Week 3

Colour - purple (purple display) 
Shape - triangles
Book - Harold and the purple crayon 
Fine motor skills - drawing                            
Gross motor skills - throwing 
Sensory tray - wooden animals 
Tuff tray - lavender
Life skill - Whisking 
Small World - Harold and the purple crayon
Playlist 3
Finger song - 'Incy wincy spider'

Purple display

As every week the twins loved their colour display, it is left out all week for them to explore and play with it. Therefore, it needs to be items that are safe for your child so if you are not playing with them they can still explore.
This week we used:
Wooden blocks, 
Juggling scarf,
Purple duster,
Foam numbers,
Purple pegs,
A purple cup,
Pom poms,
Pipe cleaners,
Lolly sticks,
Purple triangle magnets.

Daddy always gets the first reactions to the displays as he wakes with them. He loves watching them get straight into it, seeing how they explore separately and together. 
This display was our first with our new mirror and magnetic blackboard backing and it looked fantastic. Both Twins were drawn first to the magnetic triangles, but then explored individually in their own way. Buttercup immediately took one magnet off and played with it before slowly exploring the whole display, emptying bowls and drawers. Bear took an very different approach. He thought the triangles were stuck to sticky back plastic like an activity we had done previously. So he quietly gathered all the purple lollypop sticks from the display and tried to stick them to the wall. It was very cute and great to see his mind working and remembering.


Lavender sensory

This was great fun, they spent a good hour plus on this activity. We just bought some dry lavender and left them to it with bowls, scoops, egg cartons etc. 
  Buttercup got really into this, sitting right in the middle of the tuff tray and started scooping the lavender into the bowls and pouring it back out again. We have gorgeous little wooden sorting bowls that came from Elle.and.bee that come with little mushrooms but for this activity we just used the bowls. Buttercup loves these little bowls, she loves to fill them and they are a perfect size for her little hands. After she filled and emptied these a few times she then moved on to filling other things.
   Bear took a little longer to relax into it, he got himself a scoop and then walked around the edge watching everyone so closely. Button filled the egg cartoon with the lavender and then closed it and shook it. The lavender found little openings to sneak through and rained out. Bear found this very interesting and as soon as Button had finished with it he grabbed at the chance to try it. Once he tried it he soon got excited about the rest of it. Gran had bought some tubing to play with as well so she helped him scoop some lavender and pour it down the tube. He had great fun doing this and Buttercup started joining in. I loved watching the children play and the smell of lavender filled the room. 


Drawing in purple crayon

Such a simple activity we sometimes take for granted, I just had some purple crayons and paper and let them draw away. Buttercup actually started trying to draw circles and could tell me what she was drawing. They both love drawing so this was very productive. The first time we drew, we did it with purple crayons as we are learning about 'Harold and the purple crayon' but the other times in the week we went for any colour and let them really express themselves. For example, after doing some finger painting for a mothers day gift they asked for the crayons and so we let them do some drawing. Bear liked to show me each pencil and try and tell me the colour but pretty much said yellow each time. When I said the real colour if he could say it he did repeat them. Buttercup went straight back to drawing in a circluar motion so I kept saying "circle". 


Book basket/ Small world 
Harold and the purple crayon 

We didn't have everything to complete the whole book but we did have toy trees, a dinosaur (for the dragon) a boat, a picnic blanket, a moose and some blocks to build a house. Our toy arch also came with a person wearing purple so that became Harold. 
    The twins seemed to like this basket as the items were all very different. Buttercup went for the picnic blanket, she laid it out and sat Harold, the dinosaur and the trees on it. Bear was much more exicted about the blocks and once he built a tower and knocked it down, I showed him how to build stairs. We then placed a different character on each step. They found this very interesting and started to help me with the characters and then swap them around. It was lovely to play with them but also watch their personalities shine when playing alone. 


This week was triangles and we remembered that Button had some magnetic triangles. So we got to try out our new magnetic board, as well as our normal tray of the shape. The twins loved it -the triangles were well used this week -they loved sticking them to the board and to each other. I can't wait to get more magnetic stuff since seeing them really explore and enjoy the traingles. 
    The twins are already very good throwers as Mummy spends most her day saying don't throw that, but it's Important to remember it is a skill they need to master. So for this first look at throwing we kept it simple and just encouraged them to throw the ball to us. Bear of course loved this activity and washappy to do it more than we actually got to. Buttercup thought it was very funny to throw the ball to Grandad and then run and hide. We also used balloons to throw as they were a different weight than the balls and of course floated in different directions than they may have expected. So they giggled a lot and did a lot of chasing after the balloon.  
Sensory basket - Wooden animals

They seemed to love these as we always found them dotted around the room. We sat a few times with them and went through their names and noises but it was more for them to explore the textures, colours, shapes and what they could do with the wooden animal. Again, this is a basket that is just left out all week for them to explore so it was great to know they were used when finding them around the room every day. 



We did this in the bath for their first play. Buttercup liked to dip the whisk in and out of the water and stirred it a few times. Bear liked to stir the water and at one stage picked up a bowl filled with water and whisked the water then pretended to eat what was on the whisk. 


Playlist 3 and Incy wincy spider

The Twins love dancing and music, so we already had a morning playlist on YouTube with mostly "Dream English" songs, teaching them numbers, colours etc. However, we wanted add greater focus on a few songs a week and then rotate which songs each week. So Daddy set up five playlists so that each week they have four different songs to dance and learn from. 
This week's songs included some old favourites like 'oranges and lemons' and 'hot cross buns'. Nanny was round one of the days we played it and she loved it as they were songs her nan sung to her, so she sang along to the Twins. They loved nanny singing and dancing with them. 'Hot cross buns' is also one we did in sing and sign so they knew it a little. 
We are introducing a finger song or action song each week. These are great for getting them to use the muscles in their fingers or hands, manipulating them to do what they want them to do. This week was 'Incy wincy spider' another we do at sing and sign and by the end of the week Buttercup had nailed it and could do every sign for it. Bear doesn't seem to be as bothered by the hand songs but does listen as we do them and by the end of the week would sign spider for us. 

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