Week 11

Week 11

Colour - Brown
Shape - Square
Book - The Gruffalo
Craft - Shape animals 
Fine motor skills - Pegboard
Gross motor skills -  Jumping
Life skill - Sweep floor
Tuff tray - Gruffalo crumble 
Sensory basket - Noisey
Learning through play - Puppets
Creative wooden play - Elle.and.bee
Playlist 2
Finger song - Pat a cake 


Colours - Brown 

This is left out all week for them to explore and play with it. Therefore, it needs to be items that are safe for your child so if you are not playing with them they can still explore.

This week we used:

Wooden blocks,
Wooden toy meats,
A book,
Wooden brown drawers filled with -
     Lolly sticks,
Wooden pieces,
Toilet roll tubes.

Bear was really excited and not impressed at having to wait for Buttercup to wake up. Despite changing their toys over the previous day, Bear and Buttercup were still a bit distracted from the main 'Brown' display. However, Buttercup did explore it eventually, looking in the drawers and playing with the lollipop sticks. She took the lollipop sticks and slid them into the toilet roll tubes for several minutes. 

Big sister Button then came over and discovered that the lollipop sticks would fit nicely into the stackable pegs and resemble ice lollies. Both Twins loved this and had to have their own and several of them in the case of Bear.

Buttercup did actually sit on the sofa and play with these pegs on their board which was cute to see.


Shape - squares 

We had a square basket filled with square blocks and a square book. Buttercup liked building towers with these so as she built I said 1 square, 2 squares, etc and she copied me cleary so we worked on her words and counting. Bear loves and knows his shapes so for him it's just about having them around and really exploring them. This week he loved the book and sat with it a few times turning the pages and telling us what each picture was. I would then say what shape is that and he answered square. 


Book - the Gruffalo

  We love this book and on Amazon they had a floor puzzle with little wooden charaters for £10. It was a no brainer, the Twins loved them. Daddy read the book Sunday evening then Mummy read it again Monday morning with the pieces and puzzle. The Twins had lots of fun making the noises of the animals and banging them around the puzzle as if they were walking through the woods. We even had some sticks to make a log pile. We came back to the story each day and left the puzzle and characters out for them to explore and play with. 


Craft - Gruffalo footprints

You will need: 
Brown paint,

Cut out a footprint from the cardboard as scary as you want to make it and slightly bigger than your child's foot. Then using the string to tie it to your child's foot, let them make footprints by stepping in the paint. 
 This went very wrong for us lol! I didn't tie the string tight enough on Buttercup who didn't like it falling off and slipt into the paint. So she gave up quite quickly. 
   Bear loved it, he was upset it was cut short by Buttercup. I still might try it again but definitely making the footprint tighter on their foot. Or letting them use their hands to just hold the footprint. 


Fine motor skills - Peg board

We love this toy from their Gran as it's great for their fine motor skill and balancing. They have to push the pegs into the holes then balance more pegs on top. They did this until it fell which was a big tower. I also tried to work on their hand strength and hand eye coordination a bit putting the pegs in the board then getting them to pull them all out, which they really enjoyed. They also worked out that the pegs made a whistle sound when they blew on them and they worked that out because Bear was pretending they were lolly pops and sharing them out to everyone. He made them by taking the lolly pop sticks from the brown display and sticking the peg on the top of them. He then put one in his mouth to pretend to eat it and blew. Once they realised the sound they could make they wouldn't stop lol. 


Gross motor skill - Jumping 

They are getting so good at jumping now, especially Buttercup. This month's change over means we have the toddler trampoline out and they love it. Buttercup jumps so high on it now. She can also jump on solid ground but when she's on the trampoline in the garden with no bar to hold she struggled a little. I don't want to encourage her not to hold on to the toddler trampoline so I didn't push her when she became a little nervous on the big trampoline. 
   Bear is enjoying jumping at the moment as well and it's lovely to watch them take turns on the trampoline.
Life skill - Sweeping floor 

   This is a lot of fun- they have a toy broom which is always out but if I get my broom out they want theirs and they actually use it for sweeping and not a pretend horse like they do the rest of the time lol. I also get the dustpan and brush out so they don't fight over the broom. They are really good at taking turns (maybe because there is two of them) and so one starts with the broom and the other the dustpan and then they swap. This is a great skill to learn for hand eye coordination, muscle movement and fine motor skills. Plus it's important to encourage at an early age the importance of tidying up. 
Tuff tray - Gruffalo crumble

You will need:
Water (optional),
Cupcake cases,
Spoons, whisks, etc,
Big tub.

Pour all the ingredients into a big tub and let them explore and pretend to make crumble. The water is optional and can be added at any point. We decided to add it half way through and now I wish we didn't bother as once the water was added they both got bored and walked off. (We were in the garden so it could be other things grabbing their attention).  Buttercup loved getting spoonfuls and pouring them into the cupcake cases. Bear loved to stir the dry ingredients. The loveliest thing was that the few that Buttercup had made they put into their mud kitchen oven and was pretending to actually cook them. They understood that they were making something that needed cooking and how to use their pretend oven. It was a moment that made me realise they are growing so fast. 


Sensory box - noisey
 They loved this box, throughout the years I've made simple shakers with empty bottles and whatever I have in the kitchen cupboards. We have a few rice ones, some with glittler, some dyed and some with things hidden in them like eye spy bottles. We also have couscous filled ones and dry beans. Additionally I had a old tin money box which you can not open without a tin opener, so I posted a few flat beads into it to make it a shaker. Our last items in this box are our Montessori sound tubes. We have a box with six red and six blue each have a number on the bottom and each blue and red have a matching pair that sound the same. We loves these! 
  The twins really enjoyed this box, making lots of noise and watching the contents of the bottles as they tip them up. It was used a lot throughout the week. 


Learning through play - puppets

The Twins love the puppets, we need to buy more! At the moment we only have animal puppets and a farm, as soon as we get them out the Twins are singing old McDonald and each wearing a puppet. I love that they say the animals name and noises now, just through play like this they are recognising animals and noises. 
  We also have some lovely finger puppets so I told the story of the three little pigs.  Buttercup had one of the pigs and when I said it ran away she shouted run away and ran across the room giggling lol. 


Creative wooden play - Elle.and.bee

We have our Elle.and.bee eco friendly toys out a lot but once a month they come up on our 'Creative wooden invitation to play' and this is when Mummy tries to set something different up with them. Today I got some felt and made a farm complete with mushroom field ?. Buttercup loved the little farm and fed the animals the hay bales I had made. I'm tempted to actually make a felt play mat as she loved it so much. Bear on the other hand took the sorting bowls we weren't using and slid them across my new wooden floor. 
    During this week we also received our newest elle.and.bee goodies and it was a lovely geo shape puzzle. Bear loved it as he is mad about shapes and we built towers and tunnels. Buttercup loved it too as it is the ideal size for her hands.


Playlist 2

  They love their playlist and are really starting to dance to them now. They recognise the songs and really go for it. We now also add some more songs at the end which they pick. This time they asked for the wheels on the bus and happy happy lol. It is easier now they both can communicate. 


Finger song - pat a cake 

They enjoy this sound and hold their hands up for me to clap them but they haven't mastered the clap in-between yet, which is fine because they won't for a while. The more we play pat a cake they more they will try and soon master it. I do add a tickle during pat it and prick it and they giggle

like mad. 

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