Rhinos dont eat pancakes
Why its important to listen. 

We love this book and when Button said she wanted to learn about Rhinos I thought we need to include this book somehow. So I thought of a lesson on listening. We read some of the book and talked about how Daisy must of felt when no one was listening to her. Button said she would feel lonely, angry and sad if no one listened to her. Then we talked about when it was important to listen, we had two main groups: 1. When you're given direction; 2. When someone has something important to say. Button then listed some times for each group, like when crossing the road or listening to someone's feelings about something. 
   We then discussed how our body can do it's best listening. I thought Button would struggle with this but after saying you need your ears she went straight into telling me that if she was dancing around I would think she wasn't listening. I was impressed she came to this conclusion so easily and the rest came with a little help. I wonder if this will help her listen more lol.

How to draw a rhino/ how to make a rhino from playdough

Mummy found a great page on Pinterest hands-on-books.blogspot.com not only did it show you how to draw a rhino but it also had fun easy facts to follow. 
  Button really enjoyed learning how to draw a tortoise so Mummy thought this was a good way to learn how to draw and boost her confidence in drawing. This was a nice simple one so she could easily follow what she needed to do and produced a great rhino. Button also loves playdough and while Mummy was looking for "how to draw a rhino" she came across how to make one from clay. Button loved this idea and with minimal help from mummy made an amazing rhino from playdough. After a morning of writing and having to think this was a great simple activity to keep her focus.

Rhino facts

I found some rhino dot to dots for Button to do while we talked about rhinos and some fun facts. Did you know rhinos dont sweat, rhinoceros means horn nose, they are vegetarians and a group of rhinos is called a crash. Rhinos are Button's favourite animals so we also went over how people are looking after them and protecting them from hunters and poachers. We found out that they inject chemicals into the horns to make people sick when they eat them and also they chip them to catch the poachers. Button didnt like the fact they were being hunted and couldn't understand why people would do it. She wants to help rhinos and other animals and was so pleased to hear they are being looked after. We also went over some of the charities out there to help. Im glad we are raising a child who is aware of what is going on in the world but also what can be done to help.

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