For Button's birthday Gran bought her a ladybird set from Amazon. You receive ladybird larvae in a small tub with food. You study them and watch them grow into the pupa stage and then become ladybirds. You then let them go in your garden. You get a really good amount of ladybirds in your pot. Button loved it and it has actually really helped her become confident around all bugs. She will hold spiders and grass hoppers now. She also had a strange fear of snail's, until I caught her saving one from her play house. 

Counting the spots 

I drew a big ladybird with no spots. I gave her a tub of buttons and a dice. You roll the dice and then give the ladybird the right amount of spots according to what you roll. You can have as many dies as you wish to increase the learning and difficulty. Button really enjoyed this but she loves all things maths. 


  • A drawing of a ladybird (no spots)
  • Dice (as many as you wish)

Ladybird craft


  • Paper plate
  • Red paint
  • Black paint (or sticker spots)
  • Black card 
  • Stick on eyes
  • Pipe cleaners x 8
  • Whole punch and sissors

We painted the paper plate red. Once dry we placed three holes each side using the hole punch. Then painted the black spots. We then cut a smaller circle than the plate out of the black card. This is the head. Stick the eyes on and put two holes in the top for the antennae. Stick the head on and once everything is dry feed the pipe cleaners through the holes and tie a knot to stop them falling back through. You can. Also staple or glue them on. 


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