Week 1

Colour - green (green play dough)

                          (green display)
                          (green Craft) 
Shape - circle 
Book - peter rabbit (book basket) 
Fine motor skills - threading                               
Gross motor skills - rolling
Sensory tray - filled balloons (tied into green) 
Tuff tray - sensory garden +tied into Peter rabbit) 
Life skill - Pouring
Small World - Peter rabbit figures 
Playlist 1
Finger song - little Peter rabbit

Green display 

This is left out all week for them to explore and play with it. Therefore, it needs to be items that are safe for your child so if you are not playing with them they can still explore. 
We used:
Mega blocks,
Wooden blocks,
Green balls,
Toy cars,
Sensory chickens that light up. 
We also had two books open on the green pages.                       
The reason we used two different blocks was so that the twins could explore different ways to build, also different textures and shapes. The balls were the firm favourites and never stayed in their basket long. When I did have the opportunity to play with Bear and Buttercup, I would describe the toys and really emphasize that they were all green. Of course you can use anything green from around the house that is safe for  your toddler. 


Green playdough

You will need:
Apple conditioner - 4oz
Corn flour -  1 cup

Mix it together till you get the consistency you want. I found I needed to add more cornflour and we doubled the amount to have enough for everyone. 

This is a little softer than play dough so easier for small hands. The twins enjoyed learning to use the rolling pins and did some great stamping but they became bored quickly so I added loads of different herbs. Then Gran thought to add their toy pots and pans so they could pretend to cook the playdough and  herbs. Button was loving it but it was geared more towards the twins so back to them. Buttercup loved the pestle and mortar and actually wouldn't let anyone else have a go. I got her to bash a few herbs but after a while she poured it out and ran off banging nothing. Bear loved to smell the herbs and feel them, I hope he started to notice that they were different to one another. 


Green craft

You will need:
Sticky back plastic (we used the stuff you cover school books with),
pom poms,
Pipe cleaners,
Shredded tissue paper,
(any green Craft supplies).

Stick the sticky back plastic to the wall or floor (using masking tape or double sided tape) and remove the film so the stickness is facing out, ready for the children to add stuff to. So it's like the wall is sticky. 

The twins loved this activity but Buttercup soon decided it was more fun to keep removing whatever Bear stuck on it. 
  We found he liked to group things together and in straight lines. It was interesting to watch and great to see their different personalities shine through. 



This was a simple tray of items from around the house that were circle shapes. They could explore these whenever they wanted. When I was with them to explore I would use the word circle as much as possible and talk about the colours and that they rolled. We also had fun trying to build a tower. As they get older I will start introducing shape sorting with different shapes but at the moment it's just about them getting used to the shape and learning it. 


Book basket - Peter rabbit 

For this we bought a Peter rabbit puzzle, had some Peter rabbit characters (from Button's old toy), a Peter rabbit Teddy and an old Peter rabbit baby soothing blanket teddy. The books were a counting book with finger puppet and some small board books the Twins love. They loved this book basket, it was full of new bits, Bear was obsessed with the puzzle and would sit for ages completing it over and over again, Buttercup enjoyed the figures and would walk around with them, putting them in things then taking them out again. The counting book was a huge success, Bear loves counting and says every other number at the moment so he loved it. We tied in their sensory play to this book as well and the figures were great for their small world to keep the theme all tied together. 


Peter rabbit tuff tray

You will need: 
A big tub,
Green lentils for the mud (we used these to keep the green theme but real mud would work),
Baby veg (baby corn, carrots, peppers, cucumber),
Small figures (optional), 
Spoons, scoops, cups (whatever you like for them to explore). 

Start by filling your tub half way with the lentils then push the vegetables into it in rows as if they are growing in a vegetable patch. Place your figures around the vegetables if you're using them. Let your children explore. 

The twins loved this play, Buttercup enjoyed hiding the figures and finding them again by digging them out. She soon realised she could eat the veg but didn't enjoy any of it, which is funny as she eats most of it at meal times. She also enjoyed filling the small cups with the lentils. Bear loved dipping his hands into the lentils, spooning them and pouring them (a great life skill which we will work on next week with rice) and he loved to eat the vegetables. He's a huge vegetable fan and ended up taking a handful of vegetables and getting comfortable on the sofa to munch through them all. It was World Book day when we did this, so the twins dressed up as Peter rabbit and Lilly bobtail but we won't do that every week. 


Fine motor skill - Threading 

This was harder than I thought it would be, not because they struggled but actually because when I focused on helping one, the other would be throwing the wooden blocks or swinging them on the string or just filling a different basket with the blocks and running off or building towers. (I'm sure if you follow us you can guess who did what). Buttercup could feed the block on but didn't understand how to carry on pulling the string through. Bear struggled with feeding the block on but if I helped him he could pull the string through. This is definitely one we will come back to throughout their curriculum to master. However, for their first time threading I was pleased with how it went. They came away understanding what they needed to do, they now just need to master how to do it which takes practice. 


Gross motor skill - rolling 

Our focus on a Gross motor skill can happen at any point within the week, whenever we have a spare half an hr and can't think what to do, we can encourage this skill. This week was rolling, we decided to tackle this two ways, we encouraged them to roll balls but also themselves. Bear could already roll balls but Buttercup hadn't shown much interest until now. It took her only a few attempts to get this. We sat on the floor and got them to sit opposite us, then rolled the ball to them. We then set up some toys for them to roll the balls to. 
  Rolling themselves was a lot of fun. They both learnt to roll as babies but once they learn to walk, how often do they then need to roll or want to? Daddy got on the floor and rolled around, he then helped both twins to roll. Buttercup loved it and continued to roll around the floor the rest of the afternoon. They both also learnt to say roll and Buttercup would shout it every time she rolled herself around. 


Life skill - Pouring 

We decided to try this in the bath. We gave them a toy teapot, cups, tubs and jugs and encouraged them to pour one into another. Sometimes we held something for them to pour into, sometimes we did the pouring. Mostly though they poured from the two items in their hands. They loved this and learnt to say pour. This is something we do in

everyday activities, like Buttercup loves to pour toys from one box to a other or Bear will pour all the balls from the basket to the floor. However, when we actually sit and do it with them they are suddenly focusing on what they are doing and we can start to introduce small holes to pour into and different size items to pour from, so they can work with different weights. Also, liquids need more skill to pour than let's say a tub of blocks so just this simple activity in the bath will really help with their hand eye coordination, problem solving skills and of course just general life skills. 

Sensory tray - filled green balloons 

This was probably their favourite tray that was left out for them all the time. They love balloons anyway but to have noisy balloons was even better lol. I would be in the next room and could always hear them shaking them. Buttercup actually started off scared of them, I think just because she's not used to balloons making a sound. Nonetheless, within a few days she was loving them as much as Bear. 
We just used rice and couscous poured into balloons before inflating for different sounds and will do this again with different things to make different sounds. 

Playlist 1 and Finger song - Little Peter rabbit
The twins love dancing and music, so we already had a morning playlist on YouTube with mostly "Dream English" songs, teaching them numbers, colours etc. However, we wanted add greater focus on a few songs a week and then rotate which songs each week. So Daddy set up five playlists so that each week they have four different songs to dance and learn from. Plus we are introducing a finger song each week. These are great for getting them to use the muscles in their fingers or hands, manipulating them to do what they want them to do. This week was little Peter rabbit. Buttercup loves finger songs- she was obsessed with it and would randomly sit on Mummy's lap and sign rabbit to get me to sing it throughout the week. She has learnt all the actions within the week and will sign along with you while you sing it now. 


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