Week 12

Week 12

Colour - Purple
Shape - Triangle
Book - Each peach, pear, plum
Craft - Fruit printing
Fine motor skills - Drawing circles
Gross motor skills -  Throwing
Life skill -  Whisking
Tuff tray - Jelly and fruit 
Sensory basket - Wooden
Learning through play - Noah's ark
Creative wooden play - Loose bits
Playlist 3
Finger song - Incy wincy spider 


Colour - purple

This is left out all week for them to explore and play with. Therefore, it needs to be items that are safe for your child so if you are not playing with them they can still explore.

We used:
Pom poms,
Wooden blocks,
A car,
A rainbow block,
Toy grapes,
A bed.

The initial engagement with this week's colour display was a bit flat. The Twins rushed over as as normal and stopped and looked as normal but then seemed to decide that there was nothing new and seemed to lose interest. Instead they discovered their book basket which they really enjoyed this week. However, the display just turned out to be a slow burner with both Bear and Buttercup using it as a starting point for a lot of their play this week. The teapot has been a particular favourite.

Shape - triangle

  They are really good with their shapes so we don't do too much with them. They still have their basket of them and they still play and explore it but they mostly just grab one and shout what shape it is to us lol. We do talk about the shapes and make towers with them. 
Book - Each peach pear plum 

  This is one of Mummy's favourite childhood books. She couldn't wait to do this one with the Twins and we loved the basket we put together to go with it. Full of puppets, dolls and wooden fruit. The Twins loved it and we had to read it repeatedly all week. They explored the basket, making the bears eat the pie and hiding things in the peach basket we found. It was a joy to watch and be a part of. 


Craft - fruit printing 

You will need:
Fruit (we used a pear, a plum and a peach stone),
Purple paint,
Tubs for the paint.

Put the paint in to the tub. Cut the fruit in half and remove the stone from the peach. We washed and dried the stone as well. Then let your little ones put the fruit into the paint and stamp the paper to leave a mark. 
   It doesn't matter what side of the fruit they use or how the marks look it's just letting them explore the paint and how they can use the fruit. 
   Bear enjoyed the stone and was rolling it in the paint. Buttercup loved the plums, they were small enough to hold but big enough to make a decent print. 


Fine motor skills - Drawing circles

The Twins enjoyed painting so much that they wanted to draw and as we planned to work on circles we decided to go straight into it. They didn't need showing what a circle was, as soon as we said draw a circle they did. We were really impressed with them doing this. 


Gross motor skills -  Throwing

We did this activity in short bursts when there were opportunities. The first time seemed an ideal moment as Button was with Nanny and Grad so the focus could be completely on Bear and Buttercup. 
Bear was keen straight away and did some really good throws as well as a few good catches as we returned him the ball. Buttercup did one throw, quite a good throw in fact, but then because I rolled the ball back to her, she then rolled the ball before losing interest.

The second opportunity we had was some spare time before we were going out. Aiden and Button were very keen, but Button can be so excited and exuberant she over excites Bear, meaning we had to stop earlier than we needed before someone got hurt. Still Bear did get a good few throws in first. 
Buttercup meanwhile did the odd throw, the odd kick and also starting putting the balls back in the bucket before becoming more interested in the bucket.

Button and Buttercup pretty much just throw overarm and without much control, though Button's aim is improving. Bear also throws over arm most of the time, but also has a two handed, netball pass style of throw in his repertoire that gives him greater control. None of the kids seem to have mastered under arm yet. Button can do it but seems to forget to do it most of the time. When Bear and Buttercup attempt it, they haven't learnt how to release the ball at the correct time. This results in it rolling back over their hand and dropping to the floor, flying back at them or going straight up and straight down. So this is an area we can work on next time.


Life skill -  Whisking

I needed some eggs for dinner so got the twins to whisk them for me. Giving them a bowl and whisk each, they loved helping me. Buttercup's whisk had a hole in the middle and we kept trying to make the yolk fit in it without busting it. She did really well with this, so well that to get her to actually whisk we had to swap whisks lol. 
   Bear loved it and got straight on with whisking his egg, he did a great job. 


Tuff tray -  Jelly and fruit

You will need:
Fruit - pears, plum, peaches,

This was a lot of fun, I did imagine more playing, scooping and pouring but actually they mostly just ate it lol. Bear loved the jelly, he ate it spoonful after spoonful. He did spoon some into one of the bowls but he was mostly just eating it. Buttercup did a lot more scooping and pouring but she mostly ate the pears. Pears are her favourite and she made them disappear very quickly. It become more like a picnic than a sensory play lol


Sensory basket - Wooden

   We have four everyday sensory boxes. Material, noisey, shiny and wooden. This week was wooden. In this box is random stuff we have collected from around the house and when out and about. We have wooden pegs, boxes, brushes (paint, pastry and hair) and spoons etc. It's a great box for them to explore and investigate. 
   This time Buttercup loved to tickle Bear with the brushes and brushed her dolly's hair.
    Bear loved using the pegs as drum sticks and made a great tune on the box. They also both explored the boxes and were working out which items fitted in them and which didn't. It was interesting to watch. I sit with them and talk to them but I follow their lead and enjoy just watching what they want to do. 
Learning through play - Noah's ark 

  This is a lovely wooden ark we bought when we were pregnant with Button and it's well loved by all the children. The Twins really enjoyed having it out this week and loved walking the animals up the ladder plank. They could tell me all the animals and they put them in pairs of mummies and daddies of each animal. They also lined them up ready to go on the ark. I'm really enjoying the way they play at the moment. It's a lovely age to watch and observe. 


Creative wooden play -Loose bits

They seem to enjoy their loose parts but at the moment it is still more seeing how many they can fit in the sections of the box and in the box. They also love to build with them and knock them down. At the end of the week Button made them a mandala using their loose parts and some purple toy rocks. They loved exploring it when they woke and pulling it apart to see what they could do. 


Playlist 3

They like this playlist as it starts with the 'hello song' that they both copy and dance along to. The next few they enjoy trying to sing along to and watching. They then asked for 'wheels on the bus' and Button had a great idea to play musical statues so we put on 'mr sun' which they love and they did stop when the music stopped but not for long lol. It's a great way to dance and to play games. Button loved it as it was her idea and she could participate.

Finger song - Incy wincy spider 

Incy wincy spider is a favourite. They know all the actions from sing and sign and doing it alone with me. I love watching them and they are forming really clear sentences now as they sing along. 

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