African and Asian elephants

There are two types of elephants and I honestly couldn't have told you the difference until Button and I sat down and learnt about them. 
   We did this at the start of the month and went through each week to help Button remember them.  
   We also learnt that a single elephant's tooth can weigh 9lbs and elephants are the only animal that cant jump.

Elmer the elephant

You will need 

The book Elmer the elephant

We started by reading the story. As we read I asked questions like "what do you think the world wouldbe like if everyone was the same?" "do you think Elmer likes being different?" When he paints himself "di you think he will be happy being like everyone else?" Etc. Once we had finished we then talked about what we was good at and want made us different to people around us. 
  I then drew an elephant and asked her to make it younque. Button did a wonderful job on this, she really took the colouring seriously and tge finished picture was beauitful. I then got her to write what she thought maee her one of kind,she decided to go with singing and dancing. This is something she is very passionate about and does alot. I think its important to teach children from an early age that its good to be themselves and everyone is different, so this book was perfect for that. 

Tin foil painting

You will need:
Tin foil,
Cardboard box,
Pvc glue,

Start by cutting a big square from the box. We cut it in half and got two. Then draw an elephant. Once you have drawn it, you need to squeeze the glue along the lines of the elephant so you have a thick edge and leave it to dry. 
  Once it's dry, wrap the tin foil around the cardboard. I used a little tape to keep it in place but you dont have to do this. Then using your fingers wrap the tin foil where the glue is so you can see the outline of the elephant. Then let your child paint.

I showed Button lots of pictures of Elephants with blankets on their back and headwear. She thought they were beautiful but wanted to paint them more like Elmer after we read the book. She did a great job and really enjoyed this activity. She said the tin foil made it shiny and we decided we definately want to paint on tin foil again. The end results were beautiful.

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