Week 33

Number - 6
Book - Santa's Christmas journey
Craft - letters to Santa 
Tuff tray - fake snow
Play scene - Christmas bits 
Open ended - Grimm's

Today was all about the Elves. Bing, Martha and Frank had set themselves up as a band using Daddy's @save_our_teas tea tins: Bing on lead guitar ( or lead banjo?), Martha on drums and Frank on vocals. As the kids began to search for the Elves, we suddenly heard them playing and singing some of Frank Sinatra's Christmas songs. Button, Bear and Buttercup loved it! Button wanted to try the guitar and the microphone; Buttercup just wanted the drums; Bear seemed to like the guitar but hit it like a drum!

Buttercup really liked the look of their new Usborne book (Santa's Christmas journey) this week and soon attracted Bear to it too. They were so excited by the wind up Father Christmas in his sleigh. We had one quick go before breakfast and all three kids loved it.
We sat and read it a few times during the week and the Twins loved it. Bear loved watching the sleigh run around the track and kept asking me to wind it up again. Buttercup loved trying to find the things the book asks for. So one page asked us to find snowmen, another cats etc. Buttercup has always enjoyed finding things in books so this was right up her street. 

  We also used this book to base our play scene on. We set up a home scene using our Grimm's caravan, then using our blue Grimm's blocks we built a platform so it looked like our Southsea Santa and sleigh were flying through the sky. For some reason, they did not show any interest on the first morning in their Christmas scene, but they came back to it during the week. We used our Sarah and duck peg dolls and the Twins played out what happens at Christmas, with a little help from Mummy and Button. Bear loved making Sarah cook the dinner and Buttercup loved feeding them. Then they put them to bed and Bear made the slietgh fly down into the kitchen and he gave them the presents lol. It was so cute to see them playing like this and to start to understand a little of Christmas. 

Bear and Buttercup seemed excited to come and play Grimm's with me especially when I suggested building a station for Bear's track. 
However, Bear did not really use the Grimm's at all, preferring to just play with his trains. Buttercup did build herself a little building but soon lost interest. Both said yeah when I suggested a tower, but neither actually attempted one.
Later, however, one of them did build a tower. Buttercup said it was her but it was while I was washing up so can't be sure lol.
We got this book and were focusing on Father Christmas because Saturday we are going to visit him and we want the Twins to enjoy the experience as much as possible. 
We kept out craft and sensory semi simple as we have a lot on with the lead up to Christmas. So our craft was super simple, with them needing to write a letter to Father Christmas - I wrote it out and got them to draw the picture. A simple but effective way to get them involved with all the magic of Christmas. Button wrote her own and it was nice for the Twins to see what we do each year. They love drawing, they would draw every day all day and sometimes don't want to do the painting craft I have set up or rush through it so they can draw, so it was nice to go back to basics and let them sit and draw as long as they liked.
    The sensory was fake snow. There are loads of ways to make fake snow. I have tried a few of them ( baking soda and water, baking soda and conditioner), just googling it brings up at least 5 ways and these will be safe for young children and some even edible. However, I had some shop bought fake snow from last year floating around in the cupboard that I wanted to use. They loved it- I thought they wouldn't enjoy the texture but actually they spent ages playing with it. Buttercup was obsessed with trying to build castles, Bear wanted to sprinkle it like snow and Button liked hiding things in it. At the end as we were tidying away, Bear and Button decided to use it and the tuff tray as an ice rink- not the safest idea and I wouldn't recommend it as Button fell and did the splits. (This was after many warnings from myself and Gran lol). 
I tried several approaches to seven. I started with the '7' owl but Bear just wanted to play with him. So instead I took 7 of our Grimm's hearts and flat laid them in the shape of a seven. We then counted them and kept saying seven. I then tried the little wooden number '7' and also the seven flashcards (from @minnieprints)  with them. Bear seemed to sort of get it but Buttercup kept counting past seven, to eight. She will get there though.
We came back to Number 7 towards the end of this week and what a great game we played. I used our minnieprints flashcards and taped them to the floor. Then as I said each number I got the twins to run to it, they struggled with a few but have definitely mastered 1, 2 and 3. They seemed to do well with 7 as well but we will go over them all again next week. 
  After we ran to all the numbers together, I gave them one each to run to. This was harder as they would try and follow each other, but it didn't take them long to realise I was giving them a number each. We ended the game with Button being a train stopping at each number in order. The Twins had a great time counting and playing together. 

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