Week 18

Week 18

Number 2
Book - Hide and seek pig 
Craft - Tweezer painting
Tuff tray - Salt tray (Hidden colours)
Fine motor skills - Tweezers
Gross motor skills -  Balance beam
Life skill -  Pouring
Role play - Florist 
Play scene - Noah's ark
Open ended - Rainbows 


Number 2

The Twins did not go to the number display, but when I held up the number, Buttercup took it and told me it was a two when I asked.


Book - Hide and seek pig 

This is a lovely book about a pig who's playing hide and seek with a chicken. Along the way she finds all her friends. This book came with a big floor puzzle about colours. As I read the story the Twins worked on the puzzle, it was so lovely to watch them work together to complete it. I had connected the pictures together and left the Twins to match the colours to the pictures. They are lovely and big, so easy for little hands to connect. 


Fine motor skill/Craft - Tweezers painting 

So with the fine motor skill being Tweezers I thought that a fun way to practice could be to paint with them. So each child picked a colour, I poured loads of cotton balls onto the table and I encouraged them to use their tweezers to pick up the cotton ball, dab it in the paint and then on their paper. 
   Bear gave up very easily and just used his fingers to pick up the cotton balls lol. Buttercup on the other hand really tried hard and even when she became frustrated would rather me help and show her than use her hands. 


Life skill- Pouring /Tuff tray - Salt tray (Hidden colours)

This was a lot of fun, I used crayons to colour a sheet of paper in rainbow colours. You can use paints or whatever you have handy. Then I sellotaped it to the bottom of the tray and covered it in salt. (This is also great on a small scale for a writing tray). 
    The Twins really really enjoyed this sensory play, playing for well over an hour in so many different ways. Buttercup loved the feel of it on her hands and feet so kept making prints in it. Bear loved to pour it, he would get big scoops full and pour it at different heights. They also liked to make marks with some shapes I added and tried filling the shapes and making salt castles lol. 
    We also wrote letters and numbers in the salt and told them what they were. Finally, we dug for the colours and matched them to the wooden rainbow I added. 
     Bear did accidentally put his hand to his mouth twice, realising it wasn't nice then went and wiped his whole face with it. So we kept wipes and a drink of water close by lol.


Gross motor skills -  Balance beam

Buttercup went straight for the balance beam and was trying to stand on it, but could not get up, instead sitting on it. Meanwhile, Bear was shouting "Choo Choo" and then coming and sitting on the beam behind Buttercup like they were a train. Buttercup then used the leg of the beam as a slide which Bear tried to copy.
So then Button got up and like the great big sister she is, was soon encouraging and helping the Twins on the balance beam. 
Bear was pretty confident but Buttercup was more cautious after a little fall earlier when she tried to get on herself.
We had this out all week for them to explore and climb, which meant when Nanny came round they wanted to show her how well they were doing and so she had some time helping them walk along it. 


Role play - florist 

The Twins were really attracted to the florist shop, with both going straight for the bendy flowers. The Twins played with this for a good ten- twenty minutes. Buttercup wanted to wear a flower, then walked around with a basket of flowers, found and knocked over the small trees before playing with some of the "bedding" material. Bear also wanted to wear a flower, then played with the till a while and then brought a basket of flowers to show me before just sitting on the sofa with it and looking at the flowers.

We had this out for the whole week and throughout that time they used it a lot. They sold Mummy flowers and seeds. Bear loved the till and would sit with the money for ages at a time. They wanted to wear the flowers most days and Buttercup even danced with them a few times.  


Play scene - noahs ark/ open ended - rainbow

Buttercup did show interest in the Noah's Ark but was still tired, dropped a roof plank and got all upset. I am sure Buttercup especially will play with this and the rainbows a lot this week.
I set out the rainbows and Noah's ark together like a big play scene. I used the blue rainbows as waves and the others as the land. Buttercup loved it, but soon rearranged it to how she wanted. I loved watching her do this, the way she plays is so open ended. She used the rainbows to make circles and put the animals in them. 
   Bear on the other hand showed no interest in the play scene. He took a few rainbows  for bridges and tunnels and got his cars. However, then when Buttercup had finished and moved on he sat quietly on his own and put all the rainbows on his leg like a cast. It was lovely to see him so ingrossed in something that wasn't a train or car lol. 

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