Week 34

Number - 8
Book - Gingerbread man
Craft - gingerbread men pictures
Tuff tray - gingerbread playdough
Play scene - Castle
Open ended -  Blocks


What a great week for the Twins to really show their imagination and creativity skills, they shone this week and really made Mummy and Daddy proud. 


Monday morning, Bear looked for the Elves, saw them and was done. Buttercup and Button investigated closer. Buttercup said it was a castle but was confused by Buzz being there. Button picked up on a new figure but the Twins didn't. Button and I then talked about how Woody was doing shadow puppets.


They then all went looking for Bing as he had not been captured by the toys. Again, Bear was happy to find him and that was that. Button remembered the Christmas game and again spotted a new figure. Buttercup looked but did not really get involved 


Bear and Buttercup were already playing baby and mummy before this all started. So when I said to Buttercup do you want to see the pink castle, she brought 'baby' with us. Buttercup immediately started playing with the castle. Bear meanwhile was more interested in the carriage (as it has wheels!) but they were playing closely and moreorless together. Bear then spotted the Castella game and they both wanted it open. I opened it for them and Buttercup said "rocket" and started building a little two piece rocket. Bear heard and watched this and then said "train" and laid his pieces horizontally before 'driving' it. Buttercup then got all the pieces out and arranged like a castle while Bear lined up some of the straight pieces. 

They then tidied it up really well putting the pieces back in the box, although Buttercup did put a couple of pieces in the castle holding the Elves captive. Before just continuing their game of mummy and baby.


 We decided to read the Gingerbread man this week. I know it's not Chrismassy as such, but gingerbread is and there is so much you can do with this story that we can revisit it in the year when we have a lot more time. Being so close to Christmas our weekends are taken up and even Daddy's mid week day off has started to become a day for sorting loose ends, finishing off shopping or planning Christmas stuff. So this was a great book to explore quickly, knowing that we can go into more detail at a later date.
    Our version was from an Usborne collection. It is beautifully illustrated, like most of their books and sticks to the old fashioned version of the tale- so the fox eats the gingerbread man in four quick mouthfuls at the end, as the others look on from the bank of the river. The Twins didn't seem shocked that he got eaten, I think they would do the same as the fox as they love biscuits. I gave them some wooden people and animals to re-tell the story but do not have a gingerbread man, so our craft was to create our gingerbread men.
  I had some people shapes that worked perfectly for this craft. I laid out some crayons, glue and buttons and left them to create whatever they wanted. Buttercup impressed me with drawing a mouth and putting two eyes and a nose in the right place. She then coloured him in some shoes and used the rest of her time to fill it with buttons then tip them off and start again. 
    Bear went all out, colouring most of the shape and sticking a lot of buttons on. He loved the glue and did really well with his hand eye coordination, getting the button where he put the clear glue. 
    Even Button, Gran and myself joined in and created our own. It was a lovely calm activity, all sitting around sharing and chatting about ideas and colours. It was really lovely. 
  We took the opportunity to support another small business for their sensory. We ordered a gingerbread playdough kit from Scarlett senses which arrived on the Tuesday. All three children sat quietly for an hour playing and exploring this playdough. It smelt and felt amazing, the loose parts really encouraged their imagination and they created some wonderful bits. 
    Buttercup kept wrapping the loose parts in the middle of the playdough and then handing them to me as a present. She also loved the googly eyes and made herself a person. 
    Bear loves rolling and cutting playdough. We received a wooden knife as our tool for this one and he was in his element just rolling and cutting over and over again. He also loved the loose parts and pushing them deep into the playdough. 
    Button was so excited to receive playdough. She sat and created so many wonderful things. She made a snowman face, snowy scenes with the house and tree, she explored the bell and what happens when it's pushed into the playdough, she made cookies and suprises. She was very unwell and it was nice to see her relaxing and exploring the playdough and coming back to life. 
    It was great to see each one having the same tools, loose parts and playdough but all exploring it so differently. We got the playdough out three times this week because they loved it so much. 
     I also remembered the cardboard gingerbread house we got in the summer and decorated so we got that and played Mummies and Daddies at the end of the week. They loved it. 

As well as exploring the book we also decided to have another play with their castle and blocks. We have a lot of blocks, but when the castle comes out so do the castle blocks then we can add to them if they wish.
  The Twins are tower mad and this week was no exception, building towers higher than themselves, helping each other get it as tall as possible before it fell and also helping Mummy build her tower. Buttercup then built her horses a pen and that's when the castle came out. It was lovely to really see the Twins play with this, we have had it out lots of times before but this was the first time I sat and watched them really get drawn into the playing. Buttercup was loving the horses and kept putting them in the little room with the door saying they were pooing, which made me giggle. Bear was feeding the knights through the draw bridge door and flipping the door up so they went flying lol. What was great was that they could both play with the same toy without getting under each others feet. As the castle was out all week it was great to catch them playing at other times as well, one morning I came in and Bear was using it as a garage or car park, he had all his cars on different levels and was really concentrating on what he was doing. 


Our last focus this week was the number 8. For this I laid out our flash cards 1-8 then gave them 3 sets of numbers to match with the flash cards. You can do this with one set when first starting out with numbers, I went for three to show them different types of each number and also for consistency- having the find the same number a few times will hopefully help them recognise them. I wasn't expecting them to finish it as I had done three sets but they did and they worked together without fighting or arguing. Bear did a bit better than Buttercup, but I don't know if she was putting them on the wrong one on purpose to see if I was watching. She also enjoys going no as she puts it on the wrong one. Either way they both did really well and finished the game. 


So next week is our last week before Christmas, so follow us on Instagram (@teachingmumanddad and @teaching_mum_and_dad) or come back in a week. We will be playing with the Nativity, animals and peg dolls.

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