Week 31

Number - 5
Book - Are you there little owl?
Craft - owl mask
Tuff tray - hide the owl
Play scene - farm
Open ended - nature

It's been a crazy week with everyone catching a cold one at a time. We also had a day out Wednesday to Grad's work for Button to learn wood work with some local Home Ed families in Suffolk. It did all mean some rearranging, postponing and dropping but we managed to still fit a lot in. 

The Twins' first impressions this week were positive. Both Twins were excited as soon as they came down and saw the animals. Buttercup stood and listed some of the playscene "tractor, sheep, llama" while Bear dived straight in to the tractor. Buttercup then saw the Mummy and Daddy peg dolls in the Christmas playscene and ran and grabbed Mummy. 

At this point Button came down and Buttercup ran to her for a hug and then went back to the farm. Buttercup called Button over to play, telling her to "hurry up". At this point Bear had taken the tractor to the stable and was playing with the ladder. Buttercup opened the farmyard gate and all the farm animals escaped before being shepherded into the fenced pen. They now swapped. Bear and Button went and had a look at the Christmas playscene, with Bear grabbing the Daddy peg doll. Buttercup played with the stable, putting the animals to bed and "shhhhing" us all. Bear started trying to put the animals in the farmyard and as he normally does, used the fence as a track for the tractor. Buttercup then opened the stable, shouting "wakey, wakey" to the animals. 

Bear now found the tree that is part of their nature open-ended play this week. He and Buttercup pulled off branches and leaves and put bits together as they wished. They seemed to make wands the most but Bear also made a candle for light. They also used them as pencils to 'draw' on the backs of their number flashcards. Buttercup said her name and that she is the teacher and Bear was the doggy she was teaching.

Our book play was a big hit this week, they loved the book from Usborne, following all the paths and feeling all the cut out pieces. They looked for the animals and were so excited to find the owl at the end.
   For this week's tie in sensory, I got some fake leaves and their wooden owl. They loved hiding the owl in the leaves and then finding him again. They took turns hiding it and then would almost race to find it, holding it with excitement as they found it. Then Bear picked up a big handful of leaves and threw them in the air and watched them float slowly down. This was a lot of fun so both Twins started throwing them around the room to see what happened as they floated down. 
Their craft was at the end of the week this week and it was to make owl masks. This was the first time the Twins had used PVC glue. Bear loved it, slapping it on and sticking tissue paper and feathers on top. He shouted the colours as he added them to his mask and loved it when I held it up to my eyes to show him what he had created. Button was a lot less keen on the feeling of the glue on her fingers and gave up quite quickly. She stuck a few bits down then didn't want to do anymore. 

 We had their nature and farm set up all week but on Wednesday their new tie die open ended play cloth turned up from enfys so we set up another farm with their help. They added the bits they wanted like their bugs and a princess while I got their Elle and bee tractor down which they love and they happily played for ages. Buttercup lined up the trees along the path and Bear pushed his tractor around the fields. They used their nature resources so it tied in really nicely and looked amazing. 

    With us having a crazy, busy week and everyone full of cold we forgot about playing with the number 5 until Sunday afternoon. Daddy came up with the idea to find a counting video on YouTube. The Twins loved this idea, it was counting with Rodd and all about the number 5. As Bear was busy with Button, Buttercup sat with Daddy first, jumping and clapping when Rodd told her to and counting along. Then Bear wanted to join in and sat snuggled up with Daddy counting and clapping at all the right parts. It isn't the way we tend to focus on the things we have picked for the week but it was handy at a time when everyone felt rough and it really encouraged them. 

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