Week 32

Number - 6
Book - Elmer
Craft - Tissue paper elephants
Tuff tray - fruit painting 
Play scene - Noah's Ark
Open ended - rainbows

Monday morning Buttercup was first attracted to the snowmen scene. However, rather than playing with it or taking bits from it she decided to add to it. She added a reindeer and some Christmas presents(@southsea). Bear was more sleepy. He came over but his only involvement was to turn on the singing snowman. So Buttercup was soon dancing to "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas". 

Buttercup then played for a while with Noah's Ark while Bear played with the rainbows. Buttercup took the Ark apart and looked at the animals before rebuilding the Ark (she needed help with the roof). She then started sliding the smaller bits of rainbow into the small room on top of the deck. Bear brought one rainbow over to me and then looked at their brown rainbow taking one arc and calling it a night slide.

Buttercup then found the book basket, carrying it to the sofa to explore the wonderful Elmer and our Lanka kade rainbow elephant (@noah'sforestfriends). 

  I love this book, it's a real classic for little ones. So beautifully drawn with bright engaging colours and a story easy to relate to. There is so much you can do with this book, from younger children to older children. Younger children can work on their colours. A great way to play would be to colour match. You could have an elephant already coloured in with blocks of colours and a pile of colour squares. The children can then just match the squares on the picture. Or for older children they could design their own Elmer or even older could write about what they would do on Elmer day. 
    For the Twins, this week we decided to work with some fruit for their sensory play, to show them another way to explore food and to do some natural painting. They loved this texturely and really got involved with the squashing and squeezing, that's until Bear realised he could eat the fruit and with Buttercup following his lead it soon all disappeared. However, we got two good pictures from them and Button (who loves to join in) did three pictures and loved every second. 
 After last weeks failed attempt at PVA glue with Buttercup, I wanted to show her that Pritt Stick isn't yucky. So I drew an elephant and gave them lots of different colour tissue paper to explore and decorate their elephants with. She loved this. At first I covered the elephant in glue as I only had one stick and didn't want them fighting. So they only had to place the tissue paper where they wanted it. However, Bear soon spotted Button with the glue stick and asked to try it. They all shared wonderfully and took turns with no fighting at all. Buttercup had a lot of fun adding the glue then trying to remember where the glue was to add the tissue paper. Bear just loved the glue stick so much he wasn't bothered about adding tissue paper lol. 
   It was a lot of fun exploring the book this week and I love the pictures the three children created. 

Our kids love their rainbows so they live on a shelf where they can reach all the time but we really made a focus of them this week, moving them to the floor with the Noah's ark. 
   Although Bear loves his rainbows, he predominantly uses them as tunnels for his trains and cars. Buttercup, however, likes to really explore with them. One of the days I had made a Christmas tree on the floor with sticky tape and we decorated it with the rainbows, it was lovely to watch her use her imagination to create something new. 
   The Noah's Ark I kept finding empty each day so I know it had been played with. The day I sat with them for a focused play I used their enfys play muslin and our Elle and bee trees to create a play scene for them. They loved this and matched all the animals in the Ark. Bear started saving the trees as well and when Button and myself told them the story Buttercup wanted to save our knitted baby Jesus nativity toy as well lol. 

Number wise, it was six this week, we have been trying to vary how we approach each week's number.
 I decided to write lots of numbers down all jumbled up, giving them a wooden bug each. I showed them the number 6 flash card (@minnieprints) and got them to cover up the 6 on the sheet of paper. After doing this a few times we worked throuh 1-5 as well. I tried a few without the flash card but they couldn't do with nothing to look at yet, which is fine. Definitely a game I'll play again as it really encouraged them and helped them work out the different numbers. 

Doing slightly less has freed us up to really focus on the bits we have done, have more child led play (lots of trains) and to do some Christmas crafts. This week we did some great fingerprint Christmas cards.

This week we used products from the following amazing small businesses on Instagram:


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