3d lizard

You will need:
A piece of coloured paper,
Colouring Pens.

We used card for this and our lizard was very stiff and didnt really want to bend so I would suggest just using paper. 

 1. You need to fold the paper in half length ways then draw two lines from the bottom corner to the middle of the fold at the top. So you end up with a long triangle. Then cut along the lines. 
2. Fold the two flaps inwards then let your children decorate them. 
3. Once decorated fold and cut to the fold then glue the underneath bit together. 
4. Make legs and a mouth and stick them on.

To be honest I was disappointed in this activity, the pin I got it from was showing different lizards to their final piece and only gave the instructions for their final one. Button had to sit and wait for me to do most of the cutting out  (if your child is older then they can do that bit) and because we used card it didnt really move. 
   I think if we did one again I would find a better pin to follow and do it when I know nanny isnt popping in as this stopped her concentrating. However, saying that Button liked the end result and named him Eddie the 2nd after our old pet lizard.

Walking lizard

You will need: 
A straw,
Colour pens,
Long piece of string,
A penny,
Stickers (optional).

First draw a lizard on the piece of paper and cut it out. Decorate your lizard by colouring it in and adding stickers if you like. 
   Once it's all decorated stick the penny to the back of your lizard at the bottom, this is your weight.
   Then cut two 1 inch pieces of straw and tape them to the middle of your lizard pointing down. Feed the string through the pieces of straw and tie a knot at each end so that it doesn't fall off when you're not using it. 
   Now hook the hoop of the string on a door handle and pull each piece of string one at a time to make the lizard walk. 

  Button loved that she could make the lizard walk up the door. She really got into the decorating as well and was talking me through her ideas. It was lovely to watch her getting so involved and asking me questions along the way, like "how will we make it walk?" We also talked about how lizards walk up walls and watched a video on them walking. She was very interested in how it moved.

Lizard Sensory

While Button was away with her grandparents for the weekend we decided to finally make and surprise her with her fairy/dinosaur garden. We had an old water and sand tray we weren't using anymore so filled it with mud and bought some plants that could be used for fairies or dinosaurs. I got her some cacti, some colourful flowers and some sage as i wanted some to be edible. I had some flat stones and some shingles to make paths. We also added a small container with water in to act as a pond.
   For her suprise we set up the fairy garden but when we wanted it for our lizard sensory we just took away the fairy bits and laid out the lizards. We had them sunbathing on the stones or hiding in the plants. 
    Button loved it! I could hear her telling herself stories about the mum lizard teaching the babies to swim and have a bath before bed. Then there were predators so the lizards had to hide in the plants.
   I'm so glad we finally had the time to set this up as shes loved it and I've seen her outside playing with it every day, with either the fairies, dinosaurs and now lizards- the sensory ideas are endless once its up and running.

The mixed up chameleon

This is a great book to discuss how important it is to not wish to be like others and not to want to change what you already have. 
    We read the book together and talked about each animal and what they could do that another animal couldn't. We spoke about why we thought the chameleon picked those animals and attributes. 
   After he wished for the different parts of each animal we stopped reading and I asked Button what she would like. She wanted to be able to hide like a tortoise so she drew a picture of her with a shell on her back.  
   Then we continued reading. Before I had even finished the book she told me that the chameleon prefered being himself because he couldn't eat being all mixed up.  We then talked about how a tortoise shell would actually not be useful and she worked out that it would be too heavy for her to dance in and she loves to dance, so actually being her was perfect and she didn't need to change.

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