Week 22

Number 6

Book - Roald Dahl's 1,2,3
Craft - Paint your dream 
Tuff tray - Potion station
Fine motor skills - cutting with scissors
Gross motor skills - kicking a ball
Life skill -  latches
Role play - puppets 
Play scene - dinosaurs
Open ended - Grimm's


Number 6

Of course we had our number tray out all week but the activity I did with them was nice and simple and really encouraging number recognition. I wrote 1 to 6 on different sheets of paper and gave them the toys we had with the numbers on for them to match to the number I wrote out. 
   Bear loved it, he loves his numbers and really tried hard to match them. He struggled on a few, I noticed 2 went on 5 and 5 on 2. However, I just repeated the number and directed him to the right place.
    Buttercup started well but became bored and thought It was more fun to run away with the toys. She did all of number 1 and some of number 3. I would say the number as I handed them the toy and we counted to 6 a lot. It's not about getting it right at the moment it's just about being around the numbers and just seeing them. 


Book - Roald Dahl's 1,2,3

This is a gorgeous little board book we picked up in Sainburys. It's about an enormous crocodile trying to hide from the ten children that accumulate over each page, so he could jump out at them on the last page.
   The Twins loved using the little doll's house people to play with and Button joined in as the crocodile and chased the Twins with their people at end of the story. 


Craft - Paint your dream 

This was the first time we let the Twins join in with Button's school work. We found a lovely idea for Roald Dahl week to paint your dreams in a jar using watercolours. Button is really into her watercolours at the moment so we knew she would love it. For the Twins we just gave them poster paints and they loved sitting with big sister to paint their picture. Bear told me he painted a face and a balloon which was lovely for him to be able to express himself verbally. Buttercup told me after that hers was a beautiful balloon as well. I love that she's describing her drawing. 
   I let them pick the colour of paints first. So they got to help which they loved doing and told me all the right colours as they handed them to me. 
    Once they finished their jar painting they did a few more paintings then moved onto crayons. They will sit for ages drawing. 


Tuff tray - Potion station

Collect items from the kitchen that you can mix together: different textures, colours and smells. 
We went for:
Bicarbonate of soda,
Gravy granules,
Corn kernels,
A spice that will change the colour such as turmeric,
Effervescent tablets,
Water (warm and cold),

You will also need:

Test tubes,


Lay them all out on the tuff tray and expect things to get messy. Let your children explore and discover what each food item does with the liquids. 
The Twins loved it, they sat for ages watching the energy tablets fizz in water and the bicarbonate of soda bubble with the vinegar. They played with the water and cornflour turning it into gloop. The watched the corn kernels dance in the bicarbonate of soda for ages before they settled. It was amazing to watch them playing with science at such a young age and love it. 
   It was also great for hand eye coordination and fine motor skills as they poured and stirred in small and big spaces. 

Fine motor skills - cutting with scissors

We have these new scissors from @onehundredtoys. They have holes for the toddler's fingers and our fingers so we can help them cut. Scroll along to see the scissors. Buttercup loved this activity, she was giggling and asking for more while cutting with Mummy and was so proud to show Daddy her cut up paper.  Bear was more quiet and studying what what going on as Daddy helped him cut his paper. He also really wanted to draw so we let them decorate their cut up pieces after. No waste here lol.

Life skill -  latches

We have two beautiful latch toys from Melissa and Doug. One has six different latches for children to work out and try and open; the second has four locks. The twins love both but find the latches a bit more manageable at the moment. These were left out on the shelf all week and the Twins played with them every day. We sat with them on several occasions throughout the week and encouraged them to try and open the locks and find the hidden picture behind the door. We could also count the animals behind each door and talk about colours and shapes. 


Role play - Puppets 

  We have a puppet theatre and a box of puppets sitting in the playroom so we thought we would include it in our curriculum. As part of our role play they can take turns being the puppet master or the audience. Button loves this time so wasted no time in being the puppet master first. Even I had a go as the farmer and asked Bear questions like "what colour is my hat?"; "what noise does a sheep make?"; "can you give me a hug?" He laughed and giggled along and answered all the questions I asked. He loved hugging the puppets, to him they really came to life. 
   Buttercup wanted to study them more. She wanted them on her hand and moved them around and made the noises. She also tried feeding them when they were on my hand and gave one of them a blanket so it could go to sleep- I made a snoring noise which really made Bear laugh. 


Play scene - Dinosaurs

We have a lovely new playbag from @noahs_forest_friends which was so handy for this play scene. It's so beautifully made and the Twins love the feel of it. Bear loved to hide the Dinosaurs in the cave and splash them in the water; while Buttercup liked to make the Dinosaurs fight each other and eat the trees. They loved it when Daddy joined in and Buttercup tried to copy what he did. 


Open ended - Grimm's

We got our Grimm's toys out and added a few peg dolls from @thelittlewoodenones. The Twins realised that the heart frame would make a good slide for the peg dolls so Buttercup built herself a path to the slide and sat for ages walking them along and sliding them down the frame. Bear needed a little help making stairs to his slide but once it was made he sat for ages playing with the slide and peg dolls. I love how they created something different everytime we play with our open ended toys. 


Little extra 
Baking - Roald Dahl inspired cookies 

We used the BBC iced sugar biscuit recipe but just used icing sugar, water and food colouring for the icing. We decided to do a R and D for his name and a 6 because we are working on number 6. Then we picked animals from the books we have read this week: so a tortoise for Esio trot, a crocodile for the Twins counting book, a chicken from George's marvellous medicine and ducks from the Magic finger. 
    Buttercup was nervous of the mixer so Bear helped me with that and then I gave them all some dough each to roll and cut out their shapes. It was so lovely to watch them bake and concentrate. Bear could do a few shapes without me. Buttercup really enjoyed filling her mould with the dough which is great for her hand eye coordination. 
   Once they were baked I made up three different colours of icing and let them decorate the biscuits. I also gave them some small chocolate beans to decorate with but I gave them at the end as Bear started to just eat them at the start. Buttercup got really into this bit and really enjoyed copying her big sister. 
   Bear decorated two but was to busy eating them along the way lol.

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