Toddler curriculum 2019

This year we started using the Charlotte Mason inspired Blossom and Root curriculum for five year old Button. This enabled us to plan and provide greater variety more easily as part of a good and flexible structure to which we can add the extras we want. This helped us to be more efficient which has enabled us to look at providing a more rounded pre-school/ nursery experience for Buttercup and Bear.

Mummy loves doing messy and sensory play and Gran works at a nursery, so Monday's were a regular day for the Twins while Mummy squeezed other bits in when she could. However, now the Twins are a bit older and needing more stimulation we were getting to a stage where there was an increasing amount of planning and prep for Mummy with little or no input from Daddy and no structure or support to help. Poor Mummy was having to put a lot of work in without achieving all she would like. Plus, time spent planning eats into time that could be better spent with Button, Bear, Buttercup, Daddy or generally recharging.

Mummy had seen a toddler curriculum but we were not convinced it really fitted our needs. We therefore decided to create our own Twins' curriculum. Button's Blossom and root curriculum had shown us that variety is fantastic and we tried to bear in mind the Charlotte Mason idea that "lessons"  do not need to be long and overly structured to be effective. We did not want something rigid, restrictive or not fun. We want the Twins to play, explore and learn through experience and fun. We decided to include Montessori and Waldorf inspirations and this is clear in our open ended play "displays", the natural materials that we try and use where possible and the life skills we are introducing through play. We wanted a schedule that pencilled the range of activities in so they had a spot through the week but that could be moved, repeated or extended. This is not a curriculum where Bear and Button experience something once and then that box is ticked and not experienced again. Instead we have created a nine week repeating "timetable". Each week we will select a book to focus on, a tuff tray activity (linked to what we are covering that week) and a small world activity (normally tied in to the book). This three categories are supplemented by the nine week timetable which features eight further categories:

Fine motor skill,
Life skill,
Sensory bin,
Song playlist,
Finger or action song.

Please read on to see what is featured in each week of our curriculum.

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