Week 23

umber 7

Book - Guess how much I love you
Craft - love heart stamps 
Tuff tray - water play
Fine motor skills - large buttons 
Gross motor skills - standing on one foot
Life skill -  cutting with a knife 
Role play - dressing up
Play scene - Mickey racers 
Open ended - Peg dolls 


Number 7

Button came up with this counting game all by herself. It was lovely to see her taking an interest in the Twins' learning and to know what they might enjoy. Buttercup loved playing and counting with her big sister. 
   They lined up the owls with the peg dolls and then walked the peg dolls along the owls while they counted to 7. 
    Bear had a little play but it was mostly Buttercup who really enjoyed this and wanted to line the owls up her way. I continued to say each number as she placed them where she wanted them but mostly just left her to explore and play at this point. As long as she is surrounded by the number in play she will pick them up. 


Book - Guess how much I love you

This is such a lovely story. It's well known but just in case you don't know it, it's about little nutbrown hare trying to express how much he loves big nutbrown hare. However, everything he says big nutbrown hare loves little nubrown hare just that little bit more. 
   The Twins were given a toy rabbit each to hold and play with while Mummy read the book. They then joined in with any actions like stretching their arms wide and high, or hopping or showing me their toes. It was so lovely to watch them really listen to the story and join in. 
    Bear also sat on Mummy's lap and pointed to the words as Mummy read.


Craft - love heart stamps

You will need:
Toilet tubes, bent into a heart shape,
Paint in tubs big enough to fit the toilet tube.

Let your children stamp the toilet tube heart into the paint then on the paper. Try and encourage a stamping motion instead of a brush motion. Talk to them about the colours and shape, you could even re-read the story as they paint. 
    The Twins enjoy painting and were very excited to see the toilet tubes. They started by brushing so I worked with them to stamp and they soon got the idea and loved the marks they were marking. 
Tuff tray - water play

We decided to get their water wall out on what ended up being quite a grey day. So we got it out indoors. Bear loves water, he spent ages catching the water trickling down and pouring back in the top to catch the trickles again. He got excited if he made the pieces move or tip when the water hit it. He loved splashing in the puddle of water he made but actually did really well at getting most of the water into the top of the wall again and his puddle was small compared to what he would have done just a few months before. His hand eye coordination is really coming along. 
   Buttercup isn't as keen on water and in the space of 20 minutes had two melt downs and wouldn't let go of Mummy's leg when she did get close enough to play.
   The few moments she did have with the water wall was spent scooping water and pouring it as high as she could reach. 


Fine motor skills - large buttons 

Considering how much she likes clothes and dressing up, I was surprised at Buttercup's approach to this. She was almost aggressive with it, just trying to pull it apart and then losing interest and walking off to play. Eventually she came back but after two or three attempts she turned the board around and just played with the plain material back.
Bear on the other hand really wanted to learn this skill. He watched closely every time I showed him how to button or unbutton the board. Bear then really tried to replicate what I had shown him. He is still a long way off but I have to praise his effort and concentration, particularly in contrast to his sister.


Gross motor skills - Standing on one foot

This is a completely new skill for them. We have never shown or asked them to do it. We started by holding their hands and then slowly letting go and seeing if they could carry on lifting one foot alone. Buttercup was a little reluctant at first whereas Bear was rather excited to try. He managed to let go of my hands for a few seconds which is a great start and loved the praise when he managed it.
   We managed to get Buttercup to join in when dancing to their weekly play list. She actually held her leg very straight and still but couldn't do it alone- she needed my hands the whole time. Still a great start. 


Life skill -  Cutting with a knife 

As usual for this week we had their cutting fruit and veg out. However, to see how much skill they have picked up from the cutting toy we also gave them a banana and their toddler knife. 
  They both did so well cutting their banana. Bear did a little better as when he finished he had four pieces of banana, while Buttercup cut hers into two and then just sliced into it but not fully through. It was great practice and they ate the banana afterwards so felt like they had done something for themselves. I think we shall give them a knife with their banana all the time now to encourage and build this skill. 
Role play - Dressing up

It's so important for children to be able to express themselves. There are no restrictions in their minds about what they should and shouldn't wear, and why should there be. Bear loved the tutu and minnie mouse hat as well as the shield and builders coat. Buttercup loved the unicorn head band and mask as well as the fairy outfit and shiny shoes. They both danced around in their outfits as if very proud of what they had picked. It's great to see them try and dress themselves as well. It's a great start for a daily life skill they will need. 


Play scene - Mickey races
 This is a lovely set we grabbed from Lidi. The Twins are Mickey racer mad, but Bear was the main one excited about this being out this week. He played with it everyday, pushing the cars around and once showed me how, pretending to fill the cars with petrol. He loved that the characters could be removed from the car and spent hours putting them in and taking them out. 
   Buttercup also enjoyed this set, albeit not as much. She still enjoyed racing the cars around the floor and taking the little coloured cones and hiding them from Mummy.


Open ended - peg dolls 

We were so lucky to receive our little wooden ones peg dolls of Mummy and Daddy on the Monday of this week. They were the Twins' pride and joy this week. Bear wanted to show everyone them and spent ages one day hugging them on the sofa. Buttercup told stories with them: Mummy got stuck in the mud and Daddy saved her. They played with the others as well, mostly their Sarah and duck ones but the ones that looked like Mummy and Daddy were firm favourites. 
   These are great for open ended play, they can do and be so much,. You can use other toys with them and create a world of wonder from their imaginations. Buttercup got out her Grimm's bricks one day and built a tower and rescued Mummy from the top of it. Bear took them to watch him play with his Mickey racer set. It was so lovely to watch. 

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