Week 15


Colour - yellow
Shape - star
Book - Spot on holiday 
Craft - sand painting 
Fine motor skills - drawing straight lines
Gross motor skills -  avoiding obstacles
Life skill -  cutting 
Tuff tray - sand
Sensory basket - shiny
Learning through play - flower shop
Creative wooden play - loose parts
Playlist 1
Finger song - twinkle little star


Colour - Yellow

This is left out all week for them to explore and play with. Therefore, it needs to be items that are safe for your child so if you are not playing with them they can still explore.

This week we had:

Mega blocks,
Wooden blocks,
Rainbow pieces,
A book,
A light up duck.

Bear was a bit confused by the shade of yellow on some of the blocks, saying orange. However, Buttercup said "yellow" when she held up the material.

Bear headed straight for the mega blocks and started to build a tower, whilst Buttercup pointed to the tower of blocks and said Mummy (Obviously built in Mummy's style). Over the next hour they also played with the stacking cups and the flashing balls. They also found and explored the star tray.


Shape - star

They loved this tray this week and I was always finding the book and stars dotted around the living room. They can identify this shape with no issues so we don't need to do much work with them on it. It's just nice for them to be able to recognize a shape and explore it in their own way. 


Book - Spot on holiday 

  We loved this book basket. Daddy borrowed some great sensory stuff from work. A sensory spray that smells like the beach and a cd that sounds like waves on the sand. As well as a small deck chair, bucket, crab and windmill. They loved it. 
  As I read the book, they helped me open the flaps but also just sat happily playing with the bits. I grabbed a dolls house person and Bot and they laid them in the deck chair. Bear loved the wind will and was sitting happily blowing it. Even Button enjoyed this one and laid on the floor eyes closed imagining she was on the beach, listening to the gentle water and smelling the scent. We had the fan on this day as well as it was super hot and she said it was like the breeze in the air. Everything was so calm and peaceful as they played. 


Craft - sand painting 

You will need:
Sand (small amount) the more you add the thicker the paint becomes,

Add the paint to the sand and mix. It's as simple as that lol. The more sand you add the thicker the paint becomes. We made it quite thick so they could really feel the texture. Buttercup found it easier to dab with the brush as I think the paint was quite weighty. She told us after her picture was of stars. 
   Bear enjoyed this a lot and painted us a few pictures, before painting his hand, front and back. This was actually lovely to see because he can be a bit funny with mess but he was exploring in his own way at his own pace so it was positive to watch. 
Fine motor skills - drawing straight lines

The Twins love drawing, I never have to persuade them to come draw with me. I drew some lines on some paper and I said who can draw Mummy a straight line. They both did it straight away and shouted line at me. Bear even told me each colour he was going to use to draw his line. So he said blue line, red line etc. Once he was finished he held his picture up to show me, then turned the paper over and told me he was going to do circles and continued to draw circles lol. 
   Buttercup drew me the lines I asked for then told me she was drawing Daddy. She drew a circle and a line and asked me to draw eyes. I was impressed she knew what she wanted and needed. That one is on the fridge lol.  


Gross motor skills -  Avoiding obstacles

  We had a lot of opportunities this week for this activity. We did some dancing in the living room where we had to run around and as we were all going in different directions it really encouraged them to have to think fast on their feet so as not to run into each other. We also went to the park to run around and again they had to avoid each other and their big sister trying to catch them. They loved these games and it's great for quick reactions and fast thinking. 


Life skill -  cutting 

We had a great Melissa and Doug cutting tray. It really helps with their learning the hand eye coordination needed for cutting, as well as the hand motion needed and the fine motor skill to control their hand. I remember when the Twins first received this gift from Grandad at Easter. They both struggled to get the knife in the slots to cut the food. That was less than three months a go and it's a toy we rotate so not out all the time and they have become so good at it already. They can control the knife a lot better. I love seeing how far they have come. 


Tuff tray - Sand

We kept it simple this week. The sun was shining so we headed to the garden and got the sand out. We are reading "Spot goes on holiday" so I set up the sand and water shells and left them to it. Button and Buttercup helped each other make castles while Bear smashed them lol. Button then had the idea to get the shells and pebbles we collected on holiday and use them as decoration for the castles and to hide in the sand. It was so lovely to see them all playing together and with something so every day that you might not think it is fun anymore looking at all the more and more extravagant ideas on social media.


Sensory basket - shiny

I love our every day sensory boxes. This week is our shiny box so anything shiny from around the house. We have an emergency blanket, amazing for noise and texture. A tin bowl and pencil holder, whisks, tinsel and beads. The Twins love this box, they get very excited when they spot it on the shelf. 
   It was so lovely to interact with them but also to just sit and watch them interact together. They shared each thing and played together lovely. The beads were stirred,  whisked and poured, the emergency blanket was used to hide under or to lay on like a bed. They chatted away to each other and copied each other at times. 


Learning through play - Flower shop

Button helped me set up a small flower shop, using the shop they already have and adding baskets of felt flowers. We then used our elle.and.bee mushrooms as seeds and gave them little bags to fill up and sell. 
   The Twins loved it. Bear loved being the shop keeper and handing me flowers through the window of the shop. Buttercup loved the seeds and bags. It was great for counting and colour recognition as well as communication and social skills. Definitely going to do this one again. 

Creative wooden play - loose parts

They love their loose parts- they love to fill their boxes with them and stack them. Buttercup is starting to copy whatever Button does with them so I try and make sure Button is around when we get them out. Bear is obsessed with the spinning top and gets me to spin it repeatedly on whatever he hands me lol. This time was the barrel and a flat disc. Button and I made towers of rings and hid our wooden peg dolls in there. It was a lot of fun all playing together. 


Playlist 1
Finger song - Twinkle little star

  So the twins have taken to using their dancing time to just sit and enjoy the videos and music. However, today was actually very different. This is by far their favourite playlist. They copy all the actions and sing along where they can. They giggle and try and get Mummy to join in lol. It was so lovely to watch them dance and get excited about certain songs. 
   Twinkle twinkle little star was more of a flop this week. They normally love this song but this week every time I tried they just shouted a different song at me lol. 

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