Week 8 

Week 8

Colour - red (display)
              Sticking spots to ladybirds 
Shape - heart
Book - what the ladybird heard
Fine motor skills - stacking
Gross motor skills -  stairs
Life skill -  hammering
Tuff tray - mini ladybirds in leaves
Sensory basket - wooden dinos 
Small World - farm animals
Playlist 3
Finger song - round and round the garden 



This is left out all week for them to explore and play with it. Therefore, it needs to be items that are safe for your child so if you are not playing with them they can still explore. 

This week we used:
Mega blocks,
Wooden blocks,
A juggling scarf,
A post van,
A postbox,
A train,

The impact of the new display was badly affected by us rotating the Twins' toys. Both Bear and Buttercup went straight for their replacement toys and only touched upon the red display. Buttercup did want to read the 'red' book and later she played with the little red post van while Bear played with the wooden red steam train. Other than that though, it was a bit flat today. They did get their 'exploration basket' out though and played with their wooden dinosaurs for a bit.


Craft -stickers

You will need:

Red card,
Black dot stickers,
Something round to draw around (optional).

Draw around your circle item and then cut it out. Draw a line down the middle of your circle so it looks like the ladybird's wings. Then let your toddlers stick the stickers on. You can use a paper plate painted red and add a head etc. We stuck theirs into their journal so I just drew a head after it was stuck in place, as this activity is about the stickers. 
  Both twins love stickers but don't get a lot of chances to peel them from the sticker sheet. So I thought this was a great opportunity for them to do this. It didn't take them long to work out how to do it. Bear tried to be lazy and get me to 'do it' as he waved them in my face but I just took his finger and showed him how to peel them. He was soon doing it himself. I had to keep a close eye on him though as he would wander off and stick the stickers everywhere lol. 
   Buttercup is more independent and just cracked on peeling them but she had a lot of trouble getting them back off her finger on to the card, so I needed to help her there. 


Shapes -heart

I struggled at first to find heart shapes around the house and so in the end just cut them out from paper. However, hearts actually ended up being really fun this week. We got some red play dough out just to play with and I spotted a heart cutter so we made some heart shape play dough hearts. We also got some new water pens for their aquadoodle, so I would draw hearts for them. They both can recognise this shape when we point to it or if we ask them to point them out. 


Book - what the ladybird heard

 We love this book and have the board book version from when Button was little. We love the glitter ladybird so they have something to feel for. The story is funny and engaging. We got the Twins to make the noises and join in. It's great for all ages as even Button sat happily listening to it. 
Fine motor - hammering

  I found an old toy of Button's for this activity. It was actually too old for the Twins so it couldn't be left out all the time but we sat down a few times this week together, to do it. It is a cork board with shapes and pins. They loved it, with the bright colours and being allowed to hit things. Buttercup's aim was really good, but her strength just wasn't there to get the pin in the cork board hard enough. She gave it a good go everytime though. Bear hit with the right part of the hammer which was great to see, but again couldn't hit it hard enough to go into the cork board. He also enjoyed pulling the shapes and pins out which wasn't ideal as the pins are small and sharp but I removed them quickly enough each time and explained it would 'ouch' them. 


Gross motor -stacking 

   The Twins have always loved stacking and knocking down what we stack, so I knew this would be a winning activity. However, actually Bear wasn't interested the day I sat with them and got the blocks out. He was more interested in knocking mine down than building his own. I know he can build a tower though so it isn't the end of the world and I know another time he will build. 
   Buttercup on the other hand built a tower of 12 blocks. When researching how many she should be able to do for her age it said 6 to 8 blocks and by 3 years it should be 10 plus. So I was super pleased with her ability. I think it helps that the blocks are easily accessible all the time and we encourage building regularly. Plus Button loves building so will sit with them and they copy her.
Life skill - stairs
The Twins have been able to crawl up the stairs before they could walk but having the two of them I've put off actually teaching them to walk up them. Bear has been trying to for a while but juggling the two at the same time I didn't fully encourage it. While Daddy was home we tackled it. Daddy had Bear and I took Buttercup, our banister is quite high so we led them up holding their hands. Bear flew up the stairs and even tackled coming back down. Buttercup took it a bit slower and did try crawling up a few time. She also wouldn't tackle comg down, she sat at the top of the stairs getting upset so I carried her down. 


Tuff tray - ladybirds

You will need:

Ladybird buttons (big ones),
Leaves (real or fake).

I put it all in their tray nicely, some ladybirds hidden, some on view and let them explore the textures and colours. Buttercup enjoyed it more than Bear, she got straight into it and fished out all the ladybirds, she laid them on Gran's hand and counted them with her. She also enjoy hiding them under the Moss and leaves. 
   Bear on the other hand didn't enjoy this one, he didn't seem to like the texture of the Moss and was more interested where he could get to from the kitchen. I did get his attention for a short time by blowing the leaves off my hand. He loved to see the leave float down and so had a few goes himself.  
    Even though it was a lovely set up and I would recommend it for other toddlers, I won't do it again for my two lol.


Small world - farm

   We had some farm animals set out to go with their book and they loved to play with them. Buttercup can do all the noises now when you show her an animal and Bear can tell you all their names and noises. They love farm animals and this is great for Buttercup's speech. She is coming on leaps and bounds every day just by copying her siblings and talking with us. So sitting with her and just telling her the names of animals is really encouraging her. 


Exploration basket - wooden Dinosaurs

  These were from Maman Bebe and are brilliant, I love the colours and choice of dinosaurs. You get two of each, which is great when you have Twins. Even Button has enjoyed playing with these as they stack. 
We have had competitions who can stack the most before they fall down. 
   So for this week we left them out in the basket for the Twins to explore. I always seem to find them on the floor and hiding in places. I sat and watched them play one of the days and Buttercup actually played with like them they were dinosaurs, she had two in her hands, she was roaring and banging them into each other as if they were fighting. Bear enjoyed lining them up then knocking them down and asking me their names. 


Playlist 3 round and round the garden 

   This playlist is a bit more slower than our other ones. The Twins loved listening and watching it but didn't dance as much as usual. There are some old style songs like oranges and lemons which we felt were still important for young children to hear and experience. 
   Round and round the garden was surprising for me. I really thought they would love it, they love being tickled but on several occasions this week I tried this song and neither was keen. I used to do it on their bellys when they were babies and I wonder if they just prefer that to their hands.

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