Week 2

A2Colour brown - Muddy footprints
                           Muddy pigs
                           Brown display 
Shape - square
Book - Stuck in the mud
Small world - farm
Fine motor - peg mat
Gross motor - jumping
Life skill - Spooning rice
Sensory - muddy animals
Sensory basket - puppets
Playlist 2
Hand song - pat a cake


Brown display 

This is left out all week for them to explore and play with it. Therefore, it needs to be items that are safe for your child so if you are not playing with them they can still explore. 

We used:
Wooden blocks, 
Two colour books open on the brown page,
A wooden bowl,
Brown paper balls,
A brown set of drawers,
Wooden pegs,
Wooden bracelets,
Brown wooden foods (meat and bread),
Felt toy breads.

However, these are just examples. You can use anything brown from around the house and in their toy boxes. 

The twins loved this display, the brown paper balls were the first to go missing. They loved to throw it around and hide it. Buttercup loved the drawers filled with the bracelets and pegs- she would empty the drawers and  see what else fitted in them. Bear loves the baskets and would empty everything into the biggest one and walk around with it. I love how excited they get about a new display and how they go back to it all week, its a great way to reinforce the colour and help them learn it. 


Muddy pig 
(Easy set up)

You will need:
A print out of a pig,
A cold cup of coffee,

Make sure the coffee is in a container the children are allowed- we used a small paint pot. Then let your children paint the pig, making it muddy. We made it quite watery so if they dabbed the same area too many times I could see the paper ripping so I would turn the picture to encourage them to dab a different part of the pig. The twins loved this activity and kept saying or signing messy pig. We used the words brown, wet, muddy, pig and messy a lot so they had new words to learn to say. Bear brushed with his paint brush whereas Buttercup dabbed more. Both ways help hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.


Muddy footprints
(Easy set up)

You will need:
Paint - brown and blue,
A long piece of cardboard or paper (we used an old box that we had),
Tubs big enough for their feet,
Have the bath run and ready.

We used blue so they could pretend they were jumping in muddy puddles. It also added a brighter colour to the brown. The Twins loved this activity. When we first put Buttercup's feet in the paint she was a little unsure but as soon as her feet hit the cardboard she was off and running the length of it, then came back for more paint. Bear loved sliding in it and made himself a big puddle of paint to slip and slide in. 
  This was great to encourage Gross motor skills like balance and walking on slippy surfaces. This was a lot of fun and we will no doubt do it again as soon as we have another long cardboard box.


Stuck in the mud sensory 

This was a great book- rather funny for children and a good rhythm. 
For our sensory this week I wanted it to tie in with the book so I made chocolate flavoured gloop. 

I used:
coco powder, 

I placed it all in a big tub and then stuck the animals in it. In a separate tub I had some water, a dry clean flannel and some tooth brushes. These were to clean the animals. 
The twins enjoyed this activity, they cleaned the animals a little, mostly because they love tooth brushes but they actually spent most of their time making the animals muddy and hiding them in the gloop. Bear did like the toothbrushes and did try to brush a few animals which was a good start. Buttercup loved the flannel and after hiding a few animals soon just put it in the gloop and made it messy, which was fine but it couldn't be then used to dry the animals lol. Loved this activity a lot and the book, it just all tied together brilliantly. 


Small world 

 The animals were then left with the book for future playing throughout the week. They love farm animals and spent a lot of time exploring them, making their noises or names and signing them. This is a simple activity to help recognise farm animals. 


Sensory basket-

This was a great basket to leave out all week. We have farm animal puppets and a farmer which not only fitted the book but also helped us sing their favourite song "old Mcdonald had a farm". They both took to the puppets straight away and wanted one on their hands, Buttercup signed all the animals as we sung and made the animals noises. Bear was more interested in making it dance to the music waving his hand. I found the puppets scattered all over the floor every day so I know they were enjoyed daily which is a positive. 



The twins love to try and jump but hadn't yet got their feet off the floor. We spent a few hours over the week jumping. Either to songs or just jumping together holding hands and encouraging them that way. They always get very excited when the 'little green frog' is sang or 'walking in the jungle', which has a line about jumping in the jungle and they really try so hard. Then on Friday at their last sing and sign lesson Buttercup's feet left the floor. My excitment and over praise was enough for her to realise she had done it and do it a few more times with a proud smile on her face. Our work had paid off. 


Peg mat

I love this toy. I had not seen anything like it before but Gran works in a nursery and she spotted it there. She couldn't wait to give it to them at Christmas and it's been a hit ever since. 
  Bear loves it, he will sit and build tower after tower but he is still working on how to get the first peg into the board. Buttercup likes to build a tower but will soon after knock it down and hide the pegs lol. This toy will be great for colour sorting and matching when they are a tad older. It's great for hand eye coordination and fine motor skills as they have to get the peg into a smallish hole on the top of another peg. 


Spooning rice

We did this at meal times: we had fish and rice for lunch one day and curry and rice one dinnertime a few days later. 
   If we ever do any sort of sensory play we always have spoons at hand so we knew they could do a little but rice is small and fine and can be fiddly, so it's a great life skill to have which can help with eating with spoons and forks, it encourages their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. 
     They love eating rice so as soon as we put it front of them they tucked straight in. They needed help a bit but not as much as I expected so the past sensory plays had helped a lot. 

We have a tray of Squares laying out all week and this week we also had a small book with different square items. Buttercup loves books and I had to sit with her at least once maybe twice a day reading this book. I say reading, it was just one item per page. I can tell you this book by heart now lol. Bear loves all shapes and can show you a circle, star and now a square. We literally leave them to explore and use these Squares as they see fit. 


Play list 2 and "pat a cake'

The twins love dancing and music, so we already had a morning playlist on YouTube with mostly "Dream English" songs, teaching them numbers, colours etc. However, we wanted to add greater focus on a few songs a week and then rotate which songs each week. So Daddy set up five playlists so that each week they have four different songs to dance and learn from. Plus we are introducing a finger song each week. These are great for getting them to use the muscles in their fingers or hands, manipulating them to do what they want them to do.
  This week was 'pat a cake', Buttercup is really enjoying action songs and really found it fascinating me patting her hands then clapping, Bear on the other hand heard the word cake and was disappointed I didn't have any lol. 

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