking over the sensory stuff and unintentionally stopping the babies play. This worked out really well and she loved acting the part.

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