Lion mask and facts 

You will need: 

Yellow, orange and brown paint,
A paper plate,
A brush or sponge,
Some sellotape,
Lolly pop sticks,
Small piece of card to make ears,

Start by making lots of yellow and orange hand prints and leaving them to dry. 
Cut a section of the plate to show your childs eyes.  We cut in a big smile shape so to also show their toothy grin.
Paint or sponge your paper plate adding brown on the nose and leave to dry. Cut out two small ears, paint and leave to dry. 
 Once its all dry, assemble your lion. Cut the straws down and sellotape them to the back of the nose, place your ears where you would like them and sellotape down. Now cut out all the hand prints and arrange them around the lion sticking down with sellotape. 
   Now add your lollypop sticks. We sellotaped two together to make it longer. Now roar. 

  Button really enjoyed this activity as she loves getting messy and hand painting. While we did this activity we found some facts about lions and Mummy drew a chart on the white board. We found out that a pack of lions is called a pride and that they tiptoe when they walk so their whole foot never hits the ground when walking. Then we found out there two diferent types of lions and this is where Mummy's chart came in. We had the Asian lion and the African lion as headers. We discovered together that the African lion is lighter and smaller but their manes are bigger than the Asian lion. Also that in Africa the male and females live together in a pride but in Asia they live apart and come together just to mate. 
   We enjoyed learning about lions together.

The lion and mouse. 

We watched a video of the story of the lion and mouse. We spoke about how it doesnt matter how big or small you are, you can always help someone. Button told me the lion should have eaten the mouse because the lion thought the mouse was useless but actually saving the mouse meant the lion was saved later on. She grasped the story quickly. 
   She then drew a lion and we stuck string over it as if it was tied up. Then she drew a tiny mouse in the corner.

How to draw a lion

Button is still really into learning how to draw. When we sit and draw together she asks hows best to draw certin things, so I've kept the activity 'how to draw' and this month was lions. I found a great step by step on Pinterest and we sat and did it together. She drew a lion and a baby lion. She started off by saying she had drawn a mummy lion, but I explained that female lions dont have a mane and we got talking about how baby boy lions aren't  born with manes but grow them. She drew a great lion and enjoyed just sitting and talking.

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