You will need:

Brown paint,
White card,
Red card,
Cream and white paper,
Red glitter,
Black marker,

Start by getting your child to paint the face of the reindeer. If your child is old enough they can cut out two white eyes and antlers. If not you will need to do this bit. Draw black dots on the eyes. Then glue these to your reindeer. Now cut out a red nose and get your child to add some glitter. You now need to cut a strip of red card and fold it so it is like a small fan. Glue one end to the nose and one to the reindeer face. The nose should now bounce on your homemade spring. 
  Button loved this activity, she's not made anything pop up before and I think we will be making more of these pictures. She loves glitter so that was also a win and the picture really looked like a reindeer. 

Reindeer game

I found a print out on Pinterest for this but you could easily make it yourself. You need a dice and a chart. Each number gives you a different piece to the reindeer face so 

1 = head
2 = antlers 
3 = ears 
4 = eyes
5 = nose
6 = mouth

You need enough for each player to have one set each. Then the game is easy, you roll the dice and collect your piece. The first person to collect a full reindeer head wins. 
   Button really enjoyed this simple game and won. We played it a few times but overall she beat Mummy, maybe Daddy will have better luck tomorrow as she wants to play again. This is a great game for younger children learning their numbers. 

Chocolate playdough

You will need:

1.1/2 cups of flour,
1/2 cup of salt,
1/2 cup of cocoa powder (sifted),
Tablespoon of oil,
1 cup of warm water.

Add all the dry ingredients together with the oil and then slowly add the warm water, until it becomes like play dough. 
We also had:
Red playdough (I forgot to get pom poms),
Googly eyes.

This was something I put together for Button but soon realised that the twins would enjoy it. Each had a ball of the playdough to play with. Button started by making reindeers. She made a flat one of just a reindeer face then made one to stand up. She really enjoyed playing with this play dough, she said it smelt lovely. After making her reindeer she then went on to make monsters and snail's using the sticks and googly eyes. 
   Bear loved the playdough, he liked to squeeze it and pat it. He used some of the shapes and Gran helped him make trains and stars from the cutters. In the end Gran made a goal with a long piece of playdough and a ball from a small piece. Gran showed him how to score a goal but he thought it was funnier to throw the little ball which made us all giggle. 
    Buttercup loved the shapes and stamps, she made some lovely patterns with the stamps and loved to pat the playdough. Mummy helped her make a tractor from the stamps and showed her to squeeze it between her fingers, which she found very funny. For the first time no-one tried to eat it. 

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