Playdough giraffe

You will need:
Yellow playdough,
Lollypop sticks,
Yellow pipecleaners (cut to small pieces),
A brown pen,
Goggly eyes 

Before we started I made yellow playdough (because you will no doubt want to throw it away after) but it went wrong so we used shop bought in the end. 
   Lay out all the items in front of your children and let them create. 

Button enjoyed this activity a lot. She loves playdough and so being able to add things to it meant she was in her element. We made the giraffe together. Well basically she did it all and I balanced it on it's legs lol. She then made a baby giraffe snowman which made me giggle and built a pen for them to live in from the playdough i made. 
   This was a great activity and really encouraged her sense of imagination as well as her observation skills.

Counting in tens

You will need:
The giraffe you made or some toy  ones,
Brown and green pens,

Start by making the branches: Each branch needs ten leaves and you will need ten branches. Once you have drawn them, cut them out. Its as simple as that. 
  Now the fun part... I started by writing 1 to 10 on some paper and then got Button to count them, 1 to 10. Next I added a zero to each one and I counted in tens from 10 to 100 pointing to each number as i2 said it. I then got Button to join in. I explained that each one of my branches had ten leaves and we counted 10 to 100 with our branches.
  Now for the feeding part. I asked Button to give the Giraffe 20 leaves, she began to count from 1 to 20 but had to stop at 10 as she only had 10 branches. She got confused so I explained again that each branch has ten leaves so you only need two branches to make 20. She got it quite quickly after that and we were feeding the giraffe again and again. She got 50 to 100 a lot quicker than 10 to 50 as she kept missing out 30. But when Daddy got home she counted 10 to 100 with no help at all.

Giraffe skin painting

You will need:
Watercolour paints,
Paint pots,
Kitchen roll,
Old newspaper.

Choose your colours and mix them with water in the pots to make them runnier. Lay the newspaper down both for in the area you are painting, but also where you will be drying your "skins". 

Have one pipette for each colour. Give your child one sheet of kitchen roll at a time for their canvas. Your child can then squirt whichever colour they fancy onto the kitchen roll. 

The kitchen roll is designed to blot or soak up, so the runny paint will soak through the capillaries to create blotchy patterns like that of a Giraffe. I explained capillaries to Button, saying that they are like the roots on the carrot top we are growing and that we have them in our body as pathways for our blood. I also said that train tracks and roads are a bit like capillaries for humans.

Button really enjoyed this though by her third sheet of kitchen roll she had moved away from th giraffe brief and was just enjoying making patterns. Button also experimented with blocks of colour and trying to add light colours on top of dark colours.

Giraffes can't dance

This is a great story book to help boost confidence. We borrowed our copy from the library. 
   It's about a giraffe who can't dance and becomes very sad and lonely, but a cricket tells him to listen to the music around him and he learns to dance. 
   We paused on the page where Gerald goes off sad and lonely so we could brain storm things that each family member couldn't do YET. It's so important to keep saying yet so that Button realises that we will all be able to do the things if we try. 
   She decided to pick reading as her not yet and we finished the story. 
  Once we finished the story we talked about how Gerald learnt to dance in the end and how he didn't give up. I then wrote 'I cannot' and 'But i can practice' on a piece of paper and Button filled it in. She then drew a picture of herself reading a book about giraffes while watching a giraffe. 
  Button loves stories and books so I knew teaching a lesson from a book would hopefully go down well and it really did. She loved it.

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