Week 14

Colour - blue 

This is left out all week for them to explore and play with it. Therefore, it needs to be items that are safe for your child so if you are not playing with them they can still explore.

This week we had:

Wooden blocks,
Mega blocks,
Rainbow pieces,
A Thomas train,
Some blue napkin rings.

Bear looked at display and said "Go-go! Animals! Pretty!" I told him he had to wait for Buttercup and he said "Go get Buttercup?"

Once Buttercup was up they both explored the displays. Bear went to the Blue display, picked up some curtain rings and brought them to Buttercup and me saying "blue" and then "orange" (as the inside of them was orange). He also looked a bit at the blue arches and then brought the blue piano and xylophone figures to the sofa. 

Bear was then distracted by the book basket as Thomas is his favourite toy. Buttercup bypassed the blue display completely and headed straight for the farm and animals. A bit later Buttercup found the blue tie-dyed muslin and snuggled with it.


Shape - rectangle

This one is a little harder for them to get as they shout square at me when we sit and look the shapes. So I would just repeat the shape. I also got a few rectangle blocks out to build with and kept saying "pass Mummy the rectangle block" or "do you need a rectangle block?" so it really sinks in. 


Book - Thomas and the race day 

This is a book we picked up while away at Bexhill from Mark's and Spencers. With flaps and buttons to press the Twins love it. It's a simple story about how Percy is so excited about the horse race he didn't listen and took the wrong load but all was well in the end. Bear loves Thomas and Buttercup animals so I knew this would be a good book for blue week.


Craft - Track painting

You will need: 
A old plastic train toy,
A old plastic horse toy,
Blue paint,

Make sure the train's wheels and horse's feet can fit in the tub of paint. Show them once how to make the tracks using the wheels or feet and then watch them explore the paint. 
   Bear loved using his train and Buttercup loved her horse. So even though they did swap to experience both toys they were happy having one each and there was no fighting over the toys. They could tell me we were using blue paint before we started just by looking at the bottle so I am really pleased that they are really recognising colours now and all our work at just inviting them to play is actually paying off. Their final pictures were great, you could clearly see the tracks made by the paint.


Fine motor skills - Folding paper

 This is a skill that takes ages to master if you want them to fold a sheet in half.However, for children folding can be just something fun to do with paper and can start to build the skill to fold in half and even go on to origami. I folded a few pieces for them to see and then gave them the folded piece for them to explore and see how it opens and closes but also some unfolded for them to fold themselves. It was then them mostly screwing paper up but in the movement of folding so a great action to practice and a great start. Nanny was round and she slowly folded a paper airplane for them to see, then flew it around the room with them. Buttercup tried to make her own and ran around holding her paper plane in the air. 


Gross motor skills -  Catching 

Bear is really good at catching big balls now and Buttercup is doing really well too, only missing a few each time. What is lovely is that a few times this week Buttercup has wanted to play catch but I've been busy so Bear has played with her. He's so cute, he will hold his arms out towards her and the ball and say "catch me" which his way of asking can I play with you? I've loved catching these moments between them.


Life skill -  latches

We bought them a new latches board from Melissa and Doug. They loved it and didn't become frustrated like I thought they would. We left this out all week for them to explore and try and work out. Bear really liked the turning dial and simple latch. Buttercup was obsessed with the key. The key is attached to the Board so it won't go missing which is a huge selling point for me. 


Tuff tray - horses and hay 
(Easy set up)

You will need:
Thomas trains,
Toy horses.

Set it out for your children to explore. Bear loved hiding Thomas and his trains under the hay, he then raced them along the tray for ages. Using words like "ready, steady, go" and "my turn". Buttercup was enjoying the horses and managed to stand them all up in line. She also put them to bed in the stable and hid them in the hay. It was great for her communication and listening skills and also for her understanding and following instructions. I would ask her to hide or find a horse and to put them to bed or stand them up and she listened and followed what I said. 


Sensory basket - Balloons 

 I had two blue balloons one filled with salt and the other with corn kennels. Bear bit the one with salt and then squeezed the balloon till all the salt shot through the tiny hole with all the air. So I got two empty balloons and Button and myself blew them up then let them go repeatedly til we became dizzy and had to stop lol. The Twins loved watching the balloons whizz about and we let them release them so the excitement was crazy. 


Learning through play - Farm

This was left out all week and they played with it every day- I was finding farm animals everywhere for days. The few times we sat together with it I would get them to tell me what each animal was and what noise each one made. We put them in the barns and let them out to the fields. We talked about what they eat and walked them around the farm. It was great for imaginative play and communication skills. It was great to see how many animals they knew and the sounds they made. 


Creative wooden play -Elle and bee

We love our Elle.and.bee toys, completely eco friendly and beautiful bright colours. This week Bear used them to colour sort and work on his fine motor balancing skills. Buttercup made little houses for her animals and worked on her pouring skills. Great for lots of different fine motor skills, like stacking, balancing, building, sorting, pouring etc. 


Playlist 5
Finger song - Fish alive

So this playlist like all our playlists are designed to get them up and moving. Unfortunately, our Twins love to watch the video that comes with these songs and so it ends up being a wind down music session lol. This isn't the end of the world as they are still enjoying the music which is so important for young children. We then let them pick some songs: their first choice was Bob who is a French train and this time he was teaching them colours in French. Buttercup (who normally loves Bob) got upset with Bear's choice but was happier with her choice of "five little ducks" lol. 
    They both loved "fish alive" this week. Bear even sang along with me and Buttercup tried doing the actions.

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