Week 35

Number - 9
Book - The Nativity
Craft - handprint manger
Tuff tray - hay and stable
Play scene - wooden Nativity
Open ended - peg dolls and wooden animals

When planning our mini Christmas themed weeks, we knew the Nativity not only had to make an appearance for us but also we wanted it as close to Christmas as possible. We have many children's Bibles and story books and among them was this gorgeous children's Nativity story. 


On Monday morning Buttercup was drawn initially by the Nativity book but then by the Nativity Scene. Bear first saw Frank and Martha on their swing which he showed Buttercup, before joining her to play with the Nativity scene.
Buttercup started by taking the stable apart and moving it to the floor. Bear meanwhile picked up what he thought was a horse. I told him it was a camel and explained that the Wise men rode camels to come and see baby Jesus. He then tried to sit one of the wise men figures on the camel, then telling me it doesn't fit.


They both played for a bit and then Bear  went and looked at the other displays before asking for breakfast. Button came down while they were eating, laughed at Frank and Martha and went searching for Bing. Next came a moment that made me so emotional and justified why we do all these bits. Button saw the board saying about growing candy canes, went quiet, picked up Bing, gave him a huge hug and just quietly thanked him as she had been worried it wasn't going to be a task this year. A truly magical moment!


   The first day Gran read the Nativity book to them, Buttercup was hooked and listened intently as Gran told her this beautiful story. Bear was more interested in what Mummy was setting up on the tuff tray. 
    I decided that it would be nice to do a small world Nativity scene this week. I used some hay for a sensory feel and our gorgeous tie dye muslin from enfys on Instagram. I mainly wanted them to explore the characters though. 
This was a lot of fun for Bear, he loved the wooden figures and the hay, he fed the donkey and took the camel for a walk. He loved that our @enfysclothing had paths and a lake so the camel could have a drink. He played with the Shepherd's and sheep and even fed baby Jesus. 
   Buttercup was less keen, she liked the baby and Gran pointing out who was who but she was more excited by sprinkling the hay all over the place and then rolling in it when we were finished. The best part for Mummy was when they wanted to help tidy up the mess. 
     Our craft was kept simple as we had Christmas hats to make this week, our christmas cake to decorate and a few cards we forgot to make to do. So I got them to do brown hand print and then once it was dry we got them to glue hay and a baby on to the hand print. So it looked like baby Jesus in his manger. 
  The twins love painting with the hands and fingers so that was bit was easy, by the time it dried and we was ready for the glue they had found something else to do so was rather quiet as they wanted to go play. I think they turned out great despite they being tired and having so much to fit in this week.


Our open ended play was peg dolls and wooden animals. They had them out most days and I caught them playing a few times with the pegs dolls and could hear their little voices changing as they did each person. When I sat to playwith them, I wanted to do something a bit different. So I made a Christmas wreath on the floor with tape and got them to decorate it with the peg dolls. Buttercup loved this idea and sat placing them where she wanted them, then moving them around to give it a new look. 
   Bear wasn't as fussed about this game, he did a few at the start but he actually enjoyed removing the tape more the next day. Which in itself is a great fine motor skill and helping me tidy up. 
    With the wooden animals I needed them to be calm and quiet one morning so daddy could catch up with some sleep. So we decided to stack them. Buttercup was loving this because Button joined in, they were chatting away as we built our towers of animals. Bear on the other hand didn't want to play ball and kept knocking our towers down. He was in a strange mood this day which wasn't great for the girls. 


Our last focus was number 9. We placed all the numbers in a bag and got ten to pull one out. If they knew what number it was they got to keep it. I was suprised how many they struggled with and showed me we definitely need to carry on for a while longer, which is fine. They enjoyed the game so I'll do it again in a few months to see how they are getting on with recognising their numbers. 

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