Week 10 or 1b 

Week 10

Colour - Green
Shape - Circle
Book - We're going on a bear hunt
Craft - What's in the back pack colouring 
Fine motor skills - Threading
Gross motor skills -  Rolling
Life skill -  Pouring
Tuff tray -  Bear hunt sensory
Sensory - Shiny 
Learning through play - Dr set
Creative wooden play - Albert and Ernie
Playlist -1
Finger song - Peter rabbit



This is left out all week for them to explore and play with it. Therefore, it needs to be items that are safe for your child so if you are not playing with them they can still explore. 

This week we used:
Wooden blocks,
Mega blocks,
Glitter water bottle,
Percy train,


Craft - Colouring 

   We kept this week quite simple as we had other bits on as well. As we are reading 'We're going on a bear hunt' we decided some simple colouring would be good as we originally decided to take it with us to one our engagements. Unfortunately our printer went down that day so we ended up just doing it on the living room floor a different day but the twins were more than happy with that. They got themselves comfy and coloured away. We decided to base it on the things the little girl had in her back pack from the short film they brought out at Christmas. So they had a picture big a  sandwich, a scarf and a magnifying glass. Bear got comfy laying on his tummy to do his drawing while Buttercup sat up and had it between her legs. They love colouring and we went through all the colours as they picked them up. Bear is shouting colours at us now but not always the right ones lol. 


Shape - circle

  Bear is really good with his shapes and so I used him to help Buttercup. I would hold up a circle item and get him to shout the shape. She would laugh so hopefully taking in the word. She can point to it if I say 'wheres the circle?' but just can't seem to say it. So I'm sure she knows what a circle is. 


Book - "We are going on a bear hunt"

  Who doesn't love this book, full of adventure and excitement in all weathers. Showing children it's fine to get muddy and wet and play in the snow and to believe in your dreams. They were determined to find a bear and a bear they found. 
   The Twins loved this story and as it's still a firm favourite of Button she could read it with us and really got the Twins excited as she put on voices.
   We also found we recorded it at Christmas and so could sit and watch it together. The Twins were hooked and when the little girl hugs the bear I noticed Bear hug his a little tighter. They were really upset that the children ran away from the bear and Buttercup signed sad. They were desperate to see the bear again and kept asking 'where's bear?' The relief in their little voices when the bear came back at the end was heart melting. Bear even softly said 'bye bye daddy bear' to the Television. It was so moving to see them get so involved in a story bought to life by the Television. 


Fine motor - Threading
   So we are back at threading and this time around, Buttercup really enjoyed it. She kept getting them out and trying really hard to get one block on the thread, but she soon became bored and started stacking the blocks instead. 
   Bear was interested at first and just kept wandering off to play with other things. However, he then spotted that Button had put a few on one thread and soon was taking them back off again before adding one block to it. 
Gross motor - Rolling

This was a hard one to get them to do, as we have been working on throwing and that is all they wanted to do. I know they can roll themselves and a ball so didn't push too hard. I'm gonna give it a while then come back to it. We have some wooden skittles I want to try out as well. 

Life skill -Pouring 


Tuff tray - Bear hunt sensory

  We tied these in together this week. I made them their own bear hunt from dry oats and sweetcorn kennels and hid our sorting bears in them. They had had bowls and scoops to pour and scoop and magnifying glasses to search. They loved it and this time Button wasn't with us so they really relaxed and got into it. As I was on my own this week I kept it mess free and actually I think that suited Bear a bit more as he spent ages really enjoying the pouring and colour sorting. He put all the bears in the right colour bowls. Buttercup really worked on her pouring and I was so impressed. She filled her bowl then with two hands poured it back into the tray. 


Sensory - Shiny

The twins love their sensory baskets. They are ones I have set up all the time and change weekly. This week is their shiny box. I normally avoid plastic but I had bought a few light up things for other weeks that I have not added to this box. At the moment these don't interest the twins, Buttercup is still playing with the emergency blanket and loves hiding from me under it. Bear loved the whisk and christmas beads. Actually they both loved this and I ended up cutting the beads in half and getting a second whisk. Bear, however, was telling me he was cooking dinner as he stirred the beads and with the whisk, so it was lovely to see him using his imagination. He wanted this out every day this week which is great. 


Learning through play - Doctor set

   This was a new toy for the Twins. We believe role play is so important for child development. It encourages their imagination, builds their confidence, helps them with physical development, problem solving, creative communication as well as letting them become someone else and act out real life roles in a fictional performance. 
   Playing Doctors is one of Button's favourite games, so I knew she would love their new play set and a great way for the Twins to learn is to copy their big sister so I encouraged her to play with them. A few moments in she wanted to go off with some of the stuff but I explained it was their toy and they can't watch and learn if she walks away. In fact because she kept taking the bag, Bear then became very interested in the bag and I explained that was because he wanted to know why his big sister found it so interesting. This made her realise and she sat with them showing them each item and how it worked. 
    Buttercup loved 'treating' her dolly. She was obsessed with the stethoscope and the medicine bottles. Bear loved the syringe or needle. It was lovely to watch them playing together and to see the Twins really growing up and changing the way they play. 
Creative wooden play - Albert and Ernie

  I'm so glad we found this monthly subscription at the wooden play den. The Twins love them and they are so detailed and cute. We used them for balancing today and learning animal names and sounds. Bear could tell me all of them apart from the meerkat which he thought was a dog. However, once corrected he shouted meerkat at me with no problem. Buttercup could do the noises to most of them but still struggles to tell me their names, I think mostly because she likes making the noises though. I caught Bear giving the lamb a cuddle and saying awww which is very sweet. 


Playlist 1 and little Peter rabbit 

   This playlist has some of their favourites on like "if your happy and you know it". They know all the actions and really go for it. I think this is the best playlist for them, they really run around and use up some energy. Bear couldn't wait to do some dancing and was shouting at me 'dance dance' which is great. Buttercup did a bit of dancing then sat and watched the rest, which isn't like her but she hasn't been herself all week and is rather tired so it's still nice that she wanted to watch and was glued. 
    They both know the actions to "little Peter rabbit" now and it's so lovely that they sign along with me as I sing it. 

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