Week 4

Colour - orange (orange display) 
                          (Mixing red and yellow) 
Shape - star
Book - the Tiger who came to tea 
Fine motor skills - shape sorter                   
Gross motor skills - dancing 
Sensory tray - dress up 
Tuff tray - water play with teabags
Life skill - latches 
Small World - tea party
Playlist 4
Finger song - pop goes the weasel


Orange display

This is left out all week for them to explore and play with it. Therefore, it needs to be items that are safe for your child so if you are not playing with them they can still explore. 

This week we used:
Pipe cleaners,
Lolly pop sticks,
Foam letters,
Toy cars,
Wooden animals,
Juggle scarf,
Toy ce cream,
Books on orange.

The first morning of this display coincided with the Twins' toy rotation. So their reaction to this display was overshadowed a bit by Buttercup's need to jump on the trampoline and Bear's desire to ride on his train. However, as the morning progressed they were drawn in bit by bit. Bear was attracted to the bright orange first, heading straight for a car and driving it on the fireplace and later on the play mat. Next the various orange balls caught his attention. Buttercup was slower to reach the orange display, distracted by the trampoline, then 'the Tiger who came to tea' display, then the train and then the dress up hamper first. Once she finally got there, Buttercup's first point of call was the little board book about Orange. They then got stuck in, exploring/ emptying the little drawers and Bear actually putting himself in the display just plonking down and sitting on the fireplace. 
Both Bear and Buttercup clearly enjoyed the first day of the displays as all I have heard all morning is "share?!?"


Paint mixing orange

You will need: 
One tub, 
Red and yellow paint,
A brush,

Put both colours in the same tub but let your children mix them together. Then let them express themselves on the paper. 
  They didn't cotton on straight away that I wanted them to mix it and just started painting. Once I showed them to stir the paints together they then did it. As they were doing it I was saying "wow, look orange! You made orange" and "red and yellow make orange." 
  When painting Bear did long brush strokes and Buttercup dabbed. The end results were wonderful and I love how different both pictures were when they were doing the same activity. 
  For Mother's day, a few days earlier, we had done some finger painting and Bear must have been thinking about this as he pushed one finger into the paint and then on the paper. I was really impressed he had remembered this skill and done it again without help. I praised him and then showed him how to do handprints. I then did a few of both of them to save for later crafts and cards for family members. 


Book - The Tiger who came to tea
Such a lovely well known book. As soon as  we started planning orange we knew we needed to include this book. We have done this book as a theme in the past with Button so it was exciting to be revisiting it with the Twins. 
   The first night Daddy read it, Buttercup was hooked, she loves tigers and tea. She spotted the teacup and pot on one of the first pages within seconds and was shouting tea to Daddy. We gave them a toy tiger to hold and she would point to the tiger and hold up her toy one. Bear kept coming and going the first time, he was happy with his milk (we read it before bed) and was wandering around with his tiger. However, the second time he actually bought it to Mummy and asked her to read it. They both happily sat with her listening to the story and Mummy talked about the pictures, she asked them to point things out and they did: like the cake, the teacup, the water, vegetables, bath, coat, bus, car, cat etc. We then read it a few more times through the week as repetition is great for learning. 


Tea party for tigers (small world)

With the book is a display for a tea set with tigers on the cake stand. Button loves playing tea party so as soon as she saw it she asked if she could set it up for Twins. It was half way through one of her mummy and baby games she tries to do but the twins are just too young to understand what she's doing. So she started by being mum and laying it all out but I think by the end of it she was just so happy that they played, that she just enjoyed the time with them. They all had a cup, cake and tiger and Button and Buttercup had a teapot. Buttercup loved copying whatever Button did and Bear was happy to keep pretending to drink from his cup. Their tigers soon drank all their milk and ate all the cakes and each one of them did the action of making the tiger drink and eat the cakes. I loved watching them actually play together, all sat around doing the same thing and playing the same game. They have done the same activity together before but not actually playing together so it was great to see them interacting, learning and building social skills. 


Tea bag sensory play
You will need:
Tea bags,
See through plastic cups,
Plastic tea set,
A big tub.

Make the tea with warm water in the cups and tubs, then lay it out for them like a tea party for them to explore and play.

Bear enjoyed this activity a little. He liked the teas, he smelt them and even tasted one, he loved stirring them and feeding the tigers. He didn't like the fact he was getting wet after Buttercup poured the tea all over the tray they were sitting on. He likes controlled mess and if he didn't do it himself he doesn't want to know. After a good 20mins he was bored and helped himself to an apple and went and sat on Daddy's lap. 
   Buttercup, however, loved it and spent a good 45 minutes pouring, sitting, feeding the tigers, copying Button and just generally making a mess. She would pour the tea into the teapot then in the cup then back into the teapot or big tub, she liked to pretend to drink it and feed the tigers. She loves the idea of tea and tea parties already so this was big hit. 


Dressing up

This sensory box went down a treat this week. Buttercup loved it all and was always walking around in Mummy's old t.shirt, daddy's old socks and all the hats. Bear loved the hats, there were days when he couldn't decide and would be wearing one and carrying another ready for a quick swap. 
  This is a great activity for them to learn the names of clothing and what clothing goes where: so socks on feet, hat on head etc. It encourages language and speech. Buttercup is a slow talker but is saying more daily and it's due to all the activities and spending time listening to the words of the items she shows us. 
    Language wise we had conversations about where we would wear the items or in what weather. We had winter gloves and hat and summer t.shirts and shorts. It was a lot of fun and when it comes around again I'm hoping to add some different bits as it really opened up a lot of different play. 


Shape sorter

We were given a lovely wooden shape sorter when Button was born. I love the colours and the fact the shapes have clear little windows with things inside so when you shake them they rattle. We have had many other shape sorters over time but this one has never failed us and stood up to the rest. The colours are so bright and engaging so we started by colour matching- if they picked up a shape I turned the sorter and said the colour pointing to their shape and the sorter, then we said the shape. When they first had this toy months before, they struggled to even get the right shape in the right hole but now being older they could fit them in easily. The second time we did it, I didn't turn the sorter for them and they just tried fitting it in any hoping till they found the one that fitted. At this stage I would say "you have the red circle" then if they try putting it in the wrong shape I'd say "that's the blue star, try a different one". It's a lot of fun watching the progress with a toy. Bear also likes to stack the shapes and build towers lol. 



They can both say and recognise Stars but it's still important for them to explore them. The tray was out all week and they actually bought them to me a lot to play with. We would sing twinkle twinkle and Buttercup would line them all up on the mat then back on the tray. Bear loved to run around with them in his hands shouting "star star". 



 The twins love to dance and we do their play list a few times a week with their french songs on others day and then they normally have Button's music to dance to as well. So it wasn't hard to get them to join in and do some dancing. The best day was when Daddy got his microphone out and sang to them. Buttercup loved it and was spinning and clapping along. Bear enjoyed Daddy's singing but hie's been under the weather this week and so we only got a little bit of dancing out of him, he preferred to sit and listen to Daddy and even had a go on the microphone. 



We made Button a sensory board when she was about the Twins' age and it popped in to our minds when we were playing this week. It needs some fixing up but all the latches still worked so we pulled it out for the Twins. They loved it and explored everything. Buttercup really took to the lock and key and the buttons on the string. We got it out when Daddy got home from work so because she hadn't seen him all day and was excited he was home, she had to show him everything and loved sharing her experience with him. I saw a different side to Bear this evening because he wanted everything Buttercup was interested in. Once we got him to explore himself he soon showed interest in the luggage strap and the bolt. He also loved the little door that had a picture of Mummy and Daddy behind it and kept shouting "Mummy! Daddy!" and showing us it. 


Playlist 4 and '2 little dicky birds'

This week's play list had a shape song which Bear loves, he shouts out the shapes as they appear on the screen. We also had 'a bicycle made for two' which didn't seem to excite them- they just stood there staring at the screen. 
   Two little dicky birds intrigued them a lot, they would sign where and be looking around when Peter and Paul flew away. Buttercup tried to copy the actions and Bear actually got excited when I sung this one. 

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