Week 9 

Week 9

Colour - rainbow (display)  
Craft -  Fold butterfly paper
Shape - All shapes
Book basket - The hungry Caterpillar
Fine motor skills - Tweezers
Gross motor skills -  Getting dressed
Life skill -  Pumping soap and washing hands
Tuff tray -  Green spaghetti & printed pictures
Sensory basket - Materials
Learning through play - Castles
Wooden creative play - Loose bits
Playlist 4
Finger song - Daddy finger



This is left out all week for them to explore and play with it. Therefore, it needs to be items that are safe for your child so if you are not playing with them they can still explore. 

This week we used:

Wooden blocks,
Mega blocks,
Juggling scarfs,
Stacking cups,

This week, after our move around, the focus was mainly on the colour display. Both Twins ran over and then stopped to look. Then Buttercup wanted a hug from Bear. Normally they approach the displays separately, but today was a bit more together. Bear picked up bits first but included Buttercup by handing her one.

Buttercup then noticed the castle and first checked the windows and then tried to back into the castle itself. She then moved onto the book basket which her and Bear again explored together.



For this set up we used lots of shape sorters and a shape puzzle we had. Bear did the puzzle really quickly and could tell me all but one of the shapes without prompting. (The one he didn't know, we haven't worked on yet). Buttercup couldn't say some shapes but could point to them when asked, her speech is growing every day and she has learnt to say star, square and circle over these few weeks so we are super proud of her. 

Book basket- The hungry Caterpillar

We love this story in our house and I couldn't wait to do it for the Twins. In the basket we had fake leaves and wooden foods plus print outs of some the pictures from the book. Bear loved the print outs and would sit and match them to the pictures in the book. Buttercup loved the food and I would find it everywhere throughout the day. 

Craft - folded butterflies

You will need:


Fold the paper in half and cut out the shape of a butterfly. We then kept ours folded so they only painted one side ready to fold back on itself when they were finished, to get the print.  
  Buttercup loved this activity and spent a while mixing the colours and painting her butterfly. She loved it at the end when we folded it and the paint printed. Bear loves painting so it was harder to keep him from turning the paper and painting all sides lol. The end results were great and they could tell me it was a butterfly. 
Gross motor - tiptoes 

   Bear got this quite quickly, and followed Mummy and Button around the living room bonucing almost on his tip toes but Buttercup got confused a little and would jump rather than tiptoe. It was a nice skill to practice because we could all do it together and have a giggle. The Twins thought it was very funny to fall on the floor a few times but overall it went well. 


Fine motor - Tweezers

 We simply took some pompoms and tweezers and encouraged them pick up the pompoms with the tweezers. Buttercup really enjoyed this and picked up a few of the bigger ones with ease. However, Bear really struggled with this and ended up just throwing the pom poms. 


Life skill - Pumping soap

 We have put a chair in the bathroom for now as our sink is quite high and the toilet is so close to the sink it's hard to have steps. So one at a time Daddy took them to the sink, so that standing on the chair he could show them how to turn the tap on, pump the soap and wash their hands. Then turn the tap off and dry their hands. We now do this before meals. Their first time was great. They got excited by the water and splashed about but also understood what they were doing. Buttercup came away and started doing it at her toy kitchen which was lovely to see.


Sensory - Materials 
We have a huge tub of materials that they can explore and play with as they like. They love to wear them and hide things I'm them. We have everything from scrafs to sponges and old hats to bit of fabric. They love to hide themselves and use them as tents. 


Tuff tray - spaghetti

You will need:

Cooked spaghetti,
Green food dye,
A drip of water,
Zip lock bag,
Laminated pictures from the book,
Scoops forks etc,
Big tub or tuff tray.

Put the cooled, cooked spaghetti in the zip lock bag, add a drop of water and some food colouring. Zip it shut and massage the food colouring around the spaghetti till you get the colour you want. Add it to the tub with the pictures and let your children explore.
   Buttercup loved this, using the scoops, forks and tweezers to try and pick up the spaghetti. She spent ages feeling it and trying to pour it into cups. She was pretty good with the tweezers despite their stiffness. 
   Bear had a good go at squeezing the tweezers but didn't try picking anything up. This is fine as he's still building the muscles in his hands by squeezing them. Button joined in for this sensory and wanted to see what the green spaghetti tasted like. Once Bear knew he could eat it, he sat there happily eating his handfuls instead of playing. He did however, love the laminated pictures and sat with Gran matching the foods to the ones in the book. 


Learning through play - Wooden castles

This was the first time they saw the wooden Castle and castle blocks and it couldn't have gone better. Buttercup loved the people, she put them to bed and sat them on the chairs. It was so lovely to watch her role playing with the characters. She also told me what things were which was another great way to build her vocabulary. Bear loved the horses and bricks. He built towers with Button and helped her knock them down. He tried to sit in one of the chairs himself which was amusing for Mummy and Daddy. It was just so exciting to see them play with a new toy the way they were.  


Creative wooden play - loose bits

For this we got out our Grapat loose bits but also our elle.and.bee sorting bowls so we could make some patterns and just explore them. Bear loved some tea boxes we had picked up from Lidi and continued to fill and empty them with the mushrooms and loose bits. Buttercup loved the flat discs and placed the mushrooms on them which is a great fine motor skill. They also both did some colour matching which fitted perfectly with our rainbow theme. They matched all the mushrooms to the right bowls which is great. 


Playlist 4 and Finger song - Daddy finger 

   The finger song this week is one Mummy doesn't particularly like but the Twins loved it! Buttercup tried to do the fingers and even pointed to mine when guessing who was going to come next. Bear loved this one- normally he's not too fussed by the finger songs but he really took to this song and shouted each person as I moved my fingers. 
     As ever they loved their playlist this week, especially the first one that was all about shapes. We have realised they are too short for the Twins as they demand more. So we have decided to just pick a few when the playlist has finished of what they fancy from the screen. This week they really wanted 'Incy wincy spider' and 'five little monkeys'. Buttercup has learnt to say monkey and thinks it's great that she can shout the word as they come on the screen. 

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