Week 7

Colour - pink (display)

               Pig masks (Ayla made the wolf) 
Shape - diamond
Book - The three little pigs 
Fine motor skills - zipping
Gross motor skills -  kicking a ball
Life skill -  forking foam
Tuff tray - pink with photos 
Sensory basket - family photos
Small World - the three pigs puppets plus sticks, straw and bricks 
Playlist 2
Finger song - little piggy


This is left out all week for them to explore and play with it. Therefore, it needs to be items that are safe for your child so if you are not playing with them they can still explore. 

This week we used:
Wooden blocks,
Mega blocks,
Toy cups and plates,
Hand puppet,

Bear was super excited and most put out that he had to wait for Buttercup to be ready. The cute and funny thing was that they both raced over to the Pink display and then stopped. Taking time to look at it and decide what to play with. Bear was drawn to the pigs- first the puppet and then the toys. While Bear was oinking away Buttercup took in all the displays (Colour, shape, book basket, sensory and life skill), watched Bear for a bit and then decided to go for a pink cup. Bear then went for a cup before they both went to explore the shape and sensory displays.


Craft - Pig masks

You will need:
Paper plates,
Pink paint,
Lollypop sticks.

Cut the paper plate just under half and get them to paint both pieces. The big piece will be the mask and the small piece you will use to cut out ears and a nose. I cut the eyes out first but wish I hadn't as the Twins just kept painting through the hole. Button understood to paint around them so older children will be fine. Once all dry, cut out your ears and nose and glue to your mask before sticking the lollipop stick as a handle for the mask 
   I also got Button to paint a paper plate for the wolf. She wanted to create the wolf alone so I didn't cut anything till the plate had dried and she told me where to cut. 
   The twins love painting and it's nice to turn their painting into something at the end. 


Shape - diamond
   The playlists must be doing something because Bear knew this shape without us telling him what it was and the only thing Mummy could think of was from the shape song we learn through the playlists. He loves his shapes already and this helped us realise that our laid back ideas of just having stuff out for them to explore or the playlists to dance to is working. Buttercup is still learning to say the shapes' names but can point to it when you ask her where it is. 


Book/small world - The three little pigs 
We picked up this beautiful board book of The three little pigs. Each page had something to pull and move. It also rhymes and kept the story simple for them. Bear loved the tabs and sat with Gran popping out the different things she asked for in each page. The hedgehog, birds, bees etc.
   We tied our small world in with this book basket this week. Button and myself used the finger puppets straw, bricks and sticks as I told the story. Buttercup loved the blocks, she built herself a tower then picked up the wolf and blew as she moved him closer to the blocks. I was amazed that she picked that up from only hearing the story once. 
 It is so lovely to see what they pick up now. 


Sensory basket - photos 
For this we laminated a pile of pictures of family members. They loved them from the off. Shouting out the names they could say and pointing to any members we asked for. Mummy used it to encourage Buttercup's speech, by pointing to a family member and getting her to try and copy the name Mummy said. Mummy also pointed to names she knew she could say to show her how clever she was. We also used them in the sensory play this week. 


Tuff tray

You will need:
Family photos,
Shredded paper,
Shredded tissue paper.
(Or anything pink that won't ruin the pictures. Pink rice would be good) 

Hide the pictures under the paper and then let your children play and explore. We used this as an opportunity to encourage conversation and saying names. Buttercup is really trying to say more and more now and we wanted to focus on family names. She could easily point to whoever we asked for but saying all the names was a little trickier. She is getting there though and hopefully by the end of the week we hope she's given most of them a good go. 
  Bear was obsessed with two photos, one of his cousin who is the same age and one of aunty and uncle. He can say all the names now so happily sat there with these two pictures shouting their names at them. 
   As the weather has changed for the better, we decided to do this one in the garden. Bear enjoyed the shredded tissue paper and walked off with it and Buttercup just ripped the paper into smaller bits but because of all the excitement of the garden toys, after about 20 minutes they were bored with the photos and wondered off lol. 



  This was an accidental start for Bear. The trampoline in the garden has a zip which he found at the beginning of this week and found it very fascinating. He soon started trying to do it and could zip it up half way  before struggling. 
    We then borrowed a blanket from Daddy's work with a zip on it and let the Twins explore. Bear had a few goes and could do it slowly but was more interested in the reels on the blanket and Buttercup had a few goes before moving on to the velcro door. But it was a great start to figuring out zips and I'm sure now when I put their coats on they will be undoing them lol. 


Fork foam

This is a lovely simple idea to encourage using the fork. The foam is so easy to stab with the fork it really builds their confidence. The Twins loved this activity and really went for it. They simply had to get the foam from the tray to the bowl using the fork. Buttercup even tried two at once which I thought was very clever. Bear soon realised he could break them with his hands and so that's when we stopped but they did so well up to that point. 


Kicking a ball 

   We had to do this skill with Daddy as he's our in house football fan. Buttercup loved it, really getting into it and was kicking really well with different size balls. Bear had a few goes but became distracted by something else. Which is fine, we don't force them to do the activities and we know there will be other opportunities to just kick a ball with Daddy another time. That's the beauty of our rough plans, the things they should be working towards are all pencilled in but it's not the end of the world if the twins are not interested yet. 


Playlist 2 and This little piggy 

   So this is the second time round for this playlist and it was great to see the Twins recognizing the songs and getting straight into it. They even asked for it one day, Bear came up to the me and said "dance, roses" which was of course "ring a ring of roses". They especially loved this one as Button would take their hands in a circle and dance with them. 
   This week we did This little piggy and Buttercup especially loved it. She would wait with baited breath for me to tickle her. Throughout the week she would just come up to me and put her hand up into my face to ask for it. Bear also enjoyed this one. He loves being tickled so as soon as he realised this song meant tickles he sat listening and watching me move each finger or toe. It was lovely to see him so interested. 

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